LC420EUF SDF2 LCD module
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  Product Specification 1/ 43 LC420EUF Ver.1.1 42.0”WUXGA TFT LCDTitle MODELLGEBUYER*When you obtain standard approval,please use the above model name without suffixLC420EUF*MODELSDF2 (RohsVerified)SUFFIXLG Display Co., Ltd.SUPPLIER FORAPPROVALSPECIFICATION Please return 1 copy for your confirmation withyour signature and comments./// SIGNATURE DATEAPPROVED BY ))(( Final SpecificationPreliminary Specification ●Copyright ⓒ 2009 LG Display Co.,Ltd. All right reserved.   Product Specification 2/ 43 LC420EUF Ver.1.1 CONTENTS 27Enviroment7-330HANDLING PRECAUTIONS FOR PROTECTION FILM9-630OpearationCondition Guide9-729PRECAUTIONS929MOUNTING PRECAUTIONS9-129OPERATING PRECAUTIONS9-230ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE CONTROL9-330PRECAUTIONS FOR STRONG LIGHT EXPOSURE9-430STORAGE9-5158INTERFACE CONNECTIONS3-2COLOR DATA REFERENCE3-528DESIGNATION OF LOT MARK8-128PACKING FORM8-228PACKING827EMC7-21COVER2CONTENTS3RECORD OF REVISIONS4GENERAL DESCRIPTION15 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS26ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS36ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS3-111SIGNAL TIMING SPECIFICATIONS3-312SIGNAL TIMING WAVEFORMS3-416POWER SEQUENCE3-617OPTICAL SPECIFICATIONS423MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS526RELIABILITY627INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS727SAFETY7-1 PageITEMNumber  Copyright ⓒ 2009 LG Display Co.,Ltd. All right reserved.   Product Specification 3/ 43 LC420EUF Ver.1.1Production site addition32Feb.28.20111.1 Final Specification (LC420EUF-SDF2 Model and LC420EUF-SDF1 Model are equivalent peformance)-Feb.14.20111.0 DescriptionPageRevision DateRevision No. RECORD OF REVISIONS Copyright ⓒ 2009 LG Display Co.,Ltd. All right reserved.   Product Specification 4/ 43 LC420EUF Ver.1.1 1. General Description The LC420EUF is a Color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display with an integral Light Emitting Diode (LED) backlight system. The matrix employs a-Si Thin Film Transistor as the active element.It is a transmissive display type which is operating in the normally black mode. It has a 42.02 inch diagonally measured active display area with WUXGA resolution (1080 vertical by 1920 horizontal pixel array).Each pixel is divided into Red, Green and Blue sub-pixels or dots which are arrayed in vertical stripes.Gray scale or the luminance of the sub-pixel color is determined with a 10-bit gray scale signal for each dot.Therefore, it can present a palette of more than 1.06Bilion colors. Ithas been designed to apply the 10-bit 4-port LVDS interface.It is intended to support LCD TV, PCTV where high brightness, super wide viewing angle, high color gamut,high color depth and fast response time are important. General Features Viewing angle free ( R/L 178 (Min.), U/D 178 (Min.))Viewing Angle (CR>10)10Bit(D), 1.06 Billion colorsColor Depth1920 horiz. by 1080 vert. Pixels, RGB stripe arrangementPixel Format400cd/m2 (Center 1point ,Typ.)Luminance, WhiteTotal 90.5W(Typ.) [Logic= 8.6W, LED Backlight=81.9W] Power Consumption8.2 Kg (typ)WeightTransmissive mode, Normally blackDisplay ModeHard coating(2H), Anti-glare treatment of the front polarizer (Haze 10%) Surface Treatment0.4845 mm x 0.4845 mm x RGBPixel Pitch968.4(H) x 564.0 (V) x 10.8(B) / 22.9 mm (D) (Typ.)Outline Dimension42.02 inches(1067.31mm) diagonal Active Screen Size Source Driver Circuit TFT -LCD Panel (1920 × RGB × 1080 pixels) [Gate In Panel] G1S1S1920G1080 Mini-LVDS(RGB) Timing Controller  LVDS Rx + L/Dim + DGA + ODCIntegratedEEPROM Power Circuit Block SDASCLLVDS SelectBit Select CN1 (51pin) LVDS 2Port +12.0V Control   SignalsPower Signals LVDS 2Port CN2 (41pin) LVDS 1,2Option signalI2CLVDS 3,4LED AnodeLED CathodeCN201 (13pin)CN202 (12pin) V : 8Block Local Dimming : 16 Block V : 8Block Copyright ⓒ 2009 LG Display Co.,Ltd. All right reserved. 
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