Love Jones

My answer to an age old question, written and illustrated by me.
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  love jones.  love.  what is   love?  love is dened as a profoundly tender, passionate aec an uncontrollable unbearable heat, consuming your entire  being, heatinothers say that it is  cold , seizing and freezing your soul , leaving you froz  ion for another person. some describe it as an intense burning  inferno, and eating until there’s NOTHING MORE   but what you feel for them. n    when they pass through your line of vision. nuclear ssion, your brain and heart EXPLODE  whenever they come close.  for me, love is a union of love  makes you  warm , see love  mak their image ricochets in your cranium like an electron from an atono rest: they’re all you se   i     s   t   i       n     g      a       n     d     f       x   i       n     g     y       o       u     r      f       o     r       m  .
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