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  [TEAM EVENT] - The Kawaii Rappy Ever -entah kenapa, ane sedikit gada ide buat lanjutan event in game. Sebenarnya ada sih, tapi mw dijadiin event setelah ini karena terlalu sedikit banyak cukup serius. Makanya event kali ini yang santai aja. nyahahaha~sorry kalo kurang menarik *siapin piso*saa... Hajimeyou~~ Main Event -[ The Face ]-Start 20 September 2014End 25 September 2014Home to three races the Humans, the Newman, and the CAST. The fleet known as Oracle continues its journey across the vast expanse of interstellar space between inhabitable worlds. When it first became possible for this fleet to travel beyond the reaches of our galaxy, a new history was born. In the year 283 of the New Light, Oracle traversed numerous galaxies and discovered countless worlds. In the far reaches of outer space, groups known as Arks were set up to explore and research newly discovered planets. Their purpose was to move from one planet to another, helping to build and advance the infrastructures of civilization. Seeking new adventure and new opportunity, different Arks work together in order to explore the depths of space and discover what may be waiting. Now, as new Arks set off to explore unknown regions of space, a new journey begins.......Till that time....Two Arks member have a quest on Naberius. They didnt expect will faced with Persona. They think its will be bad since dont know who is it. Maybe that isnt their lucky day. But, Guntram came and saved them. Before that, one of them have a strange feeling after arrived at Naberius. They hear a voice...  tasukete.  After defeating D-Arkers there, they move to and saw something. When they approached, they found her fainted and then they saved that unknown person and bring her to the Ship....And then...   Hello, my name is Matoi. I  m not an Arks and not a resident too. I dont know how can I be there because I  m forget about everything in the past. Since that day, Arks found me on Naberius and bring me to this ship. I  m here treated by Lola. She very nice to me. She said I was fainted before and helped by Arks. I cant remember correctly who bring me here. A, yes A the initial one of them. But... I still cant remember the other. I just want to say thanks to them all. Can you take a pic of them? So that I can remember their face and say thanks to them.  NB:Event Closed to All ManagerSend me the Picture by PM FacebookFirst person sending me the right pic, thats the winnerPrize is 1.5MPrize will given at 26 September 2014Tradeable or via shop (include tax)~ Side Event -[King/Queen of Selfie]-  Start 20 September 2014End 25 September 2014Show off u'r chara!u can use photoshop or any editing software ~assessment:- Angle- Background- Pose- Colour- and NB:Event Closed to All ManagerSend me the Picture by PM FacebookThe most excellent picture, thats the winnerPrize is 1MPrize will given at 26 September 2014Tradeable or via shop (include tax)
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