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2-Pole Turbine Generators Stator Construction WEG Group Generator stator frame construction isolates normal core generated double frequency vibration from the foundation and distributes airflow to provide uniform temperatures in the core. Flexible Stator Core Mounting (Model series 2800 and larger) Stator frame center fabrication. Frame-TEWAC or Room Air Cooled The stator frame is designed to provide either a totally enclosed water-air-cooled (TEWAC) or a room air cooled (RAC) housing for th
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  Generator stator frame construction isolates normal core generateddouble frequency vibration from the foundation and distributesairflow to provide uniform temperatures in the core. WEG Group Flexible Stator Core Mounting (Model series 2800 and larger)For each complete revolution of the rotor,every portion of the stator is twicesubjected to the strong magnetic attractionof a rotor field pole. At 3,600 rpm thiscauses 120 vibrations per second,producing a characteristic low frequencyhum. To absorb this vibration, and tominimize audible low frequency hum, thestator core is flexibly mounted. The flexiblecore mounting design is based on the thincylinder principle, which recognizes thatcylinders can provide flexibility in the radialdirection and still support heavy loads ina tangential direction. The cylindricalmountings are sectioned to provide supportat each end of the stator and in the centerof the core. The core supports are fastenedto the ends of the cylinders with steelplates. Fame plates connect the oppositeend of each cylinder to the foot plate. Thepulsation of the core is absorbed by thecylinders rather than being transmitted tothe foundation. Circular Studs Large diameter circular studs are weldedto the machined stator bore to give addedsupport and act as keys for core laminationstacking. Steel wrapper plates enclose theframe and provide additional support. 2-Pole Turbine Generators Stator Construction Frame-TEWAC or Room AirCooled The stator frame is designed to provideeither a totally enclosed water-air-cooled(TEWAC) or a room air cooled (RAC)housing for the generator. Air is recirculatedin the TEWAC machine through air towater heat exchangers. Air is circulated inthe RAC machine with intake air drawingin the ends and air discharged out the topcenter. The frame is fabricated from thick steel plates with all weldments speciallycontrolled to assure integrity of structure.The cross section plates are cut on anumerically controlled machine to assureuniformity from section to section. Stator frame center fabrication.  Stator Core The stator core consists of high siliconelectrical steel laminations that are blankedand notched simultaneously for specialhigh quality core plated sheet steel. Afterthe punching operation, each lamination isprecision edge ground to remove burrs.The burr grinding process is controlled soaccurately that the burr is removed withoutdestroying the core plated insulation film.The lamination segments are stacked oncircular studs, which extend lengthwisewithin the stator frame. As the stator corelaminations are stacked, vent duct spacersare inserted at specific intervals to providecooling passages in the stator core foruniform cooling. Special care is taken toassure accurate slot alignment over thelength of the core.Electric Machinery800 Central Avenue NEMinneapolis, Minnesota 55413United StatesTel: +1 612 378 8000Fax: +1 612 378 WEG Group © Electric Machinery 2011. Publication Electric Machinery, the Electric Machinery logo and any version thereof are trademarks and service marks of Electric Machinery.The other names mentioned, registered or not, are the property of their respective companies.   Installation of stator core clamping plates on lamination stack.Stacked stator frame ready for winding of stator coils.  Accurate clamping pressure is applied toboth ends of the stator core throughnon-magnetic pressure plates. These platesand the tooth support fingers have aspecial concave design. When properlypressurized, they will exert a uniformpressure on the face of the stator coreteeth as well as the back of the stator core. End Stacks The end sections of the stator core arestepped back from the air gap to minimizefringing flux and to reduce end ironheating when the machine is operatedoutside of the normal power factor range.
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