Lecture 13 (5) dynamics

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  Kinetics of a Particle (Force and Acceleration) Kinetics of particles Road Map  Newton’s motion law  The equation of Motion x-y coord. n-t coord. r-   coord. Engineering Dynamics  APPLICATIONS The forces acting on the 100-lb boy can be analyzed using the cylindrical coordinate system. If the boy slides down at a constant speed of 2 m/s, can we find the frictional force acting on him? Engineering Dynamics  APPLICATIONS (continued) When an airplane executes the vertical loop shown above, the centrifugal force causes the normal force (apparent weight) on the  pilot to be smaller than his actual weight. If the pilot experiences weightlessness at  A , what is the airplane’s velocity at  A ? Engineering Dynamics  ACCELERATION (POLAR COORDINATES) Chapter 12 After manipulation, the acceleration can be expressed as a   = (r  –   r   2 ) u  r   + (r    + 2r   ) u  θ    .. . .. . . . The magnitude of acceleration is a = (r  –   r   2 ) 2  + (r    + 2r   ) 2 The term (r  –   r   2 )   is the radial acceleration or a r  . The term (r    + 2r   ) is the transverse acceleration or a     .. .. . . . . . .. .. The instantaneous acceleration is defined as: a   = d v  /dt = (d/dt)( r  u  r   + r   u  θ  ) . . r  θ  uu       Engineering Dynamics
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