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1. BRIEF SPORTS HISTORY Born in Brooklyn raised on Roosevelt island NY. Been living there for 20 years. Growing up here I deffinetly believe shaped the person I became to…
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  • 1. BRIEF SPORTS HISTORY Born in Brooklyn raised on Roosevelt island NY. Been living there for 20 years. Growing up here I deffinetly believe shaped the person I became to be. No gangs violence drugs. Just fun and sports all day. I remember hockey being my favorite sport. I wanted to become a hockey player when I was about 7 years old. I still played all the other sports but hockey was deffinetly my favorite. As me and me friends grew up our love for hockey grew down. We grew into mainstream sports such as baseball basketball and football. I found myself being the best in baseball. I have always been recognized as one of the best in my age group here on the island dating back to tee ball. As I went through all the leagues I got better. After tee ball it was the minors age group 10-13 then the majors 14-16 then the seniors16-18. As I entered high school the baseball team was something I knew I was going to gun for. His first tryout wasn’t so good. It was an indoor tryout and he said he couldn’t field a groundball for nothing in the gym. He just felt he wasn’t going to make the team but felt once they seen his outfield ability he’ll have a set spot. The next practice was an outdoor one where he lit eyes up fielding every fly ball hit to me.
  • 2. WHAT I HOPE TO GAIN FROM AI This is where The Art Institute of New York City comes in to play in that bridge to successfully prepping me for the career I want. The Art Institute, being one of the leading institutions for career Another reason is that the teachers in preparation is the leading reason I want this Institute have worked in the Graphic to attend. I’m looking forward to the Design field and I feel that being in a curricula, which is taught by professors class with them will really help me who are working professionally in there prepare for the real world. I feel this way fields. I feel that’s a big plus because who because the critiques I will be getting better to learn the business from then whether good, or bad will only help me to from someone in the business, it just better my skills and get me further and feels more authentic. This way closer to my dream career. developing my skills and working hard with my professors at the Art Institute will better my chances in preparing for the graphic design industry, as they will guide me through the ups and the downs.
  • 3. BRIEF ART LIFE It wasn’t until senior year in high school back in 2005 where I was introduced to graphics software in my photography class at The High School of Art and Design. It was then that I fell in love with how you can manipulate images and graphics to create photos, posters, and ads. From there on out I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life. For the most part I have learned all the graphics programs through trial and error and just teaching myself the essential parts of design. These included programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, I started doing freelance work for friends, along Dreamweaver, and Flash. As I got better with the with events and even small businesses. But after a programs I began to become confident that I while I realized I needed more knowledge to get by could make it in the graphic design business. in this career. I needed professional critiques of my work.
  • 4. LIFE OUTSIDE OF AI • Hang out it • Metal gear • CAIN VIDEO GAMES NIGHTLIFE CHILL TIME central park solid 4 nightclub • Eat in the • Killzone 2 • Cielo nightclub • Uncharted • Club kiss and meatpacking district drakes fortune fly • Shopping in • Mlb 09 the • Tenjune soho • marquee show
  • 5. GOALS FROM MY AI EDUCATION • Work for a company • Design, creative/art • Design movie that designs Ads for direct for a big posters, dvd big companies magazine like covers,websites Rollingstone, GQ, TI ME Movie advertising editorial studio
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