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APRIL 2008 RS. 30 T H E M A G A Z I N E F O R C O N S C I O U S L I V I N G Interview Even a Child Can Meditate Relating Finding Your Other Half Living Totally e01:e01 3/17/2008 10:56 AM Page 1 Osho International Foundation New and fresh 02-03:02-03 3/16/2008 3:25 PM Page 2 Osho International Foundation CONTENTS Printed and published by Mukesh Sarda on behalf of OSHO Multimedia & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. and printed at Silverpoint Press Pvt. Ltd., Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706 and
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  APRIL2008 RS. 30  THEMAGAZINEFORCONSCIOUS LIVING Interview Even a Child CanMeditate Relating Finding Your Other Half  Living Totally  Osho International Foundation  New and fresh osho . com Osho International Foundation  6 OSHO TIMESApril2008 7  There’s a lot of activity, but is it going anywhere? Is there anywhere to go? Be silent and know.There is nowhere to go,there is nothing to achieve, no ambition has to be fulfilled. Existence has already decidedto be inside you; that’s why you are alive . There is nowhere to go,no need to go. There is no one to go. The mind clings; it never allows you tosettle in your being. When you don’t clingto anything, there is nowhere to go; allpaths have been dropped. You cannot goanywhere; all dreams and desires havedisappeared, there is no way to move. Relaxation happens of its own accord. Remember, an action becomesa karma, a bondage, if you havesome end, if you are goingsomewhere through it. If your action is just your delight –likechildren playing, making sandcastles, enjoying , no goal to their activity, just playing –then thereis no karma, then there is nobondage. Then each actionbrings more and more freedom. Relaxation has to be a very simple understanding... noeffort, no doing –you just sit silently, and let your bodyrelax. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing toachieve, so there is no point in being tense . All excerpts are from OSHO books Where Are You Going? Look at the whole ridicu-lousness: again the same daystarts; you have done thesame things again andagain for your whole life.Again you will get into your slippers, rush to the bath-room –for what? Brushing your teeth, taking a shower – for what? Where are yougoing? Getting ready andnowhere to go! Dressing,rushing to the office –for what? Just to do the samething again tomorrow?Look at the whole ridicu-lousness of it –and have agood laugh. A way is needed if the goal is far away from you. As I see it, the goal is within you; you are the goal, you are the target. So there is nowhere to go, a way isnot needed. In fact, dropping all the ways, dropping the very search and justbeing yourself is enough. Because you cannot do that you have to be showna few ways to walk and get tired on. That is just to exhaust you. Seeking isnot the way to reach, but seeking is needed because you are very active . The man who is awake knowsthere is nowhere to go, nothingto become. He is already that which he ever can become.Seeing the grandeur of hisbeing, desires wither away ontheir own accord. You are noteven expected to drop them;they drop by themselves, likedry leaves falling from the trees. SHORT ’N SHARP Osho International Foundation
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