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  Logistics and Supply Chain Management Prof G.NIJAGUNA  Chapter 1:   Introduction to Logistics Managemen   Meaning of Logistics    Logistics in common man’s language refers to “Movement of goods/services    Logistics is concerned of getting the goods or services to the required place in time.  Logistics involves the integration of information ,transportation ,inventory, warehousing materials handling and packaging. Definition of Logistics: Logistics is a process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods and related information from point of srcin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements Objectives of Logistics: Effectively and effciently move the inventory in supply chain in order to extend desired level of customer service at the least possible cost.  Secondary objectives of logistics  To reduce inventory to the minimum possible level  To achieve reliable and consistent delivery performance to enhance customer satisfaction and build long term customer relationship.  To achieve maximum economy in freight costs  To ensure minimum or no damage to products during transportation and storage.  To ensure quick response to customer requirements   Types of Logistics:  Business logistics: (Material flow between supplier and customer)  Military logistics( design and integration of all operation to ensure reliability and efficiency)  Event logistics: ( network of facilities and activities and withdraw  Services logistics ( Acquisition ,scheduling and management of the facilities/assets personnel to support service operation.)
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