Lime Kilns Zero Draft

Lime Kilns Zero Draft
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    Administrative Staff College of India   Hyderabad   Environmental Guidance Manual Sector: Lime Kilns   Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board Z  er  oDr  af   t   repared by   ====================================================================== Environmental Guidance Manual Sector: Lime Kilns  ======================================================================     RSPCB Lime Kilns ii   Contents   Chapter No. Title Page No. Foreword (To be given later) Acknowledgements (To be given later) Project Team vi List of Annexures vii List of Figures vii About the Manual viii Chapter 1 Introduction 1.0 About Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board 1 1.1   About the Industrial Activity 2 1.2   Classification of Lime Kilns by RSPCB 4 1.3   Types of Kilns used for Lime Manufacturing 5 1.4   Heat Requirement 8 1.5   District Wise Number of Lime Kilns in Rajasthan 8 Chapter 2 Important Definitions of the Environmental Acts 2.0 Important Definitions 9 Chapter 3 Environmental Acts and Legal Requirements 3.0 Legal Requirements - Water Act 11 3.1 Legal Requirements - Air Act 11 3.2 Requirements of Ground Water Extraction 11 3.3 Legal Requirements – HW Rules 12 3.4 Restrictions - Aravalli Range 12 3.5 Restrictions - Mount Abu Eco-Sensitive Zone 14 Chapter 4 Statutory Clearance Process 4.0 Consent To Establish (CTE) 17 4.1 Consent To Operate (CTO) 22 4.2 Hazardous Waste Authorization 23 4.3 Water Cess Assessment 23 Chapter 5 Environmental Aspects and Guidance 5.0 Sources of Emissions 25 5.1 Pollution Control Techniques 26 5.2 Air Pollution Control Systems – A Case Study 27 5.3 In-Plant Control 27 5.4 Environmental Norms 28   iii Lime Kilns RSPCB Chapter 6 Checklist 6.0 Checklist for CTE 29 6.1 Check list for CTO & HWA 31 Annexures 34-63


Jul 23, 2017

Chapter 1

Jul 23, 2017
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