Lexical Semantics 1

Lexical Semantics 1
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  LEXICAL SEMANTICS fall  –  winter 2011 - 2012     Approaches to the Study of Word Meaning The Legacy of Historical Semantics   Lecture 1  3 (1) Semiotics - the general theory of signs Syntax - the study of sign-sign relations (distribution) Semantics - the study of sign-object relations (reference) Pragmatics - the study of sign- user relations (2) concept object form (word)  4 (2‟) Proper names  denote / refer to individuals . VPs  denote/ refer to eventualities/events   Sentences  refer to states of affairs  and they can be true or false. (3) He managed to kiss Mary   He kissed Mary. He wished to kiss Mary.  > He kissed Mary. Since my arms are full, will you open the door for me?    My arms are full.
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