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  Copyright 2010, 2012, 2014 Adobe Systems Incorporated (, with!eser ed #ont $ame %So&rce%. A'' !ights !eser ed. So&rce is a trademar o) Adobe Systems Incorporated in the *nited States and/or other co&ntries.+his #ont So)tware is 'icensed &nder the SI -pen #ont icense, ersion 1.1.+his 'icense is copied be'ow, and is a'so a ai'ab'e with a #A at:'.org/-#SI -$ #-$+ IC$S ersion 1.1  23 #ebr&ary 200!A56+he goa's o) the -pen #ont icense (-# are to stim&'ate wor'dwidede e'opment o) co''aborati e )ont pro7ects, to s&pport the )ont creatione))orts o) academic and 'ing&istic comm&nities, and to pro ide a )ree andopen )ramewor in which )onts may be shared and impro ed in partnershipwith others.+he -# a''ows the 'icensed )onts to be &sed, st&died, modi)ied andredistrib&ted )ree'y as 'ong as they are not so'd by themse' es. +he)onts, inc'&ding any deri ati e wors, can be b&nd'ed, embedded, redistrib&ted and/or so'd with any so)tware pro ided that any reser ednames are not &sed by deri ati e wors. +he )onts and deri ati es,howe er, cannot be re'eased &nder any other type o) 'icense. +here8&irement )or )onts to remain &nder this 'icense does not app'yto any doc&ment created &sing the )onts or their deri ati es.9#I$I+I-$S#ont So)tware re)ers to the set o) )i'es re'eased by the Copyright;o'der(s &nder this 'icense and c'ear'y mared as s&ch. +his mayinc'&de so&rce )i'es, b&i'd scripts and doc&mentation.!eser ed #ont $ame re)ers to any names speci)ied as s&ch a)ter thecopyright statement(s.-rigina' ersion re)ers to the co''ection o) #ont So)tware components asdistrib&ted by the Copyright ;o'der(s.5odi)ied ersion re)ers to any deri ati e made by adding to, de'eting,or s&bstit&ting  in part or in who'e  any o) the components o) the-rigina' ersion, by changing )ormats or by porting the #ont So)tware to anew en ironment.A&thor re)ers to any designer, engineer, programmer, technica'writer or other person who contrib&ted to the #ont So)tware.!5ISSI-$ < C-$9I+I-$Sermission is hereby granted, )ree o) charge, to any person obtaininga copy o) the #ont So)tware, to &se, st&dy, copy, merge, embed, modi)y,redistrib&te, and se'' modi)ied and &nmodi)ied copies o) the #ontSo)tware, s&b7ect to the )o''owing conditions:1 $either the #ont So)tware nor any o) its indi id&a' components,in -rigina' or 5odi)ied ersions, may be so'd by itse').2 -rigina' or 5odi)ied ersions o) the #ont So)tware may be b&nd'ed,  redistrib&ted and/or so'd with any so)tware, pro ided that each copycontains the abo e copyright notice and this 'icense. +hese can beinc'&ded either as standa'one te=t )i'es, h&manreadab'e headers orin the appropriate machinereadab'e metadata )ie'ds within te=t orbinary )i'es as 'ong as those )ie'ds can be easi'y iewed by the &ser.> $o 5odi)ied ersion o) the #ont So)tware may &se the !eser ed #ont$ame(s &n'ess e=p'icit written permission is granted by the correspondingCopyright ;o'der. +his restriction on'y app'ies to the primary )ont name aspresented to the &sers.4 +he name(s o) the Copyright ;o'der(s or the A&thor(s o) the #ontSo)tware sha'' not be &sed to promote, endorse or ad ertise any5odi)ied ersion, e=cept to acnow'edge the contrib&tion(s o) theCopyright ;o'der(s and the A&thor(s or with their e=p'icit writtenpermission.? +he #ont So)tware, modi)ied or &nmodi)ied, in part or in who'e,m&st be distrib&ted entire'y &nder this 'icense, and m&st not bedistrib&ted &nder any other 'icense. +he re8&irement )or )onts toremain &nder this 'icense does not app'y to any doc&ment created&sing the #ont So)tware.+!5I$A+I-$+his 'icense becomes n&'' and oid i) any o) the abo e conditions arenot met.9ISCAI5!+; #-$+ S-#+@A! IS !-I99 AS IS, @I+;-*+ @A!!A$+ -# A$ BI$9,!SS -! I5I9, I$C*9I$D 6*+ $-+ I5I+9 +- A$ @A!!A$+IS -#5!C;A$+A6II+, #I+$SS #-! A A!+IC*A! *!-S A$9 $-$I$#!I$D5$+-# C-!ID;+, A+$+, +!A95A!B, -! -+;! !ID;+. I$ $- $+ S;A +;C-!ID;+ ;-9! 6 IA6 #-! A$ CAI5, 9A5ADS -! -+;! IA6II+,I$C*9I$D A$ D$!A, SCIA, I$9I!C+, I$CI9$+A, -! C-$S*$+IA9A5ADS, @;+;! I$ A$ AC+I-$ -# C-$+!AC+, +-!+ -! -+;!@IS, A!ISI$D#!-5, -*+ -# +; *S -! I$A6II+ +- *S +; #-$+ S-#+@A! -! #!-5-+;! 9AI$DS I$ +; #-$+ S-#+@A!.
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