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Lec22 Physical Quantities

Lec22 Physical Quantities
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  Announcements    The book “A Tour of the Subatomic Zoo” is at the SU Bookstore , not the Orange bookstore. (The SU Bookstore is the one in Schine)   Frontiers of Science Lecture this Thursday at 7:30, Grant Auditorium. (Benefit of the doubt credits!) “ The Elegant Universe ”   Brian Greene, Columbia University   Lectures will be posted in the morning, so feel free to bring a  printed copy with you to class. Sometimes they will be available the night before.   FYI, When printing the PDF file for a lecture, you can print multiple slides to a sheet using the Printer Properties dialog box.  Introduction to Physical Quantities  Scalars Scalar quantities are those which are described solely by their magnitude  Some examples are: Mass e.g. 14 [kg], 36 [lbs], …   Time e.g. 10 seconds, 40 minutes, …   Volume e.g. 1000 cm 3 , 4 litres, 12 gallons Temperature e.g 14 o F , 25 o C, …  Voltage e.g. 9 Volts, etc  Vectors Vector quantities are those which need to be described by BOTH magnitude and direction     Some of the most common examples which we will encounter are: Velocity  e.g. 100 [mi/hr] NORTH Acceleration  e.g. 10 [m/sec 2 ] at 35 o  with respect to EAST Force e.g. 980 [Newtons] straight down (270 o ) Momentum  e.g. 200 [kg m/sec] at 90 o .

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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