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INDEX NO. 161068/2014 FILED: NEW YORK COUNTY CLERK 11/06/2014 05:23 PM NYSCEF DOC. NO. 1 RECEIVED NYSCEF: 11/06/2014 SUPREIvll.: COURT OF THE STATE OF NI-P,I YORK COUNTY Ol NEN'ORK In the I&&latter of the Application TIMOTI-IY LANDON, of ARl HUR VERIFIED PETITION FOR AN ORDER PURSUANT TO CPLR 3j.02(c) COMPELLING PREACTION DISCLOSURE FROM R.ESPONDENT TUMBLR, INC. For an order pursuant to Section 3102(c) of the Civil Practice Lalv Bnd Rules to compel d is cl o su re fr om INC,, 'I'UlvIHLIK
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  SUPREIvll.: COURTOF THE STATE OF NI-P,I YORK COUNTY Ol NEN'ORK In the I&&latter of the Application of ARl HUR TIMOTI-IY LANDON, For an order pursuant to Section 3102(c) of the Civil Practice Lalv Bnd Rules tocompel d is cl o su re fr om 'I'UlvIHLIK, INC,,Respondent, VERIFIED PETITION FOR AN ORDER PURSUANT TO CPLR3j.02(c)COMPELLINGPRE-ACTION DISCLOSURE FROM R.ESPONDENT TUMBLR, INC. PL'tlt'loner Al'thUI'Ilnothl& LBnclon ( Mr. I Bnclon ), b$ Bnd thl 0Ugh his undersigned attorneys,petitions the Court as follows: Ml. LBTldon ls thevictiili of B.i I Bnonl'nloUs c(llripalgn of detBmation Bncl copl I'lgl lt Infrlngenlent calTriecl OUt On thL'lltei net blog foUncl Bt %&I'&('ALIBI th'LulandorutuITlbll.corn (the Intelnet. HIog ), hostccl b$ & Responclent 1 Ul'nbl, lnc. ( TUI'nbll ). Ml'. Landon. seeks to con1peI 1 Unlbli'o pl 0't(ide pl'e-&iction cllsclosUI'e pUI sUant to CPLR 31(I (c) sufficient to Identitythe pel soi'IM'ho ls defanllng Ml'. I.andorl Bncl ll'll Tin&ging MT, I BTldon s copyl ights ITI cei tain. personal pho(.ogi'Bphs b$ 'ubllshll ig those photographs 011. the into] net Slog Ivithout. IVIT. LanLIon s col isLnt. Mi'. I.BI'idon resides ln I. 01'idun, I.nglilncl. OII Infolniatlon. Bnd bL'llel I linibil Is B Del ilvII'c col polatiol'I i%1th Its pl inclpBI place Ot business Bt 33 Ilast 21st St'I eet, I tlth I'loni, Nel&,' ol'k, NY 10010. FILED: NEW YORK COUNTY CLERK 11/06/2014 05:23 PM  INDEX NO. 161068/2014NYSCEF DOC. NO. 1RECEIVED NYSCEF: 11/06/2014  4. Oninformation and belief, Tumbh isregistered withtheNew York Secretaryof State to do business in New York asa foreign corporation. (See Exhibit A annexed hereto.) 5. Tumblris subject to iii persoLLnLLL jurisdiction in this Court pursuanttoCPLR 301 because Tumblrmaintainsitsprincipal place of business in New York Col u1ty. 6. Venue ls propPI 111 Ncw'ol'k CouBtypursuant to CPLR503(c) because Tumblr IIlaintainslts pl'lnclpal place of 13Uslncss In Ncw Yol k County. Petitioner's Personal Background7. Mr. Landon is 32 years old. He is a writer anddirector of Enghsh- language films andtheater productions. He recentlyestablished Newtide Films, a joint vcntUI'c based In London, to ploclUcc docUIncntal les allcl filIIIs foI'clcvlslon and. 8. Mr. Landon is alsoinvolved in and pubhcly supports several charitable vcntUI'cs based Ill thc UrutPd KIngdom, mchlcllng ProfectLLLg Afi'Lcll» LL0LLs, Tile Din»n ALLinLLt, Starlight, Clii/LtreLL iiL Crisis and The Big Clin»ge OLnritnl3le TrLLst. 9. ProtectiLLg Afiicn» Lions is a charitable organizationthat seeks to lllclcasc awalcl'less of thP decl'casing BUIB13PI's of Af1'lean lions ancl to plotPct thPII'aive habitat. Ml'. Lal'lclon helps Pi'otectiiig Afi LcnLL Lioiis 13y acting as an ambassador fol'  10. The Din//n AI/in//t is a charitable organization focused on children ancl tccnagcls nanlcdaftcl thc late DIBIIB, PllncPss of )Vales; lt sccks to I educe buHying Insideand outs/de England'sschools as vvell as encourage, engage and empower young people. Mr. Landon appeared as a panelist at The Din//aA///ard's Anti-Bullying AITlbassaclol s Conference dullIlig National Anti-BUHylng Mtcck 2012 as a I'epl'cscnt'atlvc of Tl/e D/n//n A/var/t. Ml. Lanclorl alsohas ol'ganlzcd. hisown fund-1 alslllg cvcnts Ini support of The Din//n Azvard. 11. Stnrligt/t is a charitableorganizationthat aims to grant vanishes to seriously and terminaHy iH children.Over the past fexv years, Mr.Landon helpedraise avt'areness about Starlight andits crucialrole in lifting the spirits of many children in hospitals and hospicesthroughout the United Kingdom.Mr. 1 andon also entered many events to raise funds for Star/igt/t, including a bicycle ride from Londonto Paris. 12. CI//ldre/I /// Cr/5/5 Is a charitable olganlzatlon that seeks to pI'ovlclP education tochildren living in some of theIvorld's poorest regions.Mr. Landonassists in raisingfunds to support Chits/e// i/I Crisis's efforts. 13. Most recently, Mr. Landonbecame involved Ivith The Big Chn/IgeCtmr/tal/te T/'//st, a. Charity that sccks to pl'ovldP young pcoplc ln thP Unltcd Klngclorn veith the opportunity to make positive changes to their ovtn and others'ves. The Big Ct/a/Ige CI/a/'/tabte T/'//st plovlclcs scl'vlccs, lnclucllng mentollng pl'ogl'BIns f01'chool chllcll'cn and spoIts coBclllng. Ml . Lal'lclon lan a InBlathon to 1alsc clorlatlons fol'he Tt/e B/g CI/n//ge Ct/a/'/tabte'r//st ancl Intcncls to Ivo/k Inoreclosely w/th T//e B/g Cl/a/Ige Ct/nritableTr//st in the future.  14.Ml. LBnclon's ability to DlMntMn his goocl pU1311c Teputatlon ls essential to the success of his personaland business activitiesand his charitable E. ~Farther Landon's ~Pur ie Bong internet Bt~o thc Il'ltclnct 810g vvl'Ulc searching on the Internet. 16. A  blog is a regularly updated vvebsite or vveb page, typicallyone I Un 13y an IncllvlclUB1 01'lT1BH group that ls vvllttenln an lnfol lnal 01 conversational style.On its Internet website, Tumblr describes itself as hostingmore than 200 milhon blogs vvith over 93 biHion  posts since itsfounding in 2007. Tumbh claims to receivemore than 83 miHion nevv  posts each day, and is vvidely recognized as an important IntcTnct platform foI'he cxchangc of lclcais: TUI111311 hal nesses the cnthUslBsIn M'0Uncl a pal'tlcU1BI'opicand coalesces into acommunity. Eric Savitz, 1Vhy 2013 Is The Ye/IT Yo» Need To Get Seriol&s A13ol&t T»»lblr, FORBES.COM (Jan.24, 2013, 2:11 PM) http~www.forbes.com/site~sciocentrat/201~301 24/why- 2013-Is-the- tear-vou-Ileed-to- et-serious-about-tulnb~lr  Tumblr, vvhich is playing anincreasingly importantrole as anarbiter of Bits Bncl culture lll the cybPT 4Hdscape. Hannah Daly, Co»n»lsslo»ulg T»l»171er Artists: Holv Rlllzo»1e Is Ex13/1116lllg T1leIT Net Art Leg/Icy,THE CREATORS PROIECT (Apr. 9,2013)httn: tiicci'eatoi's i'o ectvrce.cour/b~310 coiiiiliissioi'liil -turililii'- arhs ts-hovv-rlnzome-Is-leading-thc-nct-art-trend; TUInbll'ontinues to 13c the fol'cInost place w'hei c cl'CB.tlvc IncllvlclUBls congIcgatc to shru e theil Iclcas ancl cl cBtloIls. Fcllx Salmon Horn Tll»1131» illt/t GltHt(13 co»M 136'he flit»re of e/1»cotlo» REUTERs (Jan. 21, 2014) ht': bio s.l cUtcl s.coIII fellx- salmon 2014 01 21 hov'-tumblr-Bnd- ithub-could-be-the-future-
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