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Project Creator is unable or unwilling to fulfill the reward.
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  Link* Wallet (formerly Ping* Wallet)References to Ping* Wallet and Link* Wallet may be interchanged in this document,they are the same. This is my formal request of a refund er !ickstarter s Terms of #se $ . The kickstarter ro%ect Ping* Wallet &  is unable to ful'll the reards for backers. They also do not sho good faith in attemting to ful'll each reard by the initial estimated deliery dates nor hae they been able to ith ro%ected deliery dates. 1. & +e &$, -ain age   , ledges, all listed items/stimated deliery 0ec &$+his anyhere in the orld 2. & +e &$, -ain age   , bottom, 1Risks and 2hallenges314We hae erfected the design of the rototyes and are hard at ork 'nishing the a. 43 3. &5 6ct &$, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet3178rning, e are on track for all certi'cation and e ill hae a more isual manualfor our international backers.3 17Ra%esh! e are in the mass roduction stage no. /erything should be deliered no later then 0ecember $9th.3 4. : 0ec &$, #date ;< =  , >ideo, 1We did it3+econds ?$ 14We are hay to say the allets are ready to be shied. We are aiting for certi'cations to 'nali@e the a. 43 5. $A 0ec &$, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet31Bey guys, eCre hoing to start shiing this eek for the holidays.3 6. &A 0ec &$, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317D82!/R+, ET W8+ EF 6#R EFT/FTE6F+ T6 B8>/ TB/ W8LL/T+ 0/LE>/R/0 DG /8RLG 0/2/-D/R, D#T T6 F6 H8#LT 6H 6#R 6WF, W/ B8>/ R/2/E>/0 +6-/ 0/L8G+. TB/ 28R0+ W/R/ +/FT EF I660 H8ETBJ ET+ P#RP6+/ W8+ T6 +B6W G6#  TB8T W/ B8>/ F6T H6RI6TT/F 8D6#T G6#R 6R0/R+. W/ 8P6L6IEK/ H6R 8FG EF26F>EFE/F2/ TB8T G6# B8>/ /P/RE/F2/0. W/ B6P/ G6# 822/PT 6#R +EF2/R/ 8P6L6IE/+. -8G G6# B8>/ 8 W6F0/RH#L B6LE08G +/8+6F WETB G6#R L6>/ 6F/+. W/ 8R/ 0/0E28T/0 T6 P#T H6RTB TB/ D/+T PR60#2T. W/ TB8F!  G6# H6R G6#R P8TE/F2/.3Ping* Wallet misdirected backers, until this oint the imression as only the a needed ork.  7. 5 Man &$=, #date ;5 9  , >ideo, 1We oe you an aology3+econds &?&& 14The allets are ready, so e are %ust aiting for those aroals. 43 8. & Man &$=, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet3 1Bello backers Boe all is ell. 6nce again e ould like to thank you for your suort and atience. We ant you to kno, our daily goal is to hae the allet deliered to you are your loed ones. Et is ith great %oy to announce that e are on tract to start deliery by Hebruary. Thank youN3 9.  Heb &$=, #date ;$ A  , 1+hiing start this month3 The title of the udate states shiing startOs this month. Pictures of un'nished roduct as shon. 10. &= Heb &$=, #date ;$$ :  , 16ur aology.314e ere in 2hina getting things ready to start shiing soon43 11. &= Heb &$=, #date ;$$ 2omments <  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317Richard, WeCll start shiing as soon as e receie the freight.317Ross, Dy the end of this eek or so.3 Q -ade in resonse to backerDacker s uestion, #date ;$$ 2omments < , Dacker 1Ross Oremoed31When ill you receie the freightS3 12. $ -ar &$=, *backer only* #date ;$& 5  , >ideo, 1>ideo udate3+econds &?&< 14The a is 'nished. Et ill be aailable on the as store on the 8ndroid market lace soon. 43+econds ==?9 14 Iuys e don t ant to send you guys a allet that s half done. We ant to make sure Othat eerything orks, e hae to make sure eerything s done43+ee item :, the allets ere ready. Dad testingS Dack to the draing board & months later. 6nly the a as bad until this. 13. $$ -ar &$=, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317Dackers, We can assure you eeryone ill receie their allets. there is nothing more that e ant is for you guys to receie those allets. We understand your frustration but eery single one of you guys ill receie your allet soon.3 14. & -ar &$=, *backer only* #date ;$A $  , 8-8 >ideo, 1Gesterday 8-8 ideo3 [Will review video at later date] 15.  8r &$=, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317Iary eerything is still on trackN3  16. &= 8r &$=, *backer only* #date ;$: $$  , 18ndroid s E6+314WeCre almost ready to shi43 17. &= 8r &$=, *backer only* #date;$: 2omments $&  , Page =, 2reator 1Ping Wallet314-anufacture is raing u4314Ef e gie an eact date that ould be a lie, but eCll hae a more accurate date by the end of this eek after e get an udate from the manufacture on Hriday.3 18. : -ay &$=, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317Mohn, soon ery soon3 Q -ade in resonse to backerDacker s uestion, -ain age comments & , Dacker 1Mohn Oremoed31When are you looking to shiS3 19. < -ay &$=, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317Rayn and backers, We can assure you this minor delay onCt be long but necessary.3 20. 5 -ay &$=, #date ;$< $  , >ideo, 1Fe #date3+econds $?9 1Bello guys, as romised, manufacturing is comleted since the end of last month. 43+econds A=?A< 14Dut eerything else is done. -anufacturing is done. 43 The battery drains too fast, roduct is not ready to shi. Wallet is broke again. 21. 5 -ay &$=, #date ;$< 2omments $=  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet3172orey, it hasnCt been a year or een si months and it onCt be.3 Q -ade in resonse to backerDacker s uestion, #date ;$< 2omments $= , Dacker 12orey Oremoed314E as umed to get this allet like a year ago, no E %ust onder if ECm going to get anything at all.32urrent ro%ected deliery is before 2hristmas. Et s been oer a year since backing. 22. $ -ay &$=, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317Dackers, e ant our net udate to be our last, before e start shiing.317Dackers, eery allets ill be delier soon.3 23. $= -ay &$=, -ain age comments &  , Dacker 1-ike Oremoed31Hrom the H8 sectionEs a creator legally obligated to ful'll the romises of their ro%ectS   Ges. !ickstarterCs Terms of #se require creators to ful'll all reards of their ro%ect orrefund any backer hose reard they do not or cannot ful'll. This information can sere as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesnCt ful'll their romises. We hoe that backers ill consider using this roision only in cases here they feel that a creator has not made a good faith eUort to comlete the ro%ect and ful'll. TimeCs u guys.3 24. $9 -ay &$=, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317-ike, agreed.3 Q in resonse to backer item & They agreed that time is u, and the backers are entitled to a refund. 25. $5 -ay &$=, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317Dackers, We hae shon the allets many times on most of our udates but all of our backers ill be ery hay soon and thank you for those ho understood erfection oer a little delay.3 26. $ Mun &$=, #date ;$5 $9  , 10eliery udate314We hae been orking non?sto around the clock to orkout any ossible kinks and begin disatching our 'rst shiment. Wallets are eected to be deliered by  Muly. 43 27. 5 Mul &$=, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317backers, WeCre rearing the shiments no, WeCll email eeryone ith a tracking number soon and an udate to donload the Link a3 28. = +e &$=, *backer only* #date ;& $A  , 1+oon36nce again, as in item 5, the title suggests they are shiing soon.1Iuys, /eryone ill receie their allet soon.3 29. = +e &$=, *backer only* #date;& 2omments $:  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet3170yllon, We donCt ant to gie you guys any false date but ECll say no later than 6ctober.317William, We anted to make one 'nal udate ith deliery info for eeryone, We doing our best to make sure eeryone receie a near erfect allet.3 30. = +e &$=, -ain age comments &  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet317Dackers, We anted to make one last udate before e start shiing, eeryoneCs going to receie their allet soon.317!eith, /eryone should receie their allet no later than the end of 6ctober3 31. 9 +e &$=, #date ;&& 2omments $<  , 2reator 1Ping Wallet31/ery allet ill shi before or by holiday of this year.3
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