List of Key Traits of a CEO

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  List of key traits of a CEO:1.Ability to focus on the vision and to communicate that vision to stakeholders.2.Awareness of operational details however not involved with them.!.On top of industry trends an avid reader.#.$ires stron% mana%ement teams and supports their decisions.&.'eets with customers and can articulate customer needs challen%es and business %oals. 1. Having a Vision (ein% at the top of the pyramid a %reat CEO must be able to clearly communicate the vision of the company in order to inspire staff investors and customers. As the company fla%  bearer all eyes turn to the CEO for direction and e)ample. 2. Macro Management  *hile it is key for the CEO to understand the every day activities of the or%ani+ation and how all the parts fit to%ether to move the company forward the best CEOs do not %et dra%%ed into the seductive lure of micro mana%in% %ranular details. ,nstead they maintain a hi%hly trained mana%ement team that is fully capable of handlin% these tasks.-his enables the CEO to remain focused on the primary duties of increasin% revenues and meetin% the %oals identified in the vision. 3. Leveraging Industry Trends tayin% on top of industry trends throu%h readin% attendin% conferences and /oinin% trade associations is essential for CEOs to ensure that the direction and vision for the company is on course. -he ability to see into the future is invaluable for steerin% clear of potential threats and capitali+in% on future opportunities.-his is especially important in the constantly evolvin% technolo%y industry where the CEO needs to determine which chan%es will have lon% term impact and which are merely fads  with little real value. 4. Develop a Foundation o !trengt 0o company or CEO is successful without a stron% mana%ement team. Each member must  be a leader that knows and is accountable for his or her /ob responsibilities and does not try to do the work of other team members.  3uality mana%ers in turn know how to mentor and acknowled%e the accomplishments of their own staffs in order to keep them motivated involved and on track to meet the business%oals of the company. #. $ustomer%s are at t e $ore uccessful CEOs look beyond their raw technolo%y and focus on findin% ways to help customers solve their problems. -hey describe their products in terms of how they address the needs and challen%es of their customer4s instead of listin% product capabilities.5reat CEOs use their own customers4 words and verbia%e. -hrou%h weekly meetin%s with customers CEOs have an endless supply of anecdotal situations to share with stakeholders that help create a better product and a more thorou%h understandin% of the customer re6uirements for a successful business relationship.


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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