Lecture 3 Introduction to Peripheral Devices

Introduction to Peripheral Devices
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  iAcademyiAcadem [Computer Architecture Fundamentals and Concepts] [Computer Architecture and Operating Systems]Lecture [3] [  Introduction to peripheral devices  ] Thislectureanditsassociatedmaterialshavebeenproducedby[BikashBhattaraiandMBA]ofiAcademyforthepurposesoflecturingontheabovedescribedsubjectandthematerialshouldbeviewedinthiscontext.Theworkdoesnotconstituteprofessionaladviceandnowarrantiesaremaderegardingtheinformationpresented.TheAuthorandiAcademydonotacceptanyliabilityfortheconsequencesofanyactiontakenasaresultoftheworkoranyrecommendationsmadeorinferred.PermissiontouseanyofthesematerialsmustbefirstgrantedbyiAcademy.  iAcademyiAcadem Agenda ã Week 3 Lecture Coverage  –  Introduction to peripheral devices  –  Examples of peripheral devices  –  Discussion on I/O interfaces  iAcademyiAcadem Learning Objectives ã On successful completion of this lecture, students will be able to demonstrate:  –  Fundamental concepts of peripheral devices and input/output devices  iAcademyiAcadem Review of Week 2 (1) ã From second week we should have understood:  –  Foundations for computer architectures  –  Digital logics  –  Types of memories  –  Processor organizations
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