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  ^ Fiedle 5g Prometheus Books 59 John Glenn Drive Amherst, New York 14228-2197  ft ^ PS ft/-  ãT'W * At § &)$£}  <^  To Sally Z Published 1999 by Prometheus Books A New  Fiedler Reader.  Copyright © 1999 by Leslie A. Fiedler. All rights reserved. No part of  this  publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations  embodied  in critical articles and reviews. Inquiries should be addressed to Prometheus Books, 59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, New York 14228-2197. VOICE:  716-691-0133,  ext. 207. j  FAX: 716-564-2711. |  WWW.PROMETHEUSBOOKS.COM j 03 02 01 00 99 5 4 3 2 1 Library of Congress  Cataloging-in-Publication  Data Fiedler, Leslie A. [Selections. 1999] 1  A new Fiedler reader / Leslie  Fiedler, i  p. cm. j ISBN  1-57392-746-5  (pa. : alk. paper) I. Tide. j PS3556.I34A6 1999 99-37952 810.9—dc21 CIP Printed in the United States of America on  acid-free  paper  Acknowledgments i The author wishes to thank the editors and publishers of the following firms and periodicals under whose imprints parts of this book srcinally appeared: From  An End  to  Innocence Come Back to the Raft Ag'in, Huck Honey —originally published in  Partisan Review (June 1948). Montana; or The End  of  Jean-Jacques Rousseau—srcinally published in  Partisan Review (December 1949). Afterthoughts on the Rosenbergs—srcinally published in  Encounter  (October 1953). Roman Holiday From  No In Thunder Archetype and Signature—srcinally published in  The Sewanee Review  (spring 1952). Dante: Green Thoughts in a Green Shade—srcinally published in  The Kenyon Review (spring 1956). In the Beginning Was the Word—originally published in  The Sewanee Review  (summer 1958). From  Love  and  Death in  the  American Novel The Novel  in  America From  Waiting for the End Traitor or Laureate: The Two Trials of the Poet The Death  of  the Old Men From  The Return ofthe Vanishing American The Higher Sentimentality Boxing the Compass From  Being Busted Exhibit A: On Being Busted at Fifty—srcinally published in  The  New York Review of Books  (July 1967). From  To the Gentiles Negro and Jew—srcinally published in  Encounter  (summer 1956). Saul Bellow—srcinally published in  Prairie Schooner  (summer 1957). Vil TL  Vlll A NEW FIEDLER READER Master  of  Dreams: The Jew in a Gentile World—srcinally published in  Partisan Review (summer 1967). From  Unfinished Business An  Almost Imaginary Interview:  Hemingway  in Ketchum—srcinally  published  in  Partisan Review  (summer  1962). The New Mutants—srcinally published in  Partisan Review  (fall  1965). Henry Roths Neglected Masterpiece—srcinally  published  in  Commentary  (August 1960). From  Cross  the  Border — Close the Gap A Night with Mr. Teas—srcinally  published  in  Show  (October 1961). Cross the Border—Close the Gap—originally published in  Playboy  (December 1969). Chutzpah  and Pudeur From  The Stranger in Shakespeare The Passionate Pilgrim From  Fiedler on  the  Roof: Essays  on  Literature  and  Jewish Identity  (Boston, Mass.: D. R. Godine,  1991). In Every Generation: A Meditation on the Two Holocausts—srcinally published in Testimony: Contemporary  Writers  Make the  Holocaust  Personal  (edited by David Rosenberg). The Rebirth of God and the Death of Man—srcinally published in  Salamagundi  (winter 1973). Why Organ Transplants Do Not Succeed—From Younger, Stuart J., et al.  Organ Transplantation: Meaning and Realities.  © 1996 The Park Ridge Center for the Study  of  Health,  Faith, and Ethics. Reprinted by  permission  of the  University  of Wisconsin  Press. Whos the Cowboy? Whos the Indian? The Slowest Gun in the West—from  Bang Bang Shoot Shoot Essays on Guns  and  Popular Culture Introduction to  The  Star  Rover —from Jack London,  The Star Rover  (Amherst, N.Y.: Prometheus Books,  1999). Momotaro, Or The Peachboy: A Japanese Fairly Tate—srcinally  published  in  Gulf Coast, vol. 4, no. 1. The poetry  srcinally appeared  in  Inland,  Olivet  Review, Partisan Review, Poetry,  and  The Stanford Literary Magazine. From  Nude Croquet Nude Croquet—srcinally  published  in  Esquire Nobody Ever Died  from  It—srcinally published in  The Berkley  Book  of  Modern Writing From  The  Last Jew  in America The Last Jew in America—srcinally published in a somewhat  different  form in  Ramparts What Used to Be Called Dead—first published in  The Kenyon  Review —New Series, Winter 1990, vol. 12, no. 1. Contents Acknowledgments Preface to the 1999 Edition Preface vn xi xv NONFICTION Come Back to the Raft Ag'in, Huck Honey 3 Montana; or The End of  Jean-Jacques  Rousseau 13 Archetype and Signature 24 Afterthoughts on the Rosenbergs 44 Roman Holiday 65 Dante: Green Thoughts in a Green Shade 74 Negro and Jew 97 Saul Bellow 108 In the Beginning Was the Word 117 The Novel and  America  131 A  Night  with  Mr. Teas   '  147 An Almost Imaginary Interview: Hemingway in Ketchum 153 Traitor or Laureate: The Two Trials of the Poet 165 The Death of the Old Men 178 The New Mutants 189 Henry Roth's Neglected Masterpiece 211 Master of Dreams: The Jew in a Gentile World 220 The Higher Sentimentality 238 ix
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