Literatur A

LITERATURA 1. Torroni A, Achilli A, Macaulay V, Richards M, Bandelt HJ. Harvesting the fruit of the human mtDNA tree. Trends Genet 2006;22(6):339-45. 2. Lissau I, Overpeck MD, Ruan WJ, Due P, Holstein BE, Hediger ML. Body mass index and overweight in adolescents in 13 European countries, Israel, and the United States. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2004;158:27–33. 3. Spurgeon D. Childhood obesity in Canada has tripled in past 20 years. BMJ 2002; 324:1416. 4. Wang Y, Monteiro C, Popkin BM. Trends of ob
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  LITERATURA 1.Torroni A, Achilli A, Macaulay V, Richards M, Bandelt HJ. Harvesting the fruit of thehuman mtDA tree. Trends !enet ##$% &$'())*+-. .issau /, 0verec2 MD, Ruan 3J, Due 4, Holstein B5, Hediger M. Body mass inde6and over7eight in adolescents in 1) 5uroean countries, /srael, and the 8nited 9tates.Arch 4ediatr Adolesc Med ##%1-:( ;<)).).9urgeon D. =hildhood o>esity in =anada has triled in ast # years. BMJ ## %) (11$..3ang ?, Monteiro =, 4o2in BM. Trends of o>esity and under7eight in older childrenand adolescents in the 8nited 9tates, Bra@il, =hina, and Russia. Am J =lin utr  ## %;-&$'(*;1<*;;.-.alies H, en@ J, von ries R. 4revalence of over7eight and o>esity and trends in >odymass inde6 in !erman re+school children, 1*: <*;. /nt J 0>es Relat Meta> Disord ## % $&*'(1 11<1 1;.$.Rocchini A4. =hildhood o>esity and a dia>etes eidemic.  5ngl J Med ## %)$(:-< :--.;.MR9, /straCivane @dravla stanovni2a Reu>li2e 9r>ie ##$. godine Einalni i@veFta.Ministarstvo @dravla Reu>li2e 9r>ie% ##;.:.=reso =J, 9mit 5, Troiano R4, Bartlett 9J, Macera =A, Andersen R5. Television7atching, energy inta2e, and o>esity in 89 children( results from the third ationalHealth and utrition 56amination 9urvey, 1*::+1**. Archives of 4ediatrics GAdolescent Medicine ##1%1--&)'()$#+)$-.*.9tettler , 9igner TM, 9uter 4M. 5lectronic games and environmental factors associated7ith childhood o>esity in 97it@erland. 0>esity Research ##%1 &$'%:*$+*#).1#.Te Velde 9J, De Bourdeaudhui /, Thorsdottir /, Rasmussen M, Hagstrmer M, le /,Brug J. 4atterns in sedentary and e6ercise >ehaviors and associations 7ith over7eight in*+1+year+old >oys and girls++a cross+sectional study. BM= 4u>lic Health ##;%)1&1'%;(1$.11.Marshall 9J, Biddle 9J, !orely T, =ameron , Murdey /. Relationshis >et7een mediause, >ody fatness and hysical activity in children and youth( a meta+analysis. /nt J 0>esRelat Meta> Disord ##% :&1#'(1 ):+$.1 .Ro>inson T. Reducing childrenIs television vie7ing to revent o>esity( a randomi@edcontrolled trial. JAMA 1***% ;( : &1$'(1-$1+;. 1).1.ev+Ran A. Human o>esity( an evolutionary aroach to understanding our >ulging7aistline. Dia>etes Meta> Res Rev ##1%1;&-'();+$ .1-.o>stein T, Baur , 8auy R% /A90 /nternational 0>esity Tas2Eorce. 0>esity in childrenand young eole( a crisis in u>lic health. 0>es Rev ##%&- 9ul 1'(+1#. 1$.MR9, /straCivane @dravla stanovni2a Reu>li2e 9r>ie ##$. godine Einalni i@veFta.Ministarstvo @dravla Reu>li2e 9r>ie% ##;.1;.Milanovi /, Radisavlevi+Jani 9, Mir2ov D, Kiv2ovi M. 4revalance of over7eight ando>esity achildren from ur>an and rural areas in Belgrade. $th =onference for ?outh 9ort.Bled( #1 .  1:.=asersen =J, 4o7ell 5, =hristenson !M. 4hysical activity, e6ercise, and hysicalfitness( definitions and distinctions for health+related research. 4u>lic Health Re 1*:-%Mar+Ar%1##& '(1 $+)1.1*.4arfitt !, 5ston R!. The relationshi >et7een childrenIs ha>itual activity level and sychological 7ell+>eing. Acta 4aediatr ##-%Dec%*&1 '(1;*1+;. #.Jago R, Anderson =B, Barano7s2i T, 3atson . Adolescent atterns of hysical activitydifferences >y gender, day, and time of day. Am J 4rev Med ##-%Jun% :&-'(;+- . 1.Jago R, 4age A, Ero>erg , 9ardinha B, lasson+Hegge>L , Andersen B. 9creen+vie7ing and the home TV environment( the 5uroean ?outh Heart 9tudy. 4rev Med ##:%ov%;&-'(- -+*. .Riddoch =J, Mattoc2s =, Deere , 9aunders J, ir2>y J, Tilling , eary 9D, Blair 9, ess AR. 0>ective measurement of levels and atterns of hysical activity. Arch Dis=hild ##;%ov%* &11'(*$)+*. ).52elund 8, Aman J, ?ngve A, Renman =, 3esterter , 9strm M.4hysical activity >ut not energy e6enditure is reduced in o>ese adolescents( a case+control study. Am J=lin utr ## %ov%;$&-'(*)-+1. .Trost 9!, err M, 3ard D9, 4ate RR. 4hysical activity and determinants of hysicalactivity in o>ese and non+o>ese children 4hysical activity and determinants of hysicalactivity in o>ese and non+o>ese children. /nt J 0>es Relat Meta> Disord ##1%Jun% -&$'(: +*. -.52elund 8, 4oortvliet 5, ilsson A, ?ngve A, Holm>erg A, 9strm M. 4hysical activityin relation to aero>ic fitness and >ody fat in 1+ to 1-+year+old >oys and girls. 5ur J Al4hysiol ##1%Aug%:-&)+'(1*-+ #1. $.Treuth M9, Hou , ?oung DR, Maynard M. Accelerometry+measured activity or sedentary time and over7eight in rural >oys and girls. 0>es Res ##-%9e%1)&*'(1$#$+1. ;.Van 9luis 5M, McMinn AM, !riffin 9J. 5ffectiveness of interventions to romote hysical activity in children and adolescents( systematic revie7 of controlled trials. BMJ ##;%0ct%$())-&;$ '(;#). :.=ole TJ, Belli@@i M=, Elegal M, Diet@ 3H. 5sta>lishing a standard definition for childover7eight and o>esity 7orld7ide( international survey. BMJ ###%May%) #&; '(1 #+). *.=ala>ro MA, 3el2 !J, 5isenmann J=. Validation of the 9ense3ear 4ro Arm>andalgorithms in children. Med 9ci 9orts 56erc ##*%9e%1&*'(1;1+ #.)#.Mealey A. Validation of the BodyMedia 9ense3ear 4ro Arm>and to 5stimate 5nergy56enditure in 9everely 0ver7eight =hildren during Various Modes of Activity. NthesisO.8niversity of 4itts>urgh, 4itts>urgh, 4A% ##:.)1.Arvidsson D, 9linde E, HulthPn . Eree+living energy e6enditure in children using multi+sensor activity monitors. =lin utr ##*%Jun% :&)'()#-+1 .) .Eruin M, Ran2in J3. Validity of a multi+sensor arm>and in estimating rest and e6erciseenergy e6enditure. Med 9ci 9orts 56erc ##%Jun%)$&$'(1#$)+*. )).Arvidsson D, 9linde E, arsson 9, HulthPn . 5nergy cost of hysical activities inchildren( validation of 9ense3ear Arm>and. Med 9ci 9orts 56erc ##;%ov%)*&11'( #;$+:.).Denc2er M, Thorsson 0, arlsson M, indPn =, 9vensson J, 3ollmer 4, Andersen B.Daily hysical activity in 97edish children aged :+11 years. 9cand J Med 9ci 9orts ##$%Aug%1$&'( - +;.  )-.Riddoch =J, Bo Andersen , 3edder2o , Harro M, lasson+Hegge>L , 9ardinhaB, =ooer AR, 52elund 8. 4hysical activity levels and atterns of *+ and 1-+yr+old5uroean children. Med 9ci 9orts 56erc ##%Jan%)$&1'(:$+* .)$.Trost 9!, 4ate RR, 9allis JE, Ereedson 49, Taylor 3=, Do7da M, 9irard J. Age andgender differences in o>ectively measured hysical activity in youth. Med 9ci 9orts56erc ## %Ee>%)& '()-#+-.);.Trost 9!, 4ate RR, Ereedson 49, 9allis JE, Taylor 3=. 8sing o>ective hysical activitymeasures 7ith youth( ho7 many days of monitoring are neededQ Med 9ci 9orts 56erc ###%Ee>%) & '( $+)1.):.Biddle, 9., 9allis, J., G =avill, . 4olicy frame7or2 for young eole and health+enhancing hysical activity. /n 9. Biddle, J. 9allis G . =avill &5ds.', ?oung and activeQ?oung eole and health+enhancing hysical activity( evidence and imlications.ondon( Health 5ducation Authority(1**:.. )<1$.)*.89 Deartment of Health and Human 9ervices. Healthy eole #1#. 3ashington, D=(89 !overnment 4rinting 0ffice% ##.#.9oric M, Misigo+Dura2ovic M. 4hysical activity levels and estimated energy e6enditurein over7eight and normal+7eight 11+year+old children. Acta 4aediatr  #1#%Ee>%**& '( +-#. 1.Van 9luis 5M, 92idmore 4M, M7an@a , Jones A4, =allaghan AM, 52elund 8,Harrison E, Harvey /, 4anter J, 3areham J, =assidy A, !riffin 9J. 4hysical activity anddietary >ehaviour in a oulation+>ased samle of British 1#+year old children( the9455D? study &9ort, 4hysical activity and 5ating >ehaviour( environmentalDeterminants in ?oung eole'.BM= 4u>lic Health ##:%ov%1%:()::.  .52elund 8, 9ardinha B, Anderssen 9A, Harro M, Eran2s 43, Brage 9, =ooer AR,Andersen B, Riddoch =, Ero>erg . Associations >et7een o>ectively assessed hysicalactivity and indicators of >ody fatness in *+ to 1#+y+old 5uroean children( a oulation+ >ased study from  distinct regions in 5uroe &the 5uroean ?outh Heart 9tudy'. Am J=lin utr ##%9e%:#&)'(-:+*#.).lasson+Hegge>L , Anderssen 9A. !ender and age differences in relation to therecommendations of hysical activity among or7egian childrenand youth. 9cand JMed 9ci 9orts ##)%0ct%1)&-'( *)+:..ilsson A, Anderssen 9A, Andersen B, Ero>erg , Riddoch =, 9ardinha B, 52elund8. Bet7een+ and 7ithin+day varia>ility in hysical activity and inactivity in *+ and 1-+year+old 5uroean children. 9cand J Med 9ci 9orts ##*%Ee>%1*&1'(1#+:.-.52elund 8, 9strm M, ?ngve A, ilsson A. Total daily energy e6enditure and atternof hysical activity measured >y minute+>y+minute heart rate monitoring in 1+1- year old 97edish adolescents. 5ur J =lin utr ###%Mar%-&)'(1*-+ # .$.Treuth M9, =atellier DJ, 9chmit@ H, 4ate RR, 5lder J4, McMurray R!, Ble7 RM,?ang 9, 3e>>er . 3ee2end and 7ee2day atterns of hysical activity in over7eight andnormal+7eight adolescent girls. 0>esity &9ilver 9ring' ##;%Jul%1-&;'(1;: +:.;.Martne@+!Sme@ D, 3el2 !J, =alle M5, Marcos A, Veiga 0% AE/09 9tudy !rou.4reliminary evidence of hysical activity levels measured >y accelerometer in 9anishadolescents( the AE/099tudy. utr Hos ##*%Mar+Ar% & '( $+) .:.Bauet !, 9tratton !, Van 4raagh 5, Berthoin 9. /mroving hysical activity assessmentin reu>ertal children 7ith high+freuency accelerometry monitoring( a methodologicalissue.4rev Med ##;%Ee>%& '(1)+;.  *.0UD7yer MV, Eo7eather , 9tratton !, Ridgers D. 4hysical activity in non+over7eightand over7eight 8 reschool children( 4reliminary findings and methods of the Active4lay 4roect. 9cience G 9orts #11% $(&$'()-+)*.
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