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Barker Speaks Nick Land The CCRU interview with Professor D.C. Barker Daniel Charles Barker has been Professor of Anorganic Semiotics at Kingsport College (MV! Mass # since $%%& 'is e(traordinar) intellect*al achie+ements resist eas) s*mmari,ation! in+ol+ing profo*nd and pol)mathic engagement across the entire range of life and earth sciences! in addition to archaeoc*lt*ral research! mathematical semiotics! anatomical ling*istics! and informatic
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  Barker Speaks  Nick Land  The CCRU interview with Professor D.C. Barker   Daniel Charles Barker has been Professor of Anorganic Semiotics at Kingsport College (MV! Mass # since $%%& 'is etraordinar) intellect*al achie+ements resist eas) s*mmari,ation! in+ol+ing profo*nd and pol)mathic engagement across the entire range of life and earth sciences! in addition to archaeoc*lt*ral research! mathematical semiotics! anatomical ling*istics! and informatic engineering -rained as a cr)ptographer in the earl) $%./s! he has spent his life decoding ancient scripts! 0*asibiotic resid*es! and anomalo*s mineral patterns (amongst other things# 1n late  A*t*mn $%%2 Ccr* met 3ith Professor Barker in his office at MV -he follo3ing is an edited transcript of that meeting Tic-Systems . Cryptography has been my guiding thread, right through. What is geotraumatis about, even now! # rigorous pratie of deoding. $o % haven&t rea''y shifted at a'' in this respet. There is a voyage, but a strange'y immobi'e one.% started out at (%T working in the information sienes my thesis proposa' was )uite onservative, invo'ving most'y tehnia' issues to do with noise redution and signa' modu'ation  but (*U was +ust getting started, and my researh was transferred aross to them. That 'ed to various ontats, and from there to emp'oyment with a #$#-re'ated organiation that has  partiu'ar interests onneted to $/T% ativity. (y task was to he'p toughen-up the theoretia' basis of their signa's ana'ysis. They wanted to know how to disriminate in prinip'e between inte''igent ommuniation and omp'e0 pattern derived from noninte''igent soures. To ut a 'ong story short, it beame inreasing'y obvious to me that a'though they said they were hunting for inte''igene, what they were rea''y seeking was organiation. The who'e program was fundamenta''y misguided. *arious peop'e had big prob'ems with the diretion of my researh, whih had basia''y veered-off the organiationa' mode'. The soia' frition beame into'erab'e and % had to 'eave, whih was messy beause of my high-'eve' seurity 'earane ...$uborganiationa' pattern is where things rea''y happen. When you strip-out a'' the sedimented redundany from the side of the investigation itse'f the assumption of intentiona'ity, sub+etivity, interpretabi'ity, struture, et what remains are assemb'ies of funtiona''y interonneted mirostimu'us, or ti-systems1 oinidenta' information deposits, seismoryptions, suborgani )uasirep'iators 2bateria' iruitries, po'ypoid diagona'iations, interphase R-*irus, /ho-D#, ioniing nanopopu'ations3, p'us the maromahineries of their suppression, or depotentiation. Prevai'ing signa'etis and information-siene are both insuffiient'y abstrat and over-theoretia' in this regard. They annot see the mahine for the apparatus, or the singu'arity for the mode'. $o ti-systems re)uire an approah that is osmi-abstrat hypermateria'ist and a'so  partiipative, methods that do not interpret assemb'ies as onretiations of prior theories, and immanent mode's that transmute themse'ves at the 'eve' of the signa's they proess. Ti-systems are entire'y intratab'e to sub+et4ob+et segregation, or to rigid disip'inary typo'ogies. There is no order of nature, no epistemo'ogy or sientifi metaposition, and no uni)ue 'eve' of inte''igene. To advane in this area, whih is the osmos, re)uires new u'tures or what amounts to the same new mahines.The prob'em was1 how to )uantify disorganied mu'tip'iities! Diagona', irregu'ar, mo'eu'ar, and nonmetri )uantities re)uire a sa'e that is itse'f nonmetri, that esapes overoding. $tandard  proedures of measurement and 'assifiation prove entire'y inade)uate, sine they presuppose rigid oneptua' segmentation by )uantity and )ua'ity 2De'eue-5uattari&s twin-piners of mo'arity, type  and degree3. 6ne things are being worked out at the 'eve' of ti-assemb'ies or f'at tiking arrays there are on'y intensive popu'ations, and measurement has to give way to engineering fusiona' mu'tip'iities1 systems that ount themse'ves on'y in the way they propagate, immanent'y numbering mu'titudes, 'ike nanop'asti )uantum swir's. /ventua''y a mahini so'ution was  provided by the Tik-Distributor, but that ame 'ater ... #t first there was +ust the e)uation,  preipitated in what % sti'' thought to be my own body, virtua' ti-density 7 geotraumati tension. Geotraumatics . % ame to 8reud re'ative'y 'ate, assoiating it with oedipa' redutionism, and more genera''y with a psyho'ogisti stane that was simp'y irre'evant to ryptographi work. %t&s important to remark here no doubt we&'' get bak to this that everything produtive in signa's ana'ysis stems from stripping out superf'uous pre+udies about the soure and meaning of omp'e0 funtiona' patterns. % took and sti'' take the vigorous repudiation of hermeneutis to be the key to theoretia' advane in proessing sign-systems. %t was /hidna $ti''we'' who he'ped me to see 8reud from the other side. %t was a diffiu't period for me. There had been a 'ot of painfu' fa''-out from the asa work. Psyhotherapists were invo'ved, in part attempting to patho'ogie and disredit my researh, and in part responding to rea' stress-re'ated symptoms. Between the two was a grey one of traumati dysfuntion and paranoia invo'ving diffiu't feedbak effets. $ti''we''  persuaded me that the on'y way to get through this was to try and make sense of it, and that this was not the same as submitting to the interpretative mode. 6n the ontrary. %n Beyond the P'easure Prinip'e, 8reud takes a number of ruia' initia' steps towards mapping the 5eoosmi Unonsious as a traumati megasystem, with 'ife and thought dynamia''y )uantied in terms of anorgani tension, e'astiity, or mahini p'e0ion. This re)uires the anorganiationa'-materia'ist retuning of an entire voabu'ary1 trauma, unonsious, drive, assoiation, 2sreen-3 memory, ondensation, regression, disp'aement, omp'e0, repression, disavowa' 2e.g. the un- prefi03, identity, and person.De'eue and 5uattari ask1 Who does the /arth think it is! %t&s a matter of onsisteny. $tart with the sientifi story, whih goes 'ike this1 between four point five and four bi''ion years ago during the 9adean epoh the earth was kept in a state of superheated mo'ten s'ag, through the onversion of p'anetesima' and meteoriti impats into temperature inrease 2kineti to thermi energy3. #s the so'ar-system ondensed the rate and magnitude of o''isions steadi'y de'ined, and the terrestria' surfae oo'ed, due to the radiation of heat into spae, reinfored by the beginnings of the hydroy'e. During the ensuing #rhaen epoh the mo'ten ore was buried within a rusta' she'', produing an insu'ated reservoir of prima' e0ogeneous trauma, the geoosmi motor of terrestria' transmutation. #nd that&s it. That&s p'utonis, or neop'utonism. %t&s a'' there1 anorgani memory, p'utoni 'ooping of e0terna' o''isions into interior ontent, impersona' trauma as drive-mehanism. The desent into the body of the earth orresponds to a regression through geoosmi time.Trauma is a body. U'timate'y at its po'e of ma0imum dise)ui'ibrium it&s an iron thing. #t (*U they a'' it Cthe'''1 the interior third of terrestria' mass, semif'uid meta''i oean, megamo'eu'e, and pressure-ooker beyond imagination. %t&s hotter than the surfae off the sun down there, three thousand 'iks be'ow the rust, and a'' that thermi energy is sheer impersona' nonsub+etive memory of the outside, running the p'ate-tetoni mahinery of the p'anet via the ondutive and onvetive dynamis of si'iate magma f'u0, bathing the who'e system in e'etomagneti fie'ds as it tida''y pu'ses to the orbit of the moon. Cthe''' is the terrestria' inner nightmare, noturna' oean, :anadu1 the anorgani meta'-body trauma-how' of the earth, ross-hathed by intensities, traversed by thermi waves and urrents, deranged parti'es, ioni strippings and g'uttings, gravitationa' deep-sensitivities transdued into non'oa' e'etromesh, and feeding vu'anism ... that&s why p'utoni siene s'ides ontinuous'y into shiophreni de'irium.8ast forward seismo'ogy and you hear the earth sream. 5eotrauma is an ongoing proess, whose tension is ontinua''y e0pressed partia''y froen in bio'ogia' organiation. 8or instane, the  peu'iar'y 'oked-up 'ifeforms we tend to see as typia' those more-or-'ess obedient to darwinian se'etion mehanis are 'ess than si0 hundred mi''ion years o'd. They began with the p'anetary  o0ygeniation risis, triggered by the saturation of rusta' iron, fo''owed by mass o0ygen-poisoning of the prokaryoti biosystem and the emergene of a eukaryoti regime. /ukaryoti e''s are high'y suppressive. They imp'ement a nu'ear ommand-ontro' mode' based on genomi R6(, affined to meiosis-mitosis dip'oapture, hierarhia' organiation, and mu'tie''u'ar speia'iation. /ven the distintion between ontogeny and phy'ogeny distint time-orders of the individua' and the speies makes 'itt'e sense without eukaryoti nu'ear read-on'y programming and immuno'ogia' identity. /vo'utionism presupposes speifi geotraumati outomes.To take a more reent e0amp'e, the eff'oresene of mamma'ian 'ife ours in the wake of the ;4T-(issi'e, whih ombined with massive magma-p'ume ativity in the %ndian 6ean to shut-down the (esooi /ra, si0ty-five mi''ion years ago. %rruptive vu'anism p'us e0traterrestria' impat, 'inked  by oinidene, or p'utoni 'ooping. $o there is a atastrophi transition to a post-saurian megafauna regime, part of a muh 'arger overa'' reorganiation of terrestria' symptomatiity,  providing an inde0 of neohadean resurgene. #nd what is mamma'ian 'ife re'ative to the great saurians! #bove a'', an innovation in mothering< $uk'ing as biosurviva'ism. Te'' me about your mother and you&re trave''ing bak to ;4T, not into the persona' unonsious.  Spinal-Catastrophism . 8or humans there is the partiu'ar risis of bipeda' eret posture to be  proessed. % was inreasing'y aware that a'' my rea' prob'ems were moda'ities of bak-pain, or  phy'ogeneti spina' in+ury, whih took me bak to the a'amitous onse)uenes of the preambrian e0p'osion, rough'y five hundred mi''ion years ago. The ensuing period is inrementa''y body-mapped by metaoan organiation. 6bvious'y there are disrete )uasi-oherent neuromotor ti-f'u0  patterns, whose inrementa''y rigidified stages are swimming, raw'ing, and 2bipeda'3 wa'king. /'aine (organ persuasive'y traes the srcin of protohuman bipeda'ism to ertain de'eterious p'ate-tetoni shifts. The mode' is bioseismi. Crusta' onvu'sions and anima' body-p'an are rigorous'y interonneted, and the entire #)uati #pe Theory onstitutes an e0emp'ary geotraumati ana'ysis. /ret posture and perpendiu'ariation of the sku'' is a froen a'amity, assoiated with a 'ong 'ist of patho'ogia' onse)uenes, amongst whih shou'd be in'uded most of the human  psyhoneuroses. umerous trends in ontemporary u'ture attest to an attempted reovery of the ithyophidian- or f'e0omoti'e-spine1 horionta' and impu'sive rather than vertia' and stress- bearing.The issue here as a'ways is rea' and effetive regression. %t is not a matter of representationa'  psyho'ogy. Consider 9aeke'&s wide'y disredited Reapitu'ation Thesis, the 'aim that ontogeny reapitu'ates phy'ogeny. %t is a theory ompromised by its organiism, but its who'esa'e re+etion was an overreation. Ba''ard&s response is more produtive and ba'aned, treating D# as a transorgani memory-bank and the spine as a fossi' reord, without rigid onto-phy'ogeni orrespondene. The mapping of spina'-'eve's onto neuroni time is supp'e, episodi, and diagona'iing. %t onerns p'e0ion between b'oks of mahini transition, not strit isomorphi or strati redundany between sa'es of hrono'ogia' order. (amma' D# ontains 'atent fish-ode 2amongst many other things3.  Palate-Tectonics . Due to eret posture the head has been twisted around, shattering vertebro- pereptua' 'inearity and setting-up the phy'ogeneti preonditions for the fae. This right-ang'ed  pneumati-ora' arrangement produes the voa'-apparatus as a rash-site, in whih thorai impu'ses o''ide with the roof of the mouth. The bipeda' head beomes a virtua' speeh-impediment, a sub-rania' pneumati pi'e-up, disharged as 'inguo-gestura' deve'opment and epha'iation take-off. Burroughs suggests that the protohuman ape was dragged through its body to e0pire upon its tongue. %ts a twin-a0ia' system, how's and 'iks, reiproa''y artiu'ated as a vowe'-onsonant phoneti pa'ette, rigid'y intersegmented to repress staato-hiss ontinuous variation and its attendant beomings-anima'. That&s why stammerings, stutterings, voa' tis, e0tra'ingua' phonetis, and e'etrodigita' voie synthesis are so 'aden with biopo'itia' intensity they threaten to bypass the anthropostrutura' head-smash that estab'ishes our identity with 'ogos, esaping in the diretion of numbers.   Barker Numbering  . 6ne numbers are no 'onger overoded, and thus re'eased from their metri funtion, they are freed for other things, and tend to beome diagrammati. 8rom the beginning of my ti-systems work the most onsistent prob'ems have onerned intensive se)uenes. $e)uene is not order. 6rder a'ready supposes a doub'ing, a 'eve' of redundany1 the se)uened se)uene. # deoded se)uene is something e'se, a sheer numeray prior to any insertion into hrono'ogi struture. That&s why deoding number imp'ies an esape from assumptions of progressive time. Tik mu'titudes arrive in onvergent waves, without subordination to hrono'ogy, history, or 'inear ausation. They proeed by info'ding, invo'ution, or imp'e0. %t&s a matter of onvergene, and numbers do that, one they&re free to. $o the first stage re)uired p'e0ive introgression of the ti-density sa'e, whih was numeria''y rigoried as digita' twinning. Treat the deima' numera's as a set of =-sum twins ygonovie and they map an abstrat intensive wave, indifferent to magnitude. /verything effiient about digita' redution is onerned with this, sine it disovers the key to deima' syygeti omp'ementarity1 = 7 >. # f'attening down to disordered se)uentia'ity, or abstrat numeria' imp'e0. ine is the u'timate deima' numera', operating as positive 2or fu''- body3 ero. %t is the abstrat numeri produt of the deima'-magnitude minus one 2infinitesima'ied as ? 7 >.===... reiterating3, whih re'ates to a partiu'ar mode of pro'iferation within apita'ist semiotis 2of the type @==.==3.  Barker-Spiral  . The pattern rea''y ame together with the Dip'oygoti $pira', whih arrived sudden'y, by hane. % was p'aying a game of Deadene, whih % had first enountered many years  before. This game a'ready interested me beause of its numeria' e'egane, its omp'e0 assoiations, and its dependene upon a prinip'e of deima' twinning. %t had a'ways seemed to hint at a 'ost syygeti arithmetism, re'ated to the bi'atera' symmetry of the human body. Digits are fingers, and they ome in deima' pakages of two times five. %n Deadene five makes ten by doub'ing, or pairing with itse'f, soring ero. This tanta'ied me, but % ou'dn&t fit it together theoretia''y. The )uandary was un'oked on this oasion, when one of the partiipants asua''y mentioned the e0istene of an ou'ted variation of the game, a''ed $ubdeadene, based on a system of nine-sum twinning. $ubdeadene introdues eroes, and nine-ero twins. %t works by ygonovi numerism. That was stunning enough in itse'f, but seeing the two together or seeing  between them was an inredib'e moment of diagrammati assemb'age. %t a'' spontaneous'y ondensed, and the $pira' 'iked into oherene, 'ike a seret door into the 'ong-hidden rypt of the deima' system. Publications Auasi Chemia' Ti Cu'ture Cata'ysis of #norgani Pain Wave (atries 2P'utonis1 *o'ume :, umber , 8a'' ?==>3.#norgani $emiotis 2P'utonis1 *o'ume :, umber =, 8a'' ?==?3.$pina' Catastrophism 2P'utonis1 *o'ume :, umber ?>, $pring ?==3.Pa'ate Tetonis 2P'utonis1 *o'ume ?>, umber ?, 8a'' ?==3.*owe's1 # Biopo'itia' $trategy 2P'utonis1 *o'ume :, umber ?, 8a'' ?==E3.What Counts as 9uman 2;ingsport1 ;ingsport Co''ege Press, ?==F3.

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Jul 23, 2017
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