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  A letter of intent (also called memorandum of understanding  or precontract ) is a writtenstatement expressing the intention of the undersigned to enter into a formal agreement, especiallya business arrangement or transaction. Normally, it does not constitute a definitive contract but signifies a genuine interest in reaching the final agreement subject to due diligence, additional information, or fulfillment of certain conditions. The language used in writing a letter of intent is of vital importance, and determines whether it is only an expression of intent or an enforceableundertaing. Also called A  cover letter (also called  letter of motivation ) is a document sent with your resume to provideadditional information on your sills and experience. SAMPLESLetter of intent for Master’s degree !ear ir # $adam,% wish to apply for the $aster&s degree in %nternational 'usiness and ntrepreneurship at theniversity of Anonomity. % am applying for this programme because % believe it to be an idealmatch with my aspirations of pursuing a career within international management consulting andentrepreneurial endeavors. % hold this belief in particular due to the niversity of Anonomity*shands+on learning style, international orientation, high international satisfaction rate and thegood reputation that it enjoys.$y avid interest in entrepreneurship and management originates with my practical wor experience along with woring on various hands+on teamwor projects during my studies, acting both as consultant for !anish companies as well as taing on entrepreneurial endeavors. everalof the projects were highly commended by both lecturers and clients, with two of them receivingthe mar A. %   am currently pursuing a $aster&s degree in technology+based businessdevelopment at Aarhus niversity. This is an interdisciplinary study, combining technology(computer science), business processes, management, and the economics of start+up companies. -n top of my academic achievements % have wored with development of new processes and business initiatives at iemens ind /ower. /resently % am employed as an intern at 0ogica %T1onsulting, where % function in the role of project manager, charged with mareting planning andstrategic proposals for a future business unit. 2urthermore, with reference to my 13, % can statethat % have strong analytical sills and a logical strain of thought, which enables me to 4uiclyanaly5e and solve complex and ambiguous problems.hile my academic bacground provides me with technical and interdisciplinary nowledge fitfor a project manager, it lacs dedicated business and entrepreneurial subjects along with cross+cultural competencies. This % why courses lie %nternational ntrepreneurship 6 %nnovation, theinternational management courses along with the %nternational $anagement olution project fit perfectly with my aspirations. 2urthermore % can personally identify with the programs values,such as personal initiative, responsibility and adapting to your environment, all of which % have  actively cultivated by attending personal development lessons and worshops as well asattending personal coaching sessions.2ollowing the above sentiments % consider my academic and practical achievements to be anattest to my high level of motivation and 4ualifications for becoming a successful graduate of the$aster&s degree in %nternational 'usiness and ntrepreneurship. % base this reflection on mytrac record of successful project wor along with relevant wor experience within businessdevelopment at both 0ogica and iemens.Than you for considering my application. % loo forward to hearing your response. incerely,77 Letter of Intent for Employment 8ane mith999 $aret 0ane Newport, 3irginia ::::: November ;:, ;:<<8ohn !oe, =iring 1oordinator mployment for >ou, %nc.<;?9 oring ay Newport, 3irginia :::::!ear $r. !oe@% am responding to your post in the 3irginia a5ette advertising for a mareting assistant. % aminterested in applying for this position and believe that % would be an asset to your company.After receiving my degree from the niversity of 3irginia, % began woring for =iring Always,1o. as a first level assistant. $y responsibilities included drafting mareting proposals andcreating campaigns for our different customers. Through these interactions, % learned how tomanage my time appropriately and to thin creatively. hile % enjoyed my time at =iringAlways, 1o., % am ready to expand my hori5ons and am ready for the challenge of being your mareting assistant. % would welcome the opportunity to interview with your company and am available at your earliest convenience. % can be reached at (BBB) BBB+BBBB or 8ane. % loo forward to hearing from you.  3ery respectfully,8ane mith Letter of Motivation for Master’s degree !ear ir # $adam,$y name is 7777, an applicant from Domania. At present, % am a final year student at theniversity of Agronomic ciences and 3eterinary $edicine of 'ucharest, the 2aculty of landDeclamation and nvironmental ngineering, and my major is 77777 (0and $easurementand 1adastral urvey # 0and Declamation and Dural !evelopment # nvironmental /rotectionand Agricultural ngineering # 1onstruction $anagement and ngineering). % would lie toapply for the $ c programme in 77777 at your university. $y objective for graduate studies in 1omputer cience is to prepare myself for the long termgoal of pursuing a career of teaching and research. % have nurtured a strong passion to become ascientist and pursue research. %n the pursuit of Enowledge, % have always adopted a rigorousapproach in order to attain an in+depth understanding of the subject at hand. This has amplyreflected in my consistently brilliant career, always topping the class and having receivednumerous national level awards. ith a /A of F.G;, % am raned first at the %%T among nearly?B: students. % have been involved in research in parallel and distributed computing systems. % studied various problems in distributed systems and distributed databases including deadloc detection andresolution, termination detection, distributed snapshots and consistency. % have been attractedtowards the field of correctness of parallel programs. % published a Technical Deport reportingerrors in two published deadloc detection algorithms and highlight their underlying deficiencieswith respect to the distributed nature of computation. % am also involved in the development of an optimi5er generator which would automate the process of writing optimi5ers based on thespecifications of the optimi5ations. % am currently engaged in writing a paper on an efficientalgorithm for performing global data+flow analysis. The new algorithm that % have developedutili5es the notion of bacward information flow to perform propagation using wor+lists in anefficient manner. % have been in correspondence with /rofessor 8.!.llman about my algorithmand other aspects of the problem.% have chosen to pursue graduate studies at tanford niversity because by woring under theguidance of the distinguished researchers % am confident of maing an srcinal contribution inthe field of 1omputer cience. $y interest in research has burgeoned during my undergraduatestudies at %%T. % have excelled in our well+rounded and exacting undergraduate program and havedeveloped a solid bacground to tae up research in 1omputer cience.  % have decided to go in for graduate studies which calls for a personal commitment to thefulfilling craft of independent research and that involves willingly maing personal sacrifices of time, leisure and immediate reward. %n turn % shall get intellectual satisfaction and thegratification of becoming a contributor to nowledge through research and the greater personalrewards of learning and discovery. % believe that % possess the motivation, intellectual ability and preparation to set out on this exhilarating and arduous path and to mae significant srcinalcontributions to your on+going research wor.% loo forward to joining your niversity as a graduate student at your esteemed department.Degards, Letter of motivation for job Despected ir#$adam,%, (>our Name), currently in my first year at (H>I) 1ollege, would lie to apply for a J monthinternship for a post in the mareting department of your reputed company.% am currently pursuing my $asters in $areting and at our college, we understand theimportance of gaining practical nowledge which will complement the textboo nowledge andhelp a student gain a wider perspective of the subjects.!uring this course % have found that % am decently silled in the art of persuasion, as my teachersand my former employer of B years will rightly testify. %*ve had a nac of getting my pointacross very well, communicating with people, understanding their needs and providing themwith a value proposition which is truly hard to refuse. $y sills lie in my ability tocomprehensively read and understand the situation and act 4uicly and yet smartly.'ut of what use is a raw sill, unless it is sharpenedK Therefore, % decided to enroll myself in the prestigious H>I 1ollege to help me understand more about the subject % truly adore, to help meunderstand the mind of the consumer better and to learn some soft sills which have proven to beeffective over many years.0aden with textboo nowledge, % wish to implement the sills that % have learned, in the realworld. hat better way to prove that % have truly been benefited by this education, and what better place to start, than a company as reputed as yoursK o woring for your institution is something % loo forward to very eenly.% have enclosed my resume and cover letter as well.Thaning >ou,7777


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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