Lecture 24 Human Reproduction System

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  Chapter 24: Human Reproduction System (Week 25 & 26) 1 PowerPoint  ®   Slides by Ms Lina Tang  Learning Objective (s) ã Understanding mammalian ovary and testis and the process of gametogenesis ã Understanding menstrual cycle and the hormones involved ã Understanding contraception 2  Learning Outcome (s) ã Describe the histology of mammalian ovary and testis and outline the process in gametogenesis ã Explain the role of hormones in maintenance of the human menstrual cycle and link this to the changes in the ovary and uterus during the cycle ã Discuss and evaluate the biological, social and ethical implications of the use of contraception ã Outline the techniques of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) 3  Introduction ã Reproduction system is a system of organs within an organism which work together for the purpose of reproduction ã Non-living substances such as fluids, hormones, pheromones are also important ã Major organs:external genitalia (penis and vulva) and also some internal organs (testiscles and ovaries)
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