TABLE OF CONTENT S.NO. -----------------------------CHAPTER-NAME----------------------------------PAGE NO. 1.---------------------------------------Introduction-------------------------------------------- 4 2. ---------------------- Maxims As Veins Of Legal System --------------------------- 5 3.------------------------ General Concept Of Civil Law------------------------------------ 7 4.----------------Classification Of Lega
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  TABLE OF CONTENTS.NO. -----------------------------CHAPTER-NAME----------------------------------PAGE NO. 1.---------------------------------------Introduction-------------------------------------------- 42. ----------------------   Maxims As Veins Of Legal System --------------------------- 5.------------------------ !eneral once#t Of i$il La%------------------------------------ &4.---------------- lassification Of Legal Maxims Of i$il La%-------------------------- '5.--------------------- (undamental Legal )rinci#les--------------------------------------- '*.------------------------- )u+lic )olicy ,ules ---------------------------------------------- 11&.----------------------------- La% Of ontract------------------------------------------------ 1'. ---------------------------------- onclusion------------------------------------------------- 15 9.-----------------------------------Bibliography----------------------------------------------- 16 1  CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION  ,ule of la% and general #rinci#les of la% a$e o%ed teir credi+ility from temaxims u# to a certain extent. Legal maxims are muc more general in sco#e tanordinary rules of la% legal maxims commonly formulate a legal #olicy or ideals tat /udges are su##osed to consider in deciding cases. Maxims do not normally a$e tedogmatic autority of statutes and tey are not +e considered as #enultimate to testatutes. In ancient times te great ma/ority of 0uestions res#ecting rigts and of  #ri$ate indi$iduals %ere determined +y reference to maxims of la% most of %icare manifestly founded reason #u+lic con$enience and social necessity. e #rinci#lesem+odied in tese maxims found a #lace in modern codes of all ci$ilised nations. Ano%ledge of te first #rinci#les contained in tese maxims is $ery el#ful in tea##lication of modern rules of la% to s#ecific cases. In legal science #era#s morefre0uently tan in any oter reference must made to first #rinci#les. In reference tomaxims in ci$il la% tere found to +e urgent desire to +ring tese rules in te use and itis e$ident e$en from te earlier era tat te great ma/ority of 0uestions rigts remediesand lia+ilities of #ri$ate indi$iduals %ere determined +y imminent reference to sucmaxims many of %ic found o+tained in te ,oman la% and are so manifestlyfounded reason #u+lic con$enience as to found #lace in e$ery ci$ili3ed nation. $en inmodern times te increase of social and national intercourse as also increase telitigation and as introduced many su+tleties +ot in legal reasoning and legal 2   #rinci#les. is canged scenario as o#ened u# te ne% gates in order to de#loy legalmaxims in different exigencies of te legal cases so arises.it te ex#ansion of commerce and industry in te sixteent and se$enteentcenturies. nglis courts %ere called u#on to decide no$el cases for %ic temedie$al common la% do not #ro$ided little guidance and te /udges felt te needfor +road autoritati$e #rinci#les to su##ort teir decisions. CHAPTER   2 MAXIMS AS VEINS OF LEGAL SYSTEM : Maxim can +e defined as an esta+lised #rinci#le or #ro#osition. A tenet of la% uni$ersallyadmitted as +eing /ust and consonant %it reasons. Maxims in la% are said to +e some%atlie axioms in geometry. ey are te #rinci#les and autorities and #art of te generalcustoms or common la% of te land. ese are sort of legal ca#sules useful in dis#ensing /ustice.Lord oe said6 7 8Maxims are a sure foundation or ground of art and a conclusion of reason so sure and uncontrolled tat tey ougt not to +e 0uestioned9. Maxims a$e +een di$ided as to teir srcin into tree classes6 7 ,oman ,omanmodified and indigenous. ey are mostly deri$ed from ci$il la% eiter literally or +yada#tation and most of tose %ic are not found in te ,oman sources are te in$ention of medie$al /urists. e earliest %or on maxims a##ears to a$e +een tat of :acon ;1*<=follo%ed +y >oy ;1*41= ingate ;1*5'= ?eat ;)leading 1*@4= (rancis ;1&2= !roundsand ,udiments of La% and 0uity ;Anonymous 1&51 of %ic (rancis %as te autor=:ranc ;1&5= Logtt ;1&&* in is ,e#orts=. :room ;1'45= rayner ;1'&2 1''= otteral;1''1 1'@4= and artons Bictionary ;1'4' 1'@2= La%son ;1''= :ells Bictionary;Scotc 1'@<= )etou+et ;>e% Cor 1''<= :arton Stimson Morgan aylor ?ening?alerston Dacson ;La% Latin= and ?uges. 3  e tenets of la% canoni3ed in maxim are te #rece#ts ideals and tecni0ues of la%referring a general trut dra%n from ex#erience. In te olden days great ma/ority of 0uestions a#ro#os te rigts remedies and lia+ilities to #ri$ate indi$iduals %ere determined%it reference to maxims. e lasting im#ortance of maxims is %ell ex#ressed +y 1 Lord ameron says6 7 8In legal discussions reference is constantly +eing made to certain #rinci#les of common sense and /ustice %ic are necessarily te same in te legal systemsof all nations. Many of tese fundamental #rinci#les and rules founded on ex#erience andreason a$e found ex#ression in te legal maxims most of %ic are deri$ed directly or indirectly from te ,oman la%. >o%ere is te faculty of clear and terse statement of legal #rinci#les more cons#icuously exi+ited tan in te texts of te ci$il la%. Accordingly %ilete legal systems of modern ci$ili3ed nations differ greatly in teir tecnical rules and formsall of tem recogni3e te $alue of te sim#le and a##osite statements of fundamental #rinci#les em+odied in te maxims of ,oman /uris#rudence.9 oe defines a maxim to +e Ea conclusion of reasonE oe on Littleton 11a. ?e says in anoter  #lace EA maxim is a #ro#osition to +e of all men confessed and granted %itout #roof argument or discourse.E  2  An esta+lised #rinci#le of #ro#osition. A #rinci#le of la% uni$ersally admitted as +eing a correct statement of te la% or as agreea+le to reason. oe on Littleton. *&a. 1  an article on 8Maxims9 in !reens ncyclo#aedia of te La% of Scotland ;Vol. @ #ara 12<1= 2   Maxim of La% ;:lacFs La% Bictionary rd dition ;1@= #age 11&1=6 4

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