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   To,The Editor  Sub: Submission of Manuscript for publicationDear Sir,We intend to publish an article entitled “ ” in your esteemed journal as a Letter to the Editor. On behalf of all the contributors I ill act and !uarantor and ill correspond ith the journal from this point onard. rior publicatioSuppor #onflicts of interes ermissionWe hereby transfer, assi!n, or otherise con$ey all copyri!ht onership, includin! any and all ri!hts incidental thereto, e%clusi$elyto the journal, in the e$ent that such or& is published by the journal. We ould li&e to su!!est folloin! referees for the articleThan&in! you,'ours( sincerely,Si!nature Corresponding contributo: E)mail ) Encl * Three copies of the manuscrip Three copies of the photo!raph+lopp#ontributor(s form si!ned by all the contributor #hec&list #o$erin! Letter   Contributors' form (to be modifed as applicable and one singed copy attached with the manuscript Manuscript Title:  ________________________________________________________________________________I/we certify that I/we have participated suiciently in the intellectual content, conceptionand design of this work or the analysis and interpretation of the data (when applicable), as wellas the writing of the manuscript, to take public responsibility for it and have agreed to havemy/our name listed as a contributor. I/we believe the manuscript represents valid work. eitherthis manuscript nor one with substantially similar content under my/our authorship has beenpublished or is being considered for publication elsewhere, e!cept as described in the coveringletter. I/we certify that all the data collected during the study is presented in this manuscript andno data from the study has been or will be published separately. I/we attest that, if re uested bythe editors, I/we will provide the data/information or will cooperate fully in obtaining andproviding the data/information on which the manuscript is based, for e!amination by the editorsor their assignees. #inancial interests, direct or indirect, that e!ist or may be perceived to e!istfor individual contributors in connection with the content of this paper have been disclosed inthe cover letter. $ources of outside support of the pro%ect are named in the cover letter. I/&e hereby transfer(s), assign(s), or otherwise convey(s) all copyright ownership,including any and all rights incidental thereto, e!clusively to this %ournal, in the event that suchwork is published by this %ournal. 'he %ournal shall own the work, including ) copyright *) theright to grant permission to republish the article in whole or in part, with or without fee +) theright to produce preprints or reprints and translate into languages other than nglish for sale orfree distribution and -) the right to republish the work in a collection of articles in any othermechanical or electronic format. &e give the rights to the corresponding author to make necessary changes as per there uest of the %ournal, do the rest of the correspondence on our behalf and he/she will act as theguarantor for the manuscript on our behalf. ll persons who have made substantial contributions to the work reported in themanuscript, but who are not contributors, are named in the cknowledgment and have givenme/us their written permission to be named. If I/we do not include an cknowledgment thatmeans I/we have not received substantial contributions from noncontributors and nocontributor has been omitted. Name SignatureDate signed  * +  -   Checklist (to be tick marked, as applicable) Manuscript Title __________________________________________________________________________________ Covering letter   $igned by all contributors  0revious publication / presentations mentioned  $ource of funding mentioned  1on2icts of interest disclosed  Authors  3iddle name initials provided   uthor for correspondence, with email address provided  umber of contributors restricted as per the instructions  Identity not revealed in paper e!cept title page (e.g. name of the institute in material andmethods, citing previous study as 4our study5, names on 6gure labels, name of institute inphotographs, etc.) Presentation and format  7ouble spacing  3argins *.8 cm from all four sides  'itle page contains all the desired information  9unning title provided (not more than 8: characters)   bstract page contains the full title of the manuscript   bstract provided (not more than 8: words for case reports and *8: words for srcinal articles)  $tructured abstract provided for an srcinal article  ;ey words provided (three or more)  ;ey messages provided  Introduction of <8:: words  =eadings in title case (not >> 10I'>$, not underlined)  9eferences cited in superscript in the te!t without brackets  9eferences according to the %ournal5s instructions. Language and grammar   ?niformly @ritish nglish   bbreviations spelt out in full for the 6rst time  umerals from  to : spelt out  umerals at the beginning of the sentence spelt out Tables and gures  o repetition of data in tables/graphs and in te!t   ctual numbers from which graphs drawn, provided  #igures necessary and of good uality (colour)  'able and 6gure numbers in rabic letters (not 9oman)  >abels pasted on back of the photographs (no names written)  #igure legends provided (not more than -: words)  0atients5 privacy maintained (if not, written permission enclosed)  1redit note for borrowed 6gures/tables provided #hec&list  Manuscript provided on a !opp with single spacing

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Jul 23, 2017
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