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  PROGRAM IJAZAH SARJANA MUDA PERGURUAN (TESL) PENDIDIKAN RENDAHCOURSEWORKPROGRAMME: PISMP (TESL)NAME:COURSE : LGA3033ESEMESTER : 4DATE SET : 22.07.2014DATE DUE : 02.0.2014I.COURSE LEARNING OUTCOME: 1. Classify types of stories.2. Determine unique features of the different types of stories.3. Apply innovative teaching strategies, devices and relevant activities to elicit students’ responses to stories.4. tage a storytelling performance incorporating appropriate elements!techniques of storytelling. . #eflect on one’s o$n strengths and $ea%nesses as a storyteller. &his course $or% evaluates all the aforementioned learning outcomes II.PROJECT O!JECTI ES: 1. 'dentify and classify different types of stories, highlighting specific and unique features.2. Devise innovative activities for selected stories to enhance reader response. 3 Conduct a storytelling session using appropriate techniques.4. (rite a critical reflection on the storytelling session. III.PROJECT (100#) 1  A.TASK 1($): (20#)E%&'$*+, - /* *+ /+/'+/*+, ,+ -$* $,5 */6. )ou are to collect samples of * 5+--,* *8 *8&  suita*le for use in )ear 3. Discuss ho$ the personality traits of t$o main characters in these stories help young learners to cultivate and promote!encourage the theme on /& - 6$,9+,5.TASK 1(): (1;#)D<++, A=*+<+*+ D<+ */ $=*+<+*+  *ased on , *8 *8&  to elicit reader responses from young learners. +ustify ho$ each activity can fulfil the +,*''=*$' 5<'&6,*  of young learners in alaysia. !.TASK 2: (;0#)S*8*''+, )ou are to select any story you thin% is suita*le for a 7 * 10 6+,*  storytelling session $ith )ear 3 young learners. )ou may use any props or aids in your session. )ou should ma%e use of relevant techniques, strategies and craft of storytelling you learnt in this course. C.TASK 3: (1;#)W+**, R-'=*+, (rite an overall reflection on the entire course$or%, +<+, $555 &6+,,= * */ *8*''+, +,.  )ou should also refer to your readings on storytelling in the primary classroom. -2 $ords/. D.A GOOD ASSIGNMENT SHOULD SHOW 1.A clear and critical understanding of the tas%2.0riginality in presentation3.Appropriate language use E.DETAILED RE>UIREMENTS ?OR THE WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT 2  1.Cite the source of the tet and any references you used, using the AA format.2.o duplication of assignments from other course$or% is allo$ed.3.lagiarism is strictly prohi*ited.4.)our $or% must *e type$ritten $ith 1. spacing and font Arial, sie 11. .&he cover page should have the follo$ing information5a.'nstitute*.Course 6 Codec.tudent amed.'nde num*er and 'C num*er e.0ptionf.7ecturer’s name2.)ou should adhere to the deadline. (ithout an approved etension of time, latesu*missions $ill *e dealt $ith severely.3.0n the $hole, the $eightage of the pro8ect is 9. ?.MARKING CRITERIA &he pro8ect $ill *e mar%ed against the mar%ing criteria set for this course$or%. P&$5 8:............................................(CARL MARTIN AL!ERT)LGA3033E C C5+,$* L$,$ D&$*6,*IPGK K,+,$C/=95 8:.......................................................(KAMALADE @ AP P.S.SI AM)TESL SB=* M$** E%&* (SME)L$,$ D&$*6,*IPGK K,+,$ +-+5 8:..................................(HENR@ MANSING)H$5 - D&$*6,*L$,$ D&$*6,*IPGK K,+,$ 3
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