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  1st 2009/2010   UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA FAKULTI SAINS KOMPUTER DAN TEKNOLOGI MAKLUMAT LAB 1 – Individual OBJECTIVE: The main objective for the first lab is to introduce the students with computer hardwareand software. Students will also be introduced to the Disk peratin! S stem #DS$.Students will be able to identif the components of a computer% describe the various t pesof computer software and e&plain various computer applications in societ . DURATION: 2 weeks DUE DATE OF SUBMISSION: Submit our assi!nment to our lecturer before 20 th  'ul 2009.Don(t for!et to si!n the assi!nment submission form or our marks will not be !raded. QUESTIONS: )art * #1 st  week$1. Buying a n! C .+ow ,at )la-a in 'alan ukit intan! is a well known place for computer sales.*ssume that ou want to bu a new ) for our personal use. ,our task is toi.ake a list of our hardware and software reuirements% be as specific as possible. #3or software% ou must at least choose 1 t pe of operatin!s stem and 4 application pro!rams.$ii.)repare one5pa!e of comparison table/chart% listin! each reuirementincludin! price% brand and how each s stem meets or e&ceeds it. iii.Then% write one para!raph e&plainin! wh ou choose to bu the hardwareand software.,ou ma lo! on into +ow ,at portal and download several price uotations at   and choose the hardware and software from there. 6nformation on the various ke board setups 1  1st 2009/2010 a#$ B %& nd  !'( 1.*nswer the followin! uestions about the computer that ou are usin! in the labsession.a$7hat t pe of operatin! s stem #S$ name is in use8 b$7hat compan manufactured the computer8c$ow much )rocessor speed and :* #ph sical memor $ is on the computer8d$ow much data can ou store on the  drive and how much is in use8e$7hat is the name of the antivirus used in the pc82.n the computer which ou are workin!% perform and list down a hardware andsoftware inventor of at least three hardware devices and three application pro!rams on the computer. +ist the vendor% product% vendor 7eb address% vendor e5mail address% and vendor support telephone number. 4.:ecord and list down the serial number of the computer on which ou areworkin!. Then% record and list down the serial number for five differentapplication pro!rams on the computer. ;.6n our opinion% how can becomin! computer literate help ou in our stud andcareer8 a#$ C %& nd  !'( – a)*u$ C*++and #*+,$ 1.<&plain how to !et this command prompt #c =>$ from windows environment82.ased on uestion 1% e&plain how ou can traverse to ? document( folder and back to previous folder.4.+ist all the steps how to view files in ? Document( folder and then view onl ?@.t&t( file in the same folder.;.<&plain steps to clear our screen prompt.A.Show the steps how ou can turn from  drive to another drive. #<&ample% from drive to * drive or to D drive$. B.<&plain how ou can cop one file in ? document( folder to another folder.#ention the location and name of folder$C.<&plain how ou can delete the previous cop file before..<&plain how ou can open the document file from  Documents82

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