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the jesuit vatican new world order MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL UNIVE!E #$% Thursda&' () Ma& *$)* +U++ET! O, THE +A+ACY- Buildin. The One/0orld eli.ion !u1title- Catholicis23s 45ihad4' Hol& 0ar' A.ainst +rotestants 4There is a cons6irac& o7 her 6ro6hets in the 2idst thereo7' li8e a roarin. lion ravenin. the 6re&9 the& have devoured souls:; =E e;**-*?@ 0e o7ten hear o7 the secret societies and silent 1rotherhoods o7 o2an Catholicis2 such as the 5esuits' Ani.hts o7 Malta and O6us Bei' who Ccovertl&
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  the jesuit vatican new world order MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL UNIVE!E #$% Thursda&' () Ma& *$)*+U++ET! O, THE +A+ACY- Buildin. The One/0orld eli.ion !u1title- Catholicis23s 45ihad4' Hol& 0ar' A.ainst +rotestants4There is a cons6irac& o7 her 6ro6hets in the 2idst thereo7' li8e a roarin. lion ravenin. the 6re&9 the& have devoured souls:;< =E>e;**-*?@ 0e o7ten hear o7 the secret societies and silent 1rotherhoods o7 o2an Catholicis2 such as the 5esuits' ni.hts o7 Malta and O6us ei' who covertl& serve the interests o7 the rulin. elite under thesu6re2e authorit& o7 the Hol& !ee<' 1ut rarel& does one hear o7 CCDs .rassroot< 2ove2ents and the i26act the& are havin. in the world and even within Christianit&; There are three 2ain 2ove2ents- ,ocolare' Co22union  Li1eration' and Neo/catechu2enate; o2e has cons6ired to use these or.ani>ations 7or her own a.enda' which is to lure the world into su1jection to the 6a6ac&; These or.ani>ations are 1ein. used as a jihad' that is a hol& war a.ainst the .rowin. eFodus o7 Catholics =in Bra>il alone' as 2an& as $$'$$$ a &ear leave the Catholic church and join 7unda2entalist +rotestant sects<@; +o6e 5ohn +aul II' on his second visit to Bra>il' eFhorted 7ollowers to crusade a.ainst 7unda2entalist reli.ious sects  that oGer what he calls 7alse<; Bisho6 Bohn warned o7 this hol& war<- !tunned 1& the sta..erin. .rowth o7 evan.elical sectsD in Bra>il leaders o7 the o2an Catholic church have threatened to launch a hol& warD a.ainst +rotestants unless the& sto6 leadin. 6eo6le 7ro2 the Catholic 7old;;;At the ()st National Con7erence o7 the Bisho6s o7 Bra>il;;;Bisho6 !inesio Bohn called evan.elicals a serious threat to the VaticanDs inuence in his countr&; 0e will declare a hol& war9 donDt dou1t it'D he announced' the Catholic Church has a 6onderous structure' 1ut when we 2ove' weDll s2ash an&one 1eneath us;D Accordin. to Bohn' an all/out hol& war canDt 1e avoided unless the )( lar.est +rotestant churches and deno2inations si.n a treat&;;;that would reJuire +rotestants to sto6 all evan.elis2 eGorts in Bra>il; In eFchan.e' he said Catholics would a.ree to sto6 all 6ersecution directed toward +rotestants< =Charis2a' Ma& )KK@; Notice that the onl& wa& to avoid this hol& war< is to sto6 evan.eli>in. their 2e21ers; Yet do the& a1ide 1& the sa2e rule as the& as8 o7 +rotestantis2 O7 course not The& have alread& launched their 4hol& war4 and 6lan on crushin. all those who o66ose it; 0hen over )$$ cardinals and 1isho6s 2et to discuss these Ecclesial Move2ents< the& ad2itted that these 2ove2ents were intended to hel6the 6arishes 2ove 7ro2 a sacra2ental 6astoral 6lan to one o7 evan.eli>ation in this de/Christiani>ed societ&<; Their intent is not just to evan.eli>e societ&' the& intend to rule it The 6a6ac&Ds desire to institute their theolo.ical 4New 0orld Order4 has driven her to use the la& 6eo6le as her 6u66ets; And althou.h the& clai2 that all three 2ove2ents were started 1& the lait&' itDs interestin. to note that the& are clericall& do2inated; The reason 0hen a 2ove2ent is>ed 1& the Church' it1eco2es a 6rivile.ed instru2ent 7or a 6ersonal and ever new adherence to the 2&ster& o7 Christ;< In other words' it will 1eco2e an instru2ent 7or the 6a6ac&; The wea8 are stationed around the altars' to attract 1& their sancti2onious 7ervorthe learned Pll the chairs o7 sacred and 6ro7ane literaturethe cra7t& attach the2selves to those in eFalted stations' that 1& their 2eans the& 2a& o1tain and direct 6ower 7or their own advanta.eand the stron. .o 7orth to 6rosel&te< =The A2erican TeFt/Boo8 o7 +o6er&- Bein. an Authentic Co26end o7 the Bulls' Canons and ecretals o7 the o2an Hierarch&' New Yor8- +u1lished 1& !; 0; Benedict  Co; )#' (?)@ Monsi.nor +aul/5ose7 Cordes o7 the +ontiPcal Council o7 the Lait& has 6u1licl& stated that these 2ove2ents will 1e invalua1le 6artici6ants in what will 1e 4not just a 6urel& hu2an 1attle a1out words or ideas' 1ut a QEAT THEO/AMATIC BATTLE that will soon ensue across the .lo1e<; ee6in. this in 2ind' letDs ta8e a loo8 at these three or.ani>ations; ,OCOLAE,ocolare' started a7ter 00II 1& Chiara Lu1ich' their Internationall&>ed 7ounder' 7or2ulated the central tenets o7 her uniJue s6iritual vision< o7 a world united re.ardless o7 their diGerences; !he ascri1es the ra6id .rowth o7 her la&  or.ani>ation' which has 7ollowers in over )#$ countries' to Qod Hi2sel7; 4The structure o7 the 2ove2ent' 2ore than 1ein. su..ested to us 1& hu2an ideas' was ins6ired 1& a charis2a that is a .i7t o7 Qod'4 she writes; Accordin. to the oRcial we1site 7or ,ocolare- ,ro2 its hu21le 1e.innin.s in the Italian cit& o7 Trent' the ,ocolare has 1eco2e a worldwide 2ove2ent' and now nu21ers over #%'$$$ 2e21ers and a1out two 2illion 7riends and adherents in over )#$ nations; There are 2an& wa&s to 1elon. tothe Move2ent' 7ro2 a 2ore co22itted li7est&le in s2all co22unities to colla1oration in its various activities; The Move2ent is 2ade u6 o7 6ersons o7 all' races and wal8s o7 li7e; IT I! ECUMENICAL; Me21ers o7 the world3s reli.ions as well as 6ersons o7 no reli.ious aRliation also 6artici6ate in the li7e o7 the Move2ent in var&in. de.rees;< Lu1rich clai2s ,ocolare is 1ased on !cri6ture =she is noted 7or Juotin. also 7ro2 the oran and Isla2ic 2&stics@' and she clai2s the scri6tures are her .uide 7or dail& livin.; !he chooses a selected 6assa.e 7ro2 !cri6ture each 2onth in a 6u1lication called 0ord o7 Li7e<' which is translated into # and reaches 2ore than )? 2illion 6eo6le throu.h the 6ress' radio and television; The Move2ent has also esta1lished ($ 6u1lishin. houses worldwide; En.lish/s6ea8in. countries are served 1& New Cit& +ress in New Yor8' London and Manila; The ,ocolare Ma.a>ine 4Livin. Cit&4 is also 6u1lished in nu2erous editions; o2eDs desire to control the 6ress is acco26lished 1& this 2ove2ent; It is evident that her 2essa.e o7 ecu2enis2 is s6readin. wide and 7ar' &et she convenientl& ne.lects to include all those scri6turesthat co22and us to 1e se6arate<; 5a2es - warns us' Ye adulterers and adulteresses' 8now &e not that the 7riendshi6 o7 the world is en2it& with Qod whosoever there7ore will 1e a 7riend o7 the world is the ene2& o7 Qod;< ,ocolare is a7riend o7 the world' and there7ore' the ene2& o7 Qod; In )K *' +o6e 5ohn SSIII a66roved o7 ,ocolare' 7or it served his 6ur6ose and the 6ur6ose o7 the Illu2inati' which was to tear down traditional Catholicis2 and 2a8e wa& 7or the New 0orld Order and the one world reli.ion; It was +o6e 5ohn SSIII who called 7or Vatican *' an ecu2enical council9 and althou.h it was considered a sin a.ainst the Catholic 7aith to 6arta8e in other reli.ious services' no one see2ed to notice or care In the 1oo8' M& Catholic ,aith =6u1lished 1e7ore Vatican *@' 6a.e *$(' we read- 0HY OE! A CATHOLIC !IN AQAIN!T ,AITH BY TAINQ +AT IN NON/CATHOLIC 0O!HI+ / A Catholic sins a.ainst 7aith 1& ta8in. 6art in non/Catholic worshi6' 1ecause he thus 6ro7esses 1elie7 in a reli.ion he 8nows is 7alse; ); It is wron. to 1e 6resent at +rotestant or 5ewish services even when we do not 6artici6ate in the2' 1ecause such services are intended to honor Qod in a 2anner He does not wish to 1e honored in;< I7 we were to 1elieve o2eDs teachin.s 1e7ore Vatican II' we would have to concludethat 5ohn SSIII and Chiara Lu1ich were a6ostates' and +o6e 5ohn +aul IIDs recent visitto the Isla2icDs MosJue was a sin a.ainst 7aith<; In M& Catholic ,aith' 6a.e *?)' weread- The +o6e can 2a8e and un2a8e laws 7or the entire Church- his authorit& is  su6re2e and unJuestioned; Ever& 1isho6' ever& 6riest' ever& 2e21er o7 the Church is su1ject to hi2;;;we 2ust o1e& hi2 as Christ co22anded all to o1e& +eter there is no such co22and written in the scri6tures;< !ince the 6o6e has the to chan.e laws whenever he sees Pt' he was a1le to overturn hundreds o7 &ears o7 tradition and 2a8e wa& 7or the one/world church s6o8en o7 in evelation; oes Vatican II Council chan.e an&thin. concernin. the alle.iance o7 Catholics to the 6o6e 5ud.e 7or &oursel7; 4This lo&al su12ission o7 the will and intellect 2ust 1e .iven' in a s6ecial wa&' to the authentic teachin. o7 the o2an +ontiG' even when he does not s6ea8 eF cathedra in such wise' indeed' that his su6re2e teachin. authorit& 1e ac8nowled.ed with res6ect' and that one sincerel& adhere to decisions 2ade 1& hi2;4 Not onl& do the 6o6es clai2 a1solute 6ower to 2a8e and un2a8e laws' 1ut the& also 1elieve the& have the to alter scri6ture as well; In the Con7essio o2ano//Catholica in Hun.aria Evan.elicis 6u1li7e 6rescri6ta et 6ro6ostia' Articles IV' I' and SSI' which reads- 40e con7ess that whatsoever new thin. the 6o6e o7 o2e 2a& have instituted' whether it 1e in !cri6ture' or out o7 !cri6ture' is true' divine' and salviPc9 and' there7ore' to 1e re.arded as o7 hi.her value 1& la& 6eo6le than the 6rece6ts o7 the Livin. Qod;;;0e con7ess that the +o6e has the 6ower o7 alterin. !cri6tures' or increasin. and di2inishin. it' accordin. to his will;;;0e con7ess that the Hol& !cri6ture is i26er7ect and a dead letter' until it is eF6lained 1& the !u6re2e +ontiG and 6er2itted 1& hi2 to 1e read 1& la& 6eo6le;4  That is just 1las6he2ous +rover1s ($-?' and euterono2& -*' )*-(* and evelation **-)#/)K 2a8e it clear that we are not to add to or ta8e 7ro2 Qod3s word No 2an or an.el has that This is the s6irit o7 antichrist * Thessaloniansdescri1es the true s6irit o7 the 6a6ac&- 40ho o66oseth and eFalteth hi2sel7 a1ove all that is called Qod' or that is worshi66ed9 so that he as Qod sitteth in the te26le o7 Qod' showin. hi2sel7 that he is Qod;< En.lish2an Qordon UrJuhart' in )KK? 6u1lished The +o6e3s Ar2ada' a searin. attac8 u6on these three new 2ove2ents; He s6ent nine &ears in ,ocolare and clai2s the 2ove2ents have ' secret hierarchies' de2and 1lind o1edience' and create 6ersonalit& cults 7or their 7ounders' who wield a1solute authorit&<; He .oes on to sa&- Man& o7 their 2ain characteristics reect those o7 Mao3s ed Quards / the 7anaticis2' the 1lind o1edience' the slo.aneerin.' the 6ersonalit& cult around the +o6e' 2ani6ulation o7 the 2edia' anti/intellectualis2' denunciations' the 7or2ulation o7 ideolo.&' a & .eneration 2o1ili>ed in the stru..le a.ainsttheir elders;4 UrJuart is s6eciPcall& concerned with these 2ove2ents3 authoritarian structure' and their use o7 ritual .rou6 con7ession' clandestine rites' and secretive cere2onies;< r; o1ert 5a& Li7ton' an eF6ert in 2ind/control and cult/li8e 1ehavior'


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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