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  Ali   Identifying Leader Behaviors A number of researchers have focused on the intriguing prospect that it may be specific behaviors that make some leaders more effective than others. Whereas many inherent trades may be difficult to change, it might be possible to learn universally effective behaviors- if they could be identified-and became successful leaders.  Now we are going to highlight some major efforts by researchers at identifying Important leader behaviors this research grew largely out of work at the University of Lowa , the university of Michigan and Ohio state university.  University of Lowa researcher kurt lewin and colleagues conducted some of the earliest attempts At scientifically identifying the leader behavior that are most effective. They concentrated on three Leader behavior , or styles autocratic, democratic and laisez-faire Lowa and Michigan studies  Autocratic : Behavioral style of leaders who tend to make unilateral decisions dictate work methods, limit workers, knowledge about goals to just the next step to be performed, and sometime give feedback that is punitive. Democratic : Behavioral style who tend to involve the group and decision making , let the group determine work methods , make overall goals known, and use feedback as an opportunity for helpful coaching . Laissez-faire: Behavioral style of leaders who generally give the group complete freedom, provide necessary material, participate only to answer questions , and avoid giving feedback.


Jul 23, 2017
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