Liquid Stabilization

Liquid stabilzation
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    SITP / O & G   Ono   SLIDE 1 Liquid Stabilization      Stabilization.  Removal of Gaseous Components of Liquefied Process Fluid.  Done by Stripping or Heating.  Produces Stable Liquid  To Satisfy Gas Line Transport Specification  To Meet Storage Temperature Requirement  To Obtain Additional Revenue .  Product Vapour Pressure Must NOT be Greater than the Storage Pressure at the Maximum Storage Temperature Liquid TVP = C . RVP  TVP is a Function of Composition so   Below is Approximation    SITP / O & G   Ono   SLIDE 2 Fractionation    Recovery of Max. HC Liquid Stable Under Storage Condition with Minimum Vol. Of Solution Vapour Removed  This is Achieved by Fractionation     Separation of Raw HC Liquid into its Components in Series of Columns or Towers.  Bottom Component is C5+ (Natural Gasoline)   Stabilizer      SITP / O & G   Ono   SLIDE 3 Liquid Stabilization Unit with LTS         SITP / O & G   Ono   SLIDE 4 Refrigeration Applications    Refrigeration Applications.  Propane Liquefaction.  NGL.  LNG.  Recovery of Liquid from Stock Tank Vapour.  Low-Temperature Separation.  Well Stream Must be Rich of Hydrocarbons.  Note that a Btu of Heat Subtracted From a System by Refrigeration Requires More Work to Achieve than a Btu Supplied To System by Heating.  Refrigeration Systems Must be Totally and Carefully Insulated.
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