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juego gratuito en pdf y en ingles de zombies
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  1 A game by Kedric Winks & Gav RoachdownProduced by   A game by Kedric Winks & Gav Roachdown  2 A game by Kedric Winks & Gav RoachdownProduced by When Kedric and Warren first told me about LocaliZed, I elt a pang o envy. You see, I had ofen with my riends laughed about the ‘what would you do i a zombie apocalypse started right here, right now?’. Being roleplayers, we even played it out, with me being the DM and adapting real lie to the survival horror theme. It was great un, and so when they told me about Localized I had the classic “darn, I wish I had thought o turning that into a product so many years ago!” moment... I’m sure you know the one. Very annoying indeed, but then the guys showed me what they have done with the concept, and even asked me or my opinion, and the clever mechanics, super-simple rules and tongue-in-cheek illustrations won me over immediately. So much so that I am now very happy that or a change I will be able to enjoy LocaliZed as a gamer, and not as a designer – it’s going to be un!Alessio CavatoreManaging DirectorRiver Horse  3 A game by Kedric Winks & Gav RoachdownProduced by  Kedric Winks Game Designer  Kedric Winks is an independent games designer who is finding his stride. Only discovering gaming in his late twenties he almost immediately transitioned rom player to designer. Originally inspired to write games as a way to challenge industry conventions, Kedric now has to write games to keep all the ideas rom taking over his limited brain space.All o the games he’s currently juggling can be seen at: www. Kedric is launching his first sel-produced game ‘Ghost Hunter’ through Kickstarter this Halloween (31/10/14). Ghost Hunter is a 2-7 player card game that is quick to learn and quick to play spookiness in a box. So i you enjoy this game you should definitely check out Ghost Hunter.Kedric’s avourite Zombie flick is ‘Evil Dead 2’ and his avourite Zombie game is ‘Zombie Dice’. I he were plunged into a Zombie apocalypse he’d secure a supply o resh coffee, a copy o Risk and perhaps his amily.  Gav Roachdown Illustrator  Gav Roachdown is an artist, writer, reelance illustrator, ull-time chrononaught and multi-planar entropic illuminist who currently inhabits a meat-suit that exists in the north o England in the year 2014. He inhabits a modest chunk o space-time filled with many books and some unusual, small mammals that might just be, collectively speaking, the physical maniestation o the cosmic joke humankind has been ailing to get or the last several thousand years (and i they know the punchline, they’re not telling).Te attempts Gav Roachdown has madeto unravel what it all means can be ound at: gjroach.daport  and he can be contacted at:  Did you ever eel like your town was a dead end ull o mindless drones? Like you just had to get out o there at any cost? Well now you might be right! LocaliZED is a Zombie survival game set in your backyard. It is a 1-8 player co-op game that uses any map and your imagination to turn your neighbourhood in into Zombified blood est. 03 Game Creators Kedric & Gav 05 Pub Crawl A Short Story 07 Te Rules08 Objective08 Components08 Print and Play 09 Set Up10 urn Sequence10 Moving11 Combat12 Dying and Zombification12 LocaliZED Cards13 Missions14 Solo Play 14 A Final Word14 Credits15 Components (Print and Cut them Out) A game by Kedric Winks & Gav RoachdownProduced by
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