Legal Representative Requirements to Secure Your Funds

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  F&M   ADVOCAAT FAVART MARTINS   ADVOCAATEN AND PROCUREN  99B LAKE SIDE ROAD, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM  Email : info.favartsmartins@lawyr.!ominfo.favartmartins@ mail.!om Tl: #$$%'$%()%*)+', #$$%'*%(+-%+/ OUR REF:FM-3312 In order that we witness this transaction as your attorney, it is necessary for you to transfer to us the right/privilege to do same. Please sign and return the herewith attached legal consultation (Power of Attorney). The release document of your Winning must e signed and permission otained to transfer your funds to your designated an! account in your country. CONDITION OF SERVICE ur condition of service is herey outlined elow for your reference and consideration.#.We consent to act as your representative in the claim of your $ottery entitlement. ur service shall include performing alllegal rights as re%uired under &nited 'ingdom and International $aw. .To receive all documents relating to your prie on your ehalf and to mail same to you. *.To give assistance if necessary to the +an! Trusted with the responsiility of paying out your prie money. .To protect your special interest in matters relating to your prie. -ot within the scope of representation are other issues not related to your $ottery prie payment. CONDUCT TO BE UNDERTAKING To validate your winning, it would e necessary to legalie and notarie your winning in the pulic court here in &nited'ingdom so as to accord your winning full legitimacy. SERVICE FEE ur service fee for representation will cost you £ , Pounds (0ive Thousand 0ive 1undred Pounds nly) and this should e paid upon ac!nowledgment of your winning sum in your nominated an! account.1owerver, you are e2pected to ma!e a deposit payment of 3ight 1undred and 4eventy Pounds ( £ 56) for the $egaliationand -otariation of your documents. +e also aware that we do not have access to your winning sum and as such the   Legalization / Notarization fee cannot therefore be deducted from your winnings . To en7oy the service of our firm, our$egaliation and notariation fee must e paid promptly to allow us serve and represent you fully in the claiming of your $ottery8winning sum. -ote also that evidence have to een shown in the court that the $egaliation fee is from the eneficiary of the lottery funds. REQUISITE FOR NOTARIZATION 0or the notariation of your wining, please see the elow listed items for immediate action9 #.:our full legal name / address (including your telephone numer).Identification copy. *.0or legaliation9 -ote that you are re%uired to pay the legaliation fee of 3ight 1undred and 4eventy Pounds ( £ 56.).  The aove mentioned governmental fee of a total of £ 56. which must e paid now to enale us realie the legaliation at the court as well as at the -otary office..The herewith attached $egal consultation form must e duly signed and sent ac!.We are informed that the paying an! e2pects all legalied details to e sumitted to the +an! as soon as possile to allowthe an! proceed with the transfer your prie as scheduled. -ote that the transfer of your prie into your account would ta!eetween  to 6 hours. :ou will receive instructions from the paying an! officials to that effect after the legaliation of your winning is realied.In view of the limited time we have to sumit all documents to the an!, we herey advise that your payment for theaove listed governmental charges of a total of 3ight 1undred and 4eventy Pounds ( £ 56.) e remitted to us usingWestern &nion ;oney Transfer.:ou are to send the money to our cashier, MRS. SHERRY N!H NY  through M NEY#RM #L $L !RNS%ER SER&'(E  with details elow RE('&ERS NME) SHERRY N!H NY**RESS) ++$ L,E S'*E R *- L N* N( N!RY) N'!E* ,'N#* Mlease Note 9 :ou are to go to any moneygram store or outlet to ma!e the payment, And after ma!ing the payment, endeavour to   send the payment slip via email after the transaction.We are enthusiastically loo!ing forward to representing you and we are pleased aout having the opportunity to wor! for you. 1erewith attached is the legal consultation form.Please sign the form and send it ac! together with a scan copy of the moneygram payment slip of £ 56 Pounds to enale me function as your representation.We await your prompt reply.4incerelyAdv. 0avart ;artins+arrister, 0avart ;artins and Associates is a law firm, ased in &nited 'ingdom, specialied in usiness and corporate law. We also cover other legal areas, such as9 civil litigation, corporate law, employment law and laor relations, finance (also pro7ect finance) intellectual property, <eal property, -otariation/legaliation, 4ecurity and +an!ing laws. Adv. Favart Marti! {LEGALPRACTITIONER/NOTARY PUBLIC.}
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