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  BEING THE TEXT OF LECTURE DELIVERED BY COMRADE GABRIEL OLALEKAN SOYOMBO IN HONOR OF HONORABLE AYO ADISA’S 25TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION AT STUDENT’S UNION BUILDING, EKITI STATE UNIVERSITY, ADO EKITI TITLED ‘’LEADERSHIP IN OUR CONTEMPORARY TIMES: A GENERATIONAL CHALLENGE’’ DATED THIS DAY OF FRIDAY 31ST OCTOBER 2014.   It is indeed a great pleasure for me to be here today to deliver this commemorative lecture of 25th birthday celebration of one of our great brother Ayo Adisa, a comrade per excellence who among his few contemporaries, place the value of honor above primordial considerations in unionism and activism. I have known this comrade for years. I knew him when he was a member of the parliamentary arm of the student’s union of this great campus. I am also a li ving witness to his current portfolio as chairman, students’ union task force of this great university. To an extent, he has borne out an errand for progress with commendable constancy. Despite the complexity of the new world, that is threatening the old tradition and its simplicity- a great challenge to our collective existence, Ayo Adisa remains  focus and determined to the course of humanity . Ayo is known for his corrosive dexterity, livid posture against demagogue and tested to be a radical orientationa list. I am therefore happy to be here, to savour the joy of our comrade’s 25th years of useful, rewarding, enviable, incredible, progressive and outstanding services to mankind and our generation. Consequent upon this, I say congratulation to you my brother for attaining this gracious age. May you live long, and may you continue to be of great productive and purposeful service to your family, friends, society and Ekiti State University students union in particular. I also want to acknowledge all the dignitaries, invited guests and comrades here present in honor of your brother and your friend. To me, it is not just recognition for our brother, but a sharp demonstration of love for solidarity and progressivism. We shall all continue to grow from strength to strength. All of us here present today know the problems of leadership in our contemporary times. We experience it daily in our homes, at works, in our organizations, and in the larger society. From schools and workshops, through civil society and community organizations, to government and international organizations and  businesses, we see the value, relevance and the importance of leadership. Where leadership is lacking, you cannot pretend that it exist. If a business is under bad leadership, you easily notice its debt rising. Workers disillusioned, product loosing  quality, market share shrinking, competitors having an advantage, profit declining, structure decaying, and eventually it would collapse. It is the same thing in the family. Where there is no leadership in the family, such a family decay and deteriorate and finally engulfed in conflict and break up. The children become undisciplined, lacking in focus, not performing well at school and at times  becoming an outright criminals. This also applies to countries and tiers of government at all levels. Good leadership is sine-qua non to the peace, stability,  productivity, security, progress and overall development in our contemporary times. Good leadership brings hopes and energy to the people. It attracts the best minds as well as local and external support. Good leadership brings about quality and good governance, progressive policies, happiness in the people and general dynamism. Good leadership brings out the most purposeful, creative and innovative quality of citizens and expands the capacity to share the pains of reform and to establish strong platform of tolerance, mutual support, corporation, innovation and social  justice. In fact, no matter the level, there is no alternative to purposeful, honest, focused, dedicated and patriotic leadership. Good leadership propels the emergence of good leaders and who in return encourages people to take charge and to want to make a difference in any given society. Today, our generation is a victim of bad leadership at all levels. We have left  undone what we ought to do and done things we should have avoided. This is why in the case that despite of the struggles and sacrifices of our heroes and heroines in the past, we have not still come out dependency, underdevelopment, violence, instability, poverty, poor infrastructural development, low industrialization, low technological base and weak infrastructure and institution. I must stress here that we have in the past had great leaders who occasioned good leadership in their capacities. Many fought a good fight and laid good legacy. Many had given everything they had to ensure better lives for our people. They fought colonialism and neocolonialism. They gave their lives in the struggle for people’s freedom. They resisted exploitative tendencies of transnational corporations. These heroes withstood the devastating impacts of foreign political interference and unsteady commodity prices. They had to deal with poverty, illiteracy, ethnic regional and religious differences and conflicts, sharp class division, hunger, dissatisfaction, industrial stagnation and all the impediments of underdevelopment and unfavorable global economic order. In some cases, they succeeded and at some  point they did not. My comrades, brothers and sisters, let us not deceive ourselves. The problems of our contemporary times require focused and serious minded leadership. There can  be no room for unnecessary experimentations and risk. One year of bad leadership can take us back ten to twenty years. In other words, one year of bad leadership


Jul 23, 2017
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