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  LESSON PLAN LESSON: Grammar: Past Simple and Present Perfect CLASS: III-2 LEVEL: Pre- Intermediate DATE: 21 April 2011 TIME: 13.50-14.35 LESSON AIMS: Students will be able to understand the main differences between Past Simple and Present Perfect (form and usage); to use their knowledge on these tenses in oral and written language. MATERIALS NEEDED: Snapshot Pre- Intermediate Stuent’s book; Workbook   STAGE TIME ACTIVITY PROCEDURE BEGINNING 5 WARM-UP -   T writes the title on the board and few sentences showing Present Perfect and Past Simple tense. -   T asks Ss to think about the differences and to notice some main points in form and usage of the tenses. PRACTICE 15 WRITING SPEAKING -   Ss will open p.45 in their Stuent’s books an take a look at grammar section. -   T will read the sentences and note what is important to remember -   T writes the form of Present Perfect and past Simple -   Ss copy -   Ss do the task; make a rule about usage of Past Simple and Present Perfect. PRACTICE 10 WRITING SPEAKING -   Ss do the task ; 11 Practice in their Stuent’s books, p.45, complete the conversation putting the verb in brackets in the correct tense. -   Whole class check -   T explains that time adverbials can help us to distinguish between these two tenses. PRACTICE 10 SPEAKING -   Ss do the task, p.45, 12 Over to you Ss will work in pairs and ask each other questions such as Have you seen (the new Nicole Kidman film?) answering with Yes, I have or No, I haven’t.  -   (read all Harry Potter books; travelled in a ship; visited any foreign country, etc.) ENDING 5 SPEAKING -   T asks if there are any questions regarding this lesson.   -   HOMEWORK : Ss will do exercise 7 in their Workbooks, p.30, Past Simple and Present Perfect    BOARD Past Simple & Present Perfect I’ ve worn this shirt every day this week. She spent all of her money in shopping yesterday. PAST SIMPLE S+ V-ed (2 nd  column of irregular verbs) DID + S+ V? S + DID + NOT + V PRESENT PERFECT S+ HAVE/HAS + V (past participle/3 rd  column of irregular verbs) HAVE/HAS + S + V (past participle/3 rd  column of irregular verbs)? S+ HAVE/HAS + NOT + V (past participle or/3 rd  column of irregular verbs) HW: Do the exercise 7 in Workbooks, p.30. Teacher: Mirela Alibegovid  
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