PAGE ONE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES) CITY OF MANILA) S.S. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: I, Racel Cuvinar Macapagal, of legal age, single, a native of Philippines, having been born on the 26th day of May, 1991, now actually residing at 29 Bagong Buhay St., Brgy. San Isidro, Galas, Quezon City, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting under undue inf
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  PAGE ONE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES)CITY OF MANILA) S.S. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS:I, Racel Cuvinar Macapagal  , of legal age, s!gle, a !a #e of  Philippines , $a#!g %ee! %o&! o! $e ' 6 th  day of May, 1991 , !o( a *all+&es!g a 29 Bagong Buhay St., Brgy. San Isidro, Galas, Quezon ity  , %e!gof so*! a! s-os!g ! a! eo&+, a! !o a !g *!e& *!*e!fl*e!e, #ole!e, f&a*, o& ! a o! of ($a e#e& /!, o %+ $ese-&ese! s ela&e $s o + Las Wll a! Tes ae! ($$ I $a#e a*se o%e (& e! ! E!gls$, $e la!g*age ($$ s /!o(! o e. A! I $e&e%+ela&e $a :0.I es&e $a + &ea!s %e %*&e ao&!g o $e & es of  $e Roa! Ca $ol C$*&$ a! ( $ g! + s* a%le o +&*s a!es1'.I g#e a! %e2*ea $ o + o $e&, Virginia Cuvinar Macapagal  , all + o $e& -&o-e& es, &eal a! -e&so!al,($a soe#e& a! ($e&esoe#e& loa e13.I esg!a e Evelyn Macapagal  , as $e sole e4e* o& a!a!s &a o& of $s Las Wll a! Tes ae! , a! ! $e&!a-a +, I !ae a! esg!a e Romelyn Cuvinar as $e&s*%s  * e. 5.I $e&e%+ &e $a $e e4e* o& a! a!s &a o& of $sLas Wll a! Tes ae! o& $e& s*%s  * e !ee !o -&ese! a!+ %o!16.I $e&e%+ &e#o/e, se ase a! a!!*l a!+ a! all of +o $e& (ll o& es ae! a&+ s-os o!s $a I $a#e ae,e4e* e, sg!e o& -*%ls$e -&ee!g $s Las Wll a!Tes ae! .IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I $a#e $e&e*! o aff4e + sg!a *&e $s 7 $ a+ of A*g*s , '807, ! Ma!la, P$l--!es. RACEL CUVINAR MACAPAGAL  PAGE TWO ATTESTATION CLAUSE We, $e *!e&sg!e a es !g ( !esses, ($ose &ese!es a&e s a eo--os e o*& &es-e #e !aes, o $e&e%+ e& f+: T$a $e es a o&, Racel Cuvinar Macapagal  , $as -*%ls$e *! o *s $e fo&ego!g Wll o!ss !g of  $&ee -ages !*%e&e o&&ela #el+ ! le e&s o! $e *--e& -a& of ea$-age, as $s Las Wll a! Tes ae! a! $as sg!e $e sae a! e#e&+-age $e&eof, o! $e lef a&g!, ! o*& 9o! -&ese!e a! (e, ! *&!, a $s&e2*es $a#e ( !esse a! sg!e $e sae a! e#e&+ -age $e&eof, o! $elef a&g!, ! $e -&ese!e of $e es a o& a! ! $e -&ese!e of ea$ a!all of *s. Mary Kolyn T. Santos Ca! a, Ral, P$l--!es Fatima Miana . Ro!ri #$% Ma!la, P$l--!es K$l&in M. 'a(at Sa! Fe&!a!o, Pa-a!ga, P$l--!es OINT ACKNOWLEDGMENT BEFORE ME, No a&+ P*%l fo& a! ! $e C + of Ma!la, P$l--!es $s7 $ a+ of A*g*s , '807, -e&so!all+ a--ea&e:T$e es a o&, Ra)$l C#&inar Ma)a*a al , ( $ U!fe M*l ;P*&-oseI< ( $ !*%e& CRN;8000;'7='555, ss*e a >*eo! C +1W !ess, Mary Kolyn T. Santos , ( $ Sa! Bea College S *e! I<( $ !*%e& L;068''0, ss*e a Sa! Mg*el, Ma!la1W !ess, Fatima Miana . Ro!ri #$% , ( $ Sa! Bea College S *e! I< ( $ !*%e& L;0680=?, ss*e a Sa! Mg*el, Ma!la1W !ess, K$l&in M. 'a(at , ( $ Sa! Bea College S *e! I< ( $!*%e& L;0680=5, ss*e a Sa! Mg*el, Ma!la,all /!o(! o e o %e $e sae -e&so!s ($o sg!e $e fo&ego!g Wll, $ef&s as es a o& a! $e las $&ee as !s &*e! al ( !esses, a! $e+&es-e #el+ a/!o(lege o e $a $e+ sg!e $e sae as $e& o(!f&ee a a! ee.  PA@E THREET$s Wll o!ss s of $&ee -ages, !l*!g $e -age o! ($$ $sa/!o(lege! s (& e!, a! $as %ee! sg!e o! $e lef a&g! of ea$a! e#e&+ -age $e&eof %+ $e es a o& a! $e& ( !esses, a! seale ( $+ !o a&al seal.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I $a#e $e&e*! o se + $a! $e a+, +ea&a! -lae a%o#e (& e!<o. No. 1Page No. 1Boo/ No. 1Se&es of '807.

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Apr 16, 2018


Apr 16, 2018
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