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  Using Lingua Latina!  To use this AWESOME book most efectively, there are a ew things to keep in min, especially as we elve into the !rst hapter# 1) PAY ATTENTION TO ENDINGS $Make sure to pay attention to the iferent enings on wors% changes in enings represent changes in meaning& 2) BE AWARE OF LATIN’S FLEXIBLE WORD ORDER $'atin oes not have a set wor orer, like English oes( )owever, note that the verb is oten at the en o the sentence( 3) CONCENTRATE ON MEANING AND CONTEXT $*ocus on content o passage% on+t translate into English or unerstaning 4) BE PATIENT: KEEP READING $Oten, a sentence is unerstoo only when seen together with other sentences( So, i you on+t unerstan something, keep reaing& 5) ANSWERS OFTEN EXPLAIN QUESTIONS $The tet asks many -uestions that are ollowe by an answer( .t is oten necessary to rea the answer beore you can be -uite sure o the meaning o the -uestion /this will make sense once you start reaing0( ) LOOK TO CONTEXT FOR MEANING $There are plenty o visuals an sie notes to help you etermine the meanings o wors an grammatical constructions( Only reer to other grammar1vocabulary sections as a last resort&  !SYMBOLS $The book uses 2 main symbols in the sie notes to help eplain certainconcepts without using English$use them to your avantage& SYNONYMS # -Two words/expressions that have more or less identical sense $E# mom # mother ANTONYMS -Two words/expressions that have opposite meanings $E# goo ba$ FURT$ER EXPLANATION : -“That is to say…”; provides better explanation for a word or gives meaning for a word in a particular context  $E# goo :  not ba DERI%ED FROM & -Shows that a word derives from another which is already nown $E# gooness &  goo  S'('*+,*- '. G*' '/* M.-' O0' . T/,- C.0(-* *6.7*  L', M-'*(7,) R*8 (*8  (*(* 7'*(,9 6.*(* , '/* ;(*,.0- 9*--.< $This will reresh your memory o what you have alreay learne an prepare you or the net step( S'0= = ,990-'(',.- '/' 66.7;= '/* *> 7'*(,9?  $3emember, their only purpose is to help you unerstan the 'atin you are about to rea( 4o not try to escribe in wors what you see, but note the persons, ob5ects, or actions epicte( $. a 'atin caption goes with the illustration, let your eye go backan orth between the two( .t may help to rea the caption, then close your eyes an imagine the illustration /an vice$versa0( R* '/* *',(* --,+7*' '/(.0+/ 9.0 0',9 =.0 /* -.7* ,* . ,'- +**(9 -*-*? DO NOT '(= '. ;0' = . ,' ,'.E+9,-/<  Try to sense what wors seem to belong together /hint# careul attention to punctuation will help0 an what emphasis to give iniviual wors an phrases( I =.0 (* -'(0++9,+@.' 6.7;(*/*,+: $3ea the passage again, sentence by sentence( . a clear mentalpicture orms as you rea, go on to the net sentence( $*irst consult the margin notes an the contet itsel, remembering that they provie goo clues to the meaning o the wor or phrase which is holing you up( Then rea the 'atin again until a clear an istinct image rises rom the 'atin wors( $. you are satis!e that you have mae your best efort, but the meaning is still unclear, unerline the i6cult part lightly in pencil, an pay particular attention when it is ealt with in class( When the i6culty has been remove, erase the pencil mark( !R*7*7*( '. '69* = ,609',*-  positively  8  . .' * 6.'** >,'/ ,90(*<< 
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