LM2 2014

LM2 2014
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  10/18/14, 7:13 AMDOL Form Report (Disclosure)Page 1 of 52 ReturnU.S. Department of Labor Office of Labor-ManagementStandards Washington, DC 20210FORM LM-2 LABOR ORGANIZATION ANNUAL REPORTForm Approved Office of Management andBudget No. 1245-0003Expires: 08-31-2016MUST BE USED BY LABOR ORGANIZATIONS WITH $250,000 ORMORE IN TOTAL ANNUAL RECEIPTS AND LABORORGANIZATIONS IN TRUSTEESHIPThis report is mandatory under P.L. 86-257, as amended. Failure to comply may result in criminal prosecution, fines, or civil penaltiesas provided by 29 U.S.C. 439 or 440.READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE PREPARING THIS REPORT.For Official UseOnly 1. FILE NUMBER 032-9222. PERIOD COVEREDFrom07/01/2013Through06/30/20143.(a) AMENDED - Is this an amended report: No(b) HARDSHIP - Filed under the hardship procedures: No(c) TERMINAL - This is a terminal report:No4. AFFILIATION OR ORGANIZATION NAME CARPENTERS IND5. DESIGNATION (Local, Lodge, etc.) DISTRICT COUNCIL6. DESIGNATION NBR 7. UNIT NAME (if any) NEW YORK CITY & VICINITY #41128. MAILING ADDRESS (Type or print in capital letters)First Name JOSEPHLast Name GEIGERP.O Box - Building and Room Number Number and Street 395 HUDSON STREETCity NEW YORKState NYZIP Code + 4 100149. Are your organization's records kept at its mailingaddress? YesEach of the undersigned, duly authorized officers of the above labor organization, declares, under penalty of perjury and other applicable penalties of law, that all of the information submitted in this report (including information contained in any accompanyingdocuments) has been examined by the signatory and is, to the best of the undersigned individual's knowledge and belief, true, correctand complete (See Section V on penalties in the instructions.)70. SIGNED:Stephen McInnisPRESIDENT71. SIGNED:Joseph GeigerTREASURERDate:Sep 29, 2014Telephone Number:212-366-7400Date:Sep 29, 2014Telephone Number:212-366-7400Form LM-2 (Revised 2010)ITEMS 10 THROUGH 21FILE NUMBER: 032-92210. During the reporting period did the labor organization create or participate in the administrationof a trust or a fund or organization, as defined in theinstructions, which provides benefits for members or beneficiaries?Yes11(a). During the reporting period did the labor organization have a political action committee (PAC)fund?Yes11(b). During the reporting period did the labor organization have a subsidiary organization asdefined in Section X of these Instructions?Yes12. During the reporting period did the labor organization have an audit or review of its books andrecords by an outside accountant or by a parent bodyauditor/representative?Yes13. During the reporting period did the labor organization discover any loss or shortage of funds or 20. How many members did the labor organization haveat the end of the reporting period?19,14021. What are the labor organization's rates of dues and fees? Rates of Dues and FeesDues/FeesAmount UnitMinimumMaximum(a) Regular Dues/Fees1%per of completerateN/AN/A(b) WorkingDues/Fees$0.60perhour workedN/AN/A(c) Initiation Fees$300permemberN/AN/A(d) Transfer FeesN/AperN/AN/AN/A(e) Work PermitsN/AperN/AN/AN/A  10/18/14, 7:14 AMDOL Form Report (Disclosure)Page 2 of 52 other assets? (Answer Yes even if there has beenrepayment or recovery.)No14. What is the maximum amount recoverable under the labor organization's fidelity bond for a loss causedby any officer, employee or agent of the labor organization who handled union funds?$500,00015. During the reporting period did the labor organization acquire or dispose of any assets in amanner other than purchase or sale?No16. Were any of the labor organization's assetspledged as security or encumbered in any way at theend of the reporting period?No17. Did the labor organization have any contingentliabilities at the end of the reporting period?Yes18. During the reporting period did the labor organization have any changes in its constitution or bylaws, other than rates of dues and fees, or inpractices/procedures listed in the instructions?No19. What is the date of the labor organization's nextregular election of officers?12/2014Form LM-2 (Revised 2010)STATEMENT A - ASSETS AND LIABILITIESFILE NUMBER: 032-922 ASSETS ASSETSSchedule Number Start of Reporting Period (A)End of Reporting Period (B)22. Cash $24,814,045$15,452,22923. Accounts Receivable1$12,554,722$11,649,82224. Loans Receivable225. U.S. Treasury Securities $0$026. Investments5$35,455,207$35,795,95727. Fixed Assets6$481,232$796,49528. Other Assets7$393,748$393,74829. TOTAL ASSETS $73,698,954$64,088,251LIABILITIESLIABILITIESSchedule Number Start of Reporting Period (A)End of Reporting Period (B)30. Accounts Payable8$65,000$1,413,48731. Loans Payable932. Mortgages Payable $0$033. Other Liabilities10$9,437$14,46034. TOTAL LIABILITIES $74,437$1,427,94735. NET ASSETS$73,624,517$62,660,304Form LM-2 (Revised 2010)STATEMENT B - RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTSFILE NUMBER: 032-922CASH RECEIPTSSCHAMOUNT36. Dues and Agency Fees $812,164CASH DISBURSEMENTSSCHAMOUNT50. Representational Activities15$20,020,224  10/18/14, 7:14 AMDOL Form Report (Disclosure)Page 3 of 52 37. Per Capita Tax $2,609,14038. Fees, Fines, Assessments, Work Permits $27,383,35139. Sale of Supplies $040. Interest $21,44041. Dividends $428,14042. Rents $60,00043. Sale of Investments and Fixed Assets3$044. Loans Obtained945. Repayments of Loans Made246. On Behalf of Affiliates for Transmittal toThem $277,42147. From Members for Disbursement on Their Behalf  $048. Other Receipts14$1,268,56649. TOTAL RECEIPTS $32,860,22251. Political Activities and Lobbying16$1,854,31752. Contributions, Gifts, and Grants17$142,01553. General Overhead18$7,634,17954. Union Administration19$2,926,62855. Benefits20$7,090,02656. Per Capita Tax $755,81557. Strike Benefits $058. Fees, Fines, Assessments, etc. $059. Supplies for Resale $060. Purchase of Investments and Fixed Assets4$851,24561. Loans Made262. Repayment of Loans Obtained963. To Affiliates of Funds Collected on Their Behalf  $277,42164. On Behalf of Individual Members $065. Direct Taxes $926,071 66. Subtotal $42,477,94167. Withholding Taxes and Payroll Deductions 67a. Total Withheld$3,850,490 67b. Less TotalDisbursed$3,594,587 67c. Total Withheld But Not Disbursed $255,90368. TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS $42,222,038Form LM-2 (Revised 2010)SCHEDULE 1 - ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE AGING SCHEDULEFILE NUMBER: 032-922Entity or Individual Name (A)Total AccountReceivable (B)90-180Days Past Due (C)180+Days Past Due (D)Liquidated Account Receivable (E)Total of all itemized accounts receivable$0$0$0$0Totals from all other accounts receivable$11,649,822 Totals (Total of Column (B) will be automatically entered in Item 23, Column(B))$11,649,822$0$0$0Form LM-2 (Revised 2010)SCHEDULE 2 - LOANS RECEIVABLEFILE NUMBER: 032-922List below loans to officers, employees, or memberswhich at any time during the reporting periodexceeded $250 and list all loans to businessenterprises regarless of amount. (A)Loans Outstanding at Start of Period (B)Loans Made DuringPeriod (C)Repayments Received DuringPeriodCash(D)(1)Other Than Cash(D)(2)Loans Outstanding at End of Period (E)Total of loans not listed above Total of all lines above$0$0$0$0$0Totals will be automatically entered in...Item 24 Column (A)Item 61Item 45Item 69 with ExplanationItem 24 Column (B)Form LM-2 (Revised 2010)SCHEDULE 3 - SALE OF INVESTMENTS AND FIXED ASSETSFILE NUMBER: 032-922Description (if land or buildings give location) (A)Cost (B)Book Value (C)Gross Sales Price (D) Amount Received (E)Total of all lines above$10,894,915$10,894,915$10,909,491$10,909,491Marketable Securities$10,894,915$10,894,915$10,909,491$10,909,491Less Reinvestments$10,909,491  10/18/14, 7:14 AMDOL Form Report (Disclosure)Page 4 of 52 (The total from Net Sales Line will be automatically entered in Item 43)Net Sales$0Form LM-2 (Revised 2010)SCHEDULE 4 - PURCHASE OF INVESTMENTS AND FIXED ASSETSFILE NUMBER: 032-922Description (if land or buildings, give location) (A)Cost (B)Book Value (C)Cash Paid (D)Total of all lines above$11,760,736$11,760,736$11,760,736LEASEHOLD IMPROVEMENT$237,753$237,753$237,753FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT$51,123$51,123$51,123DATA & WEBSITE$59,250$59,250$59,250COMPUTERS$74,979$74,979$74,979MARKETABLE SECURITIES$11,337,631$11,337,631$11,337,631 Less Reinvestments$10,909,491(The total from Net Purchases Line will be automatically entered in Item 60.)Net Purchases$851,245Form LM-2 (Revised 2010)SCHEDULE 5 - INVESTMENTSFILE NUMBER: 032-922Description (A) Amount (B)Marketable Securities  A. Total Cost$36,194,765B. Total Book Value$35,795,957C. List each marketable security which has a book value over $5,000 and exceeds 5% of Line B. JP Morgan Short Duration Bond - Ultra$3,162,802JPM TSY & AGCY FD SEL$5,984,760Other Investments D. Total CostE. Total Book ValueF. List each other investment which has a book value over $5,000 and exceeds 5% of Line E. Also, list eachsubsidiary for which separate reports are attached.  G. Total of Lines B and E  (Total will be automatically entered in Item 26, Column(B))$35,795,957Form LM-2 (Revised 2010)SCHEDULE 6 - FIXED ASSETSFILE NUMBER: 032-922Description (A)Cost or Other Basis(B)Total Depreciationor  Amount Expensed (C)Book Value (D)Value (E) A. Land (give location) Land 1 : 89-07 ATLANTIC AVE, WOODHAVEN,NY$85,000 $85,000$85,000B. Buildings (give location) Building 1 : 89-07 ATLANTIC AVE,WOODHAVEN, NY$340,000$256,875$83,125$83,000Building 2 : 214-38 HILLSIDE AVE., QUEENSVILLAGE NY$71,385$65,803$5,582$6,000C. Automobiles and Other VehiclesD. Office Furniture and Equipment$313,506$199,802$113,704$120,000E. Other Fixed Assets$1,840,053$1,330,969$509,084$535,000 F. Totals of Lines A through E  (Column(D) Total willbe automatically entered in Item 27, Column(B))$2,649,944$1,853,449$796,495$829,000Form LM-2 (Revised 2003)

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