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LEAVE AND LICENCE AGREEMENT THIS LEAVE LICENCE AGREEMENT made and entered into at Mulund (West) Mumbai on this 1st day of August 2014, BY AND BETWEEN: Mr Anil Menda aged 38 Years & Mrs Mahima Anil Menda aged 36 Years, an Indian Inhabitant, residing at 301, Woodstock, Yogi Hill, Mulund (W) the party of the FIRST PART, hereinafter referred to as the “LICENSOR” (Which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof be deemed to mean and include his legal heirs, executors, succe
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  LEAVE AND LICENCE AGREEMENT  THIS LEAVE LICENCE AGREEMENT made and entered into at Mulund (West)Mumbai on this 1st day of August 2014, BY AND BETWEEN: Mr Anil Menda aged 38 Years & Mrs Mahima Anil Menda aged 36 Years, an IndianInhabitant, residing at 301, Woodstock, Yogi Hill, Mulund (W) the party of the FIRSTPART, hereinafter referred to as the “ LICENSOR ” (Which expression shall unlessrepugnant to the context or meaning thereof be deemed to mean and include hislegal heirs, executors, successors, administrators and assigns) AND  Vijay Singh Ahluwalia------------ aged 46 years, an Indian Inhabitant, residing at-6/1504 Pristine Tower CHS Ltd, Vasant lawns, Off Pokharan Road No 2, Thane west 400601, the party of the SECOND PART, hereinafter referred to as the“ LICENSEE”  (Which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaningthereof be deemed to mean and include his/her legal heirs, executors, successors,administrators and assigns) 1   WHEREAS the Licensor is the owner of an Office bearing no. 427 on 4 th  floor ofthe building known as AVIOR – Nirmal Galaxy, and situate at LBS Marg,Mulund (West), Mumbai 400080, admeasuring about 802 Sq. Ft. Built Area,hereto for the sake of brevity known as the “SAID OFFICE”. The Licensee beingin the need of a commercial space for the purpose of carrying on his businesshas approached the Licensor and the Licensor agreed to grant Leave andLicence to the Licensee to occupy the said office for a period of 60 months. AND WHEREAS the Licensor has agreed to give Leave and Licence to theLicensee to use the said office only for the purpose of providing office space ofthe Licensee on payment of such License fees or compensation for such periodand upon such terms and conditions hereinafter contained. NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH AND IT IS HEREBY AGREED BY ANDBETWEEN THE PARTIES HERETO AS FOLLOWS: 1)  The Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee and the Licensee hereby acceptfrom the Licensor, the License to occupy and use the said office for the PestControl & other related Business, in the name and style of Sterling PestControl Services Pvt. Ltd.  The License shall be for a period of 5years (60)months commencing from 1st day of August 2014 to 31st day of July 2019. 2)  The compensation for the occupation and use of the said office for Sixtymonths shall be Rs. 45000/- (Rupees: Forty Five Thousand Only) per monthfor the first Twelve months starting from 1 st  day of Licensed period i.e. of 1 st  August 2014, thereafter will increase to Rs 49500/-from the thirteenthmonth i.e. 1 st  day of August 2015 to 31st day of July 2016 thereafter will beRs. 54000/-from 1 st  day of August 2016 to 31 st  day of July 2017, hereafterthe rent will be 58500/- from 1 st  day of August 2017 to 31 st  day of July 2018and the rent for the final year of the agreement i.e. from 1 st  August 2018 to31 st  July 2019 will be 63000/-The Licensee shall pay the monthlycompensation on or before 5 th  day of every month in advance. ConsecutiveDefault in payment of monthly payments for 3 months shall entitle the 2  Licensor to revoke and cancel the License and resume possession of the saidoffice without any further notice. 3)  The Licensee has deposited with the Licensor a sum of Rs. 2,00,000/-(Rupees: Two Lakh only) as security deposit to be held free of interest for theabove period of leave and license. Licensor has agreed to return the fullsecurity deposit on the last day of this agreement or on the same day oftaking over the possession of the said premises. 4)  The Licensee shall receive the receipt for the monthly compensation paid byhim and no amount shall be accepted to have been paid by him in absence ofany such written receipt executed by the Licensor. 5)  The Licensee shall not assign, mortgage, charge, License, sub-let orotherwise transfer the said office or any portion of it in any manner whatsoever, the License being a personal one, restricted for use oroccupation of the Licensee and is neither transferable nor intended to betransferable. The Licensee shall use the said office for his own purpose only. 6)  The said office shall be used for own purpose only and that to for as theoffice of the Licensee and for no other purpose whatsoever. Nothing in thisclause is construed as permitting any other person to use and occupy the saidoffice.7)In addition to the monthly compensation as stipulated above, the Licensee shallpay for Cable Charges, Telephone Charges and Electricity Charges used in thesaid office as shown by the meter. and/or vehicle parking charges billed by thesociety . 8) The Licensee shall use the said office with due care and caution and shall keepand maintain the same in good order and condition.9)The Licensee shall keep the interior of the said office, cause to keep andmaintain furniture, fixture and fittings, including electrical, sanitary andplumbing fixture in good and tenantable condition, subject to reasonable wear 3  and tear. The Licensee however, shall not be responsible for any damage bytempest, earthquake, fire, military, mob violence, act of God or any otheraccident due to resistible forces beyond the control of the Licensee.10) The Licensee shall not make any permanent/temporary structural changes inthe said office without the prior written consent of the Licensor during theperiod of license. It is agreed that the Licensee shall display his name on theexterior of the said office as per the existing rules followed in the said society.11) The Licensee is however permitted to install telephone connection temporarilyduring the period of license. The License shall alone pay all bills and othercharges for the telephone/s as per bill received thereof during the period of thisLicensee and remove the said telephone connection on expiration of this licenseperiod.12) The Licensee shall not do any act or deed which may cause nuisance andannoyance to the Licensor or the occupants of other premises in the building wherein the said office is situated.13) The Licensor shall not be responsible or liable for any theft, loss, damage ordestruction of any property of the Licensee or of any other person lying in thesaid office nor for any bodily injury or harm to any person in the said office fromany cause whatsoever.14) The Licensor shall as member of the society, duly observe and comply with allthe rules, regulations and bye-laws of the society and the Licensee shall also tothe extent applicable to them observe and comply with such rules, regulationsand bye-laws.15)The License hereby granted is for the Licensee and the Licensee shall not assign,transfer or part with the possession of the said office or any portion thereof toany person or party/parties.16) The Licensee shall not at any time put any claim of tenancy or sub-tenancy orany other right or title into or in respect of the said office under any lawpresently in force and any laws which may be enacted hereafter and this 4
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