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  Analysing Previous Student Work Name of Magazine Strengths Weaknesses Grade I awarded and reason The Booth    Good consistent colour scheme throughout.    Follows convention using drop caps and a pull quote.    Well set out contents page.    Very dense text.    Poorly edited two page spread image.    Mise en scene not thought through. C I awarded a C because there are various good points about the layout of the text and the conventions followed but the choice of photos lets the work down. TMC    Front cover laid out well following convention.    Consistent colour scheme throughout.    Good use of essential information within the contents page including a competition.    Images used throughout extremely similar with no link to music.    Use of photos taken from the internet.    No specific direction in terms of genre (oasis and spice girls?) B Well laid out text with use of mise en scene in the way the artist is dressed and convention followed appropriately. Bounce    Good use of conventions such as pull quotes.    Extremely dense text with no defined questions and answers.    Image used in two page spread very dull with no consideration of mise en scene.    Contents page looks E The magazine overall looks unprofessional and rushed due to the structure of the text being undefined and no use of mise en scene in any of the chosen photos.  unprofessional and does not follow a defined colour scheme. Bass    Clear layout of text.    Consistent colour scheme followed throughout.    Good use of pull quotes.    No main coverline used.    Very basic layout without a lot of information.    Does not identify feature artist until two page spread. D The lack of basic conventions lets the magazine down although it does have many good points such as a clear layout of text. What have I learned from looking a t last year’s student work?  I have learnt that using conventions such as drop caps and pull quotes to make the structure and presentation of the text look professional. I have also learnt that the balance of text is important, specifically within the two page spread and the contents page. Some of the works that I have looked at use a very dense amount of text causing the article to look confusing and unprofessional; also some of the student work had a very minimalistic look without a lot of text included this also gives an unprofessional feel to the magazine. Some of the images used weren’t of the best quality with some that had been poorly edited. Although some of the chosen images where of good quality and they in my opinion made the magazine.   How will I apply this to my own work? I am going to ensure that I used a balanced amount of text to ensure my magazine looks professional. I am also going to attempt to capture good quality images taking mise en scene into consideration so that my work again comes across as professional as possible. One of the most important things that I picked up on when analysing previous student work was the use of a strong colour scheme where the text colour compliments the background colour and this is kept throughout the magazine. This gives a very professional and sleek look to the magazine. A clear masthead was apparent in all of the previous student work that was analysed; this is something that I am going to apply to my own work ensuring that the masthead is clear, eye catching and legible.
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