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    Ever looked at a lightbulb and thought that doesn't look too complicated, I bet I could make one? With this Instructable you can! This lightbulb is made entirely out of simple, mostly household materials requiring very little in special equipment. The basic construction includes a glass jar filled with CO2 and a graphite filament(Pencil Lead). This makes it  a carbon filament bulb analogous to those made by Edison before tungsten became the norm. Materials Needed:    Jar and Lid    Pencil Lead    Maleable Wire    Heat-Shrink Tubing    4 Machine Screws(I used 10-32 1/2 )    4 Nuts    2 Acorn Nuts    JB Weld    Silicone    CO2 Canister    Short Length of Piano Wire Tools Needed:    Drill and Bits     Wire Cutters    Needle-Nose Pliers    Vise-Grips    Scissors    Penknife    Screw Driver    Candle/Matches/Lighter     Air Nozzle(Only Unusual Tool Needed)    Oven    Voltage Source    Wire Leads    Multimeter(Optional)   


Jul 23, 2017
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