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  You can configure the domain controller to forward Internet domain name resolution requests to the ISP’s DNS server. Because the requests will be forwarded as recursive queries, there will be only one request and one reply transmitted over the Internet connection for each name resolution. Taylor can reduce the duration of the IP address leases in her scopes so that abandoned addresses will be available to clients more quickly than before. When using Terminal Services, the applications run on the server, not the workstation, so it is necessary to install them only on that one computer. This ensures that all of the users are running the same application versions, and it simplifies maintenance and upgrade tasks for the administrators because they have to work only on a single installation. A user connecting to a Terminal Services server has to run only a simple client program because the resources needed to run the applications are on the server. This means that the client workstations can be inexpensive, low-end computers, which reduces the hardware costs. The software expenses are also reduced because, instead of purchasing application licenses for individual workstations that might or might not be in use at any given time, you can maintain a pool of licenses on the Terminal Services server, which the system allocates to users as they log on. The most likely cause of the problem is that the 120-day grace period that Terminal Services provides has expired, and the users do not have client access licenses. Kathleen must purchase licenses for her users and install a Terminal Services License Server to distribute them. To transmit emails to users and administrators, a server running FSRM must have the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) installed. Kathleen must open Server Manager, launch the Add Features Wizard, and install the SMTP Server feature. The most likely source of the problem is that the server receiving the extra traffic is the one that the DNS is supplying to clients. To balance the incoming traffic load, Robert should implement either the DNS round robin technique by creating DNS resource records for each of the server IP addresses using the name of the server farm, or Robert should create a network load-balancing cluster containing the 12 servers and using the server farm name. From that point onward, the users should connect using the farm name instead of a server name. A list of tasks you must perform are given below: To deploy the CA, install the Active Directory Certificate Services role with the Certification Authority and Certification Authority Web Enrollment role services. To support the Certification Authority Web Enrollment role service, you must also install the Web Server (IIS) role. To support Active Directory clients, create an enterprise CA. Because it is the first CA on the network, configure it to be a root CA. Open a blank MMC console, and add the Certificate Templates snap-in. Copy one of the existing templates, and modify it using the settings supplied by the application developers. To prevent users from obtaining certificates automatically, open the Properties sheet for the new template and, on the Security tab, assign the Deny Autoenroll permission to the Domain Users group. 1. Increase the speed of the network by replacing the network interface adapters in all of the computers on the network and the switch to which the computers are connected with faster equipment. Speeding up the network would enable it to carry more traffic, eliminating the  bottleneck. 2. Split the network into two separate LANs with an equal number of computers on each. Then, install a second network interface adapter in the file and print server, and connect it to both LANs. Creating two LANs out of one reduces the amount of traffic on each network by half, and connecting the file and print server to each of those networks enables more traffic to reach the server.
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