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Links to Other Websites for Linguistics, Phonetics, Speech & Hearing The IPA does not guarantee the maintenance or validity of these sites, but provides the links as a general service to the Phonetics community. The IPA is grateful to Karen Steffen Chung, National Taiwan University, and Ninik Poedjianto, University of Glasgow, who compiled many of these links and added their comments. Linguistics | Phonetics, Speech & Hearing | Speech Synthesis | Automatic Translation | More Lists of Ph
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  Links to Other Websites for Linguistics, Phonetics, Speech & Hearing The IPA does not guarantee the maintenance or validity of these sites, but provides the links as a general service to the Phonetics community. The IPA is grateful to Karen Steffen Chung, National Taiwan University, and Ninik Poedjianto, University of Glasgow, who compiled many of these links and added their comments. Linguistics | Phonetics, Speech & Hearing | Speech Synthesis | Automatic Translation | More Lists of Phonetics Links | Videos  I. Linguistics      Corpus Linguistics - at the University of Birmingham    Encyclopedia of Language & Linguistics (2nd Ed. 2006): contents listings, contributors, abstracts, etc.    Inventory of Internet Resources in Phonetics - from the SOCRATES Thematic Network in Phonetics and Speech Communication    Kinship and Social Organization - Department of Anthropology, University of Manitoba.    Linguistics List - comprehensive lists of links from eastern Michigan University.    Linguistics Links - from Links-to-Go.    Linguistics and Phonetics - at the University of Leeds.    List of Language Lists - computer email discussion lists for individual languages.    Summer Institute of Linguistics - a very comprehensive site for linguistic resources.    UCL Phonetics and Linguistics Page  II. Phonetics, Speech & Hearing      A Course in Phonetics: Vowels and Consonants - web supplements for Peter Ladefoged's  A Course in Phonetics      Electropalatography     Internet Institute for Speech and Hearing - at the University College London    Linguistic Society of America     Linguistics and Phonetics - at the University of Leeds.    OnlinePhonetics Course - from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland    Phonological Atlas of North America - the Telsur Project at the Linguistics Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania.    QMUC's Speech Production Laboratory     Studying Phonetics on the Net - via Washington University    Studies on Speech Analysis, Acoustic Phonetics and Intonation - by Pitch Instruments Inc.    Summer Institute of Linguistics     UCL Phonetics and Linguistics Page  Go to top      Anatomy of the vocal tract - from the University of Manitoba    Speech organs - from the University of Oxford. Great graphics; includes downloadable QuickTime movie of x-ray speech)    X-Ray film database for speech research - from Queen's University, Kingston, Canada. Amazing x-ray videos of people talking.     Sound patterns in Human Language: phonation - five still photos of vocal cords in action    A slow-motion animation of the vocal folds vibrating during speech - from UCLA    Epiglottis in motion/pharyngeal stops - from the University of Victoria    Examining the Larynx - from the Voice Center at Eastern Virginia Medical School    Methods of examining larynx - from the University of Stuttgart. Vocal cords in motion    The distinctive vowel sounds of British and American English - from the University of Washington (click to hear the sounds)    Respiration and airstream mechanisms - from the University of Oxford    SIPhTrA voicing basics tutorial - from System for Interactive Phonetics Training and Assessment (SIPhTra) project, UCL.    SIPhTra Plosives 1: basics tutorial    SIPhTra Plosives 2: Voicing onset time and aspiration tutorial    Stress system database - from the University of Oxford. Information on the patterns of primary (word) stress in some 190 languages.    Intro to prosody: chunking, focus, pitch (tutorial) - from Prosody on the Web by the SIPhTrA project    Coarticulation - from SWPhonetics    Sound machines: Vowel Machine, Transcriber, VDIA (practice in recognising vowel sounds), TONI (recognise English nuclear tones) and PLATO (highlight the tonic syllable) Go to top      Speech Internet Dictionary - from UCL. Definitions of technical terms used in phonetics, phonology, speech and hearing science and allied disciplines.    Sound waves - from the University of Manitoba    Department of Speech, Music and Hearing at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden    Real time spectrogram - from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. (online spectrogram includes link to required Snack 16 plug-in)    Spectrogram reading - (in German) from the Institut für Phonetik und Sprachliche Kommunikation, Universität München    The vOICe Sonification Applet - from the Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven, The Netherlands    Sound to Graph to Sound with JavOICe - Spectrogram version of preceding site    Airstream Mechanisms and Phonation Types - Ladefoged's clicks, ejectives, etc. in many languages    Airstream mechanisms - from Northwestern University    Types of phonation: creaky, breathy, harsh, falsetto - from the University of Stuttgart    Gas-altered perceived voice pitch: o   Helium Voice - from Ask Yahoo (linked to sound file with poor audio quality, but someone may ask about the 'Donald Duck' effect of helium) o   Sulfur Hexafluoride Voice - from the University of Maryland Go to top      Bucknell University (PA): Links to pages on lots of linguistics-related topics o   Linguistics 110  o   Consonant exercises  o   Vowel exercises  o   VowelsConsonants - Clickable phonemes in a cross-section of the head - linked to from site #1; requires Shockwave; these two take a while to load, especially the consonants.     Acoustic cues in differentiating phonemes - from UCL. Isolating acoustic cues in phoneme recognition; descriptions, sound files; good companion to chapter 11 of Fry (see (6)).    Simplified Vowel Synthesis Interface - from the University of Delaware. Synthesize non-nasalized monopthongal English vowels using the Klatt synthesizer. Set F0, F1, F2, and duration in ms yourself, and see what you come up with. Links to more complex CV synthesis and general synthesis interfaces.    Zona Land - by Ed Zobel. Excellent interactive tutorials on the physics of waves (with links to other physics topics); I find them to be well-matched companions to D. B. Fry's The Physics of Speech (Cambridge). Example of things you can do at this site: draw two waves yourself then watch how they interfere with each other. VRML plug-in required for some parts. Highly recommended.    The Physics Classroom: Sound Waves and Music - from Glenbrook South High School. A good physics tutorial site with units on waves and decibels; this has dense and very instructive explanatory texts, along with animated graphics.    Standing Waves and Sound - from Concordia College. Samples of some audible frequencies (100 to 5,000 Hz), along with other information on waves.    Understanding decibels - from the Handbook for Acoustic Ecology  , Cambridge Street Publishing, 1999. Web version from Simon Fraser University. Technical but clear and potentially useful. With sound files.    Sound Pressure Levels - from Decibel level list Go to top   Speech Synthesis      The Pattern Playback (Haskins Laboratories)     Current speech synthesis from Haskins     Articulatory Synthesis at Haskins     SineWave Synthesis at Haskins     Bell Laboratories (Lucent Technologies)     YorkTalk  Automatic Translation      BabelFish - machine translation by AltaVista.    The Dialect Translator - a not too serious translator from English into various American dialects    InterTran (tm) - Internet Translator, is a free web translation service that can translate single words, phrases, sentences and web pages.    Natural Language Software Registry  III.More Lists Of Phonetics Links      Articulatory Database Registry     Linguistics and Phonetics Worldwide (Stuttgart)    Link list of phonetics, speech and acoustics (Helsinki)    Speech research (UCSC) IV.Videos      Speech Research - Videos available from the Acoustical Society of America.
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