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  S.NOTIMESPECIFICOBJECTIVECONTENTSTEACHINGACTIVITYAV AIDSLEARNINGACTIVITYEVALUATION  1.2. 2MIN20MIN To introduceabout childwelfareagencies.To enlistthe variouswelfareagencies atnational level INTRODUCTION:- Children constitute principle assets of any country.Children’s development is very important for the overalldevelopment of society and the best way to developnational human resources is to tae care of children.India has the largest child population in the world. !llout efforts are being made by the overnment for thedevelopment and welfare of children. NATIONAL AGENCIES FOR THE WELFAREOF CHILDREN:- Nati!a A#$!%i$& '( t)$ *$ 'a($ ' %)i +($! i! I!+iaa($ : #.Indian council for child $elfare. 2.Central %ocial $elfare &oard '.(asturba andhi Memorial Trust ).The Indian *ed Cross %ociety 1. INDIAN COUNCIL FOR CHILD WELFARE : +stablished in #,-2 ICC$ is today the single largestagency in the voluntary sector engaged in promotingdevelopment services for the child. It has 2, state/ unionterritory councils all over the country which in turnhave district councils.  GOALS:- To initiate and undertae services for child welfare anddevelopment in India promote enactment of legislationand reforms for the benefit of children cooperate andcollaborate with governmental non1governmentalnational and international organiations to meet theneeds of children. ACTIVITIES : #.!ssisting the overnment in 3olicy formulation onthe administration of 4uvenile 4ustice 3reventionand combating trafficing and commercial se5uale5ploitation of children and women.2.*unning programmes and activities for children in6ecture6ecture6.C.76.C.786!%9C!*7:.9.36istening;asing<uestion6istening;asing<uestion$hat are thenational agenciesfor the welfare of children=  difficult circumstance lie street children childrenof prostitutes and children from families whose parents are infected by communicable diseases lie9I> / !I7s.'.+nsuring protection and development of childrenand women from significant harm throughinstitutional non1institutional and out1reach programmes.).Co1ordination and networing with allied systemslie 3olice 4udiciary Civil society N :sCorporate sector etc. to ensure protection anddevelopment of children and women who are livingin vulnerable condition.-.*unning and Maintaining of child care institutionslie :bservation 9omes %pecial 9omes %helter 9omes drop in centre?s children?s homes etc.under the provision of 4uvenile 4ustice @Care and3rotection of childrenA !ct 2000 either on its ownor in collaboration with N :s 2. CENTRAL SOCIAL WELFARE BOARD:- The Central %ocial $elfare &oard @C%$&A was set upin #,-' with the obBective of promoting social welfareactivities and implementing welfare programmes for women and children through voluntary organiations. The C%$& within the broad obBective of empoweringwomen and providing for the needs of children isimplementing the following specific programmes/activities.  ACTIVITIES :- #.Condensed Courses of +ducation and >ocationalTraining @CC+;>TA 2.!wareness eneration 3rogramme for *ural and3oor $omen '.%ocio +conomic 3rogramme @%+3A ).%upport %ervices-..>oluntary !ction &ureau and 8amily CounselingCentres @8CC A  .Mahila Mandal 3rogramme D.&alwadi Nutrition 3rogrammeE.$elfare +5tension and the &order !rea 3roBects ,. ASTURBA GANDHI MEMORIAL TRUST :- The (asturba andhi national memorial trust wasestablished in #,)- as a result of the national endeavorled by Mahatma andhi to address the issues of womenin rural India. GOALS:- The (asturba andhi National Memorial Trust helps themost needy women and children of rural India to reachout to T!*! and other members of the trust. ACTIVITIES :- #.>illage %ervice Centres @ ram %eva (endraA2.9ealth Centres @!rogya (endraA'.Children welfare @ &al seva (endraA).Creches @4hulagharA-.&asic %chools @from #st to Eth standardA.9igher %econdry school for irls @(asturba (anya>idya Mandir @&anwasi (anya !shramA .THE INDIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY: 1 %ince its inception in #,20 Indian *ed Cross %ocietyhas been doing commendable wor towards alleviationof human suffering. The Indian *ed Cross %ociety is anational federation of over -0 branches spreadthroughout the country at %tate/Fnion Territory*egional 7istrict and %ub17ivision levels. GOALS :- The *ed Cross &ranches through volunteers and fieldworers provide a disciplined and organied networ of humanitarian service throughout the country. Itcontributes towards the creation of a better societywhere the vulnerable people and communities can lead a
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