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   IOGR PHY STATE SENATOR DONALD E.  BUZ LUKENS REPUBLICAN4TH SENATORIAL DISTRICT OFOHIO Ohi> StateSenator and former U. S. CongressmanDonald E.  Buz Lukens (R-Middletown) was electedin 1972  70 ofthevote) from the4thSenate District (Butler,Preble, Darke andMiami counties). * Senator Lukens, thoughconsideredadarkhorse,alsofinishedastrong second inthe 1970 Republican primary for Governor. After two years as National Chairman ofthe Young Republican National Federation, Senator Lukens won Ohio*snewly created24th District Congressionalseatin 1966. He served 4yearsasOhio's youngest U. S. Congressman, and served on the Space Committee aswellasthePostOffice and CivilService Committee. He was also on Republican Task Forces (Earth Resources and PopulationControl,Congressional Reform) and thePresident's Campus Task Force on Youth. On fiveoccasions(arecord)theSenator was selectedasadelegateto NATO Youth Conferences. He currently serves on the National Advisory Boards ofthe Young Americans ior Freedom, the BAYPL Conference, and the National TAR's. He served 61/2 years inthe USAF, principallyinthe OSI (Office of Special Investi- ;af.ion) until 1961, leaving with the rank of Captain. He ispresentlyactiveinthe AirForceReserves and is a Lt. Colonelinthe USAF Reserve (CAP). Senator Lukens was graduated from Ohio StateUniversityin 1954, witha B.  Social Adrjinistration(Major-Criminology). j The Senator is fluentinseverallanguages and has visited over 60 countries around ,-the world, a^ privately financed. Lukens traveledprivatelytoAfrica, Asia, the Mid- East(i^icludihg several trips to Israel), Europe (including East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Roumania, Hungary, and Yugoslavia) and Latin America. In January, 1971he was the U. S. Representativeto address the World Freedom Day rallyinTaipei, Taiwan. InApril, 1971, President Nixon appointed him asadelegatetothe General Assembly of the Organizationof American States (OAS). Senator Lukens has received the  Outstanding Legislator awardfrom the Buckeye State. Sheriff s Association andfrom the Ohio AssociationforRetardedChildren. The son ofa Warren county dairy farmer and ruralmailcarrier, Lukens, was activein the Boy Scouts, DeMolay, 4-H, Future Farmers of America, Farm Bureau Youth and Juvenile Grange during his youth,and is aformer Jaycee. Presently he isa member oftheChristian Businessmen, YMC Kiwanis, Sertoma, Eagles, MasonicLodge, Shrine, YAF, Civic Association, Sportsmen s club, Ahepa, Sons ofItaly, Muscular Dystrophy, MultipleSclerosis, Mental Health Association,Project HOPE, and Dn A^ Counties (Ohio) HistoricalSocieties. Lukens isa member ofthe AMVETS, ', FA, Delta Chi Fraternity,International Wine   Food Tasting, and Former Members  if Congress Club.    BIOGRAPHICAL SKfTTCHES: aod in 1815 mo7ed back into Warren Co. aad parohaseda farm embracingthe land ap on which the town of Harveysburg now stands of which see history of Massie Township andhereheresidedtill 1828; he remoTed toMontgomeryCo., Xnd. wherebediedin 1850.HiswifesarTivedhimabonttwoweeks;theyhadtenchildren,threenowsurvive William JamesR.and Mary now Mrs. Ammerman risidinginIndiana   JamesR.,is settledinIowa, engaged inthepracticeof medicine isaveryactiveandprominentbroth erintheU.B.ChurchandisaRulingElder. William Hamistheonly one remaining aresidentof Warren Co. Hehas been thrice married firstto Leanna Edwards,by whoin hehadthreechildren,onesnrviviog.JamesR., whose residenceisKansasCity, Mo. Mr.Ham's wife diedNov. 2 1835; in December 1837,hemar riedMarthaBurgess,issuethreechildren—^Thomas,FindlayandTacyEllen;his secondwife died in fall of1852.On April 18, 1853 he married  im RebeccaMills adaughterofArchibaldand Nancy Edwards, natives ofNorth Carolina. Mr. Ham whenayoungman.learnedtheblacksmithtrade,locatedinHarveysburgandcarriedonhistradeverysuccessfullyfortwenty-fiveyears;thenceheentereduponthemer- chantile business which he followed twelve years; four of which were inthe dry goods andgrocerytrade,inwhichhewasnotso successful meetingwithheavy losses; thelasteightyearshewasengagedinthedrugtrade,inwhichhevery successful. InJanuary,1881,hesoldouttohisgrandsonArthurL.Ham,andretired from all activebusiness topassthe balance ofhisdaysinquietandrest.Mr.Hamhasspentalifeofactivityandusefulness,fromwhichhislaborshavebeenabundantlyrewardedbyagoodcompetency;basbeenanactiveChristianworkerformorethanfortyyears,andlivesinfaithto believe thatwhenhisLordcallshimhence,heshallreachthat bright ershore. Mr.Lukensandwifehavethreechildren—BenjaminH.,born June 12,1871;MaryM.,bomOct.24,1873;andAlice,born Jan 16,1876.ãMr.Lukens,afterhismarriage,locatedupontheplacewherehenowlivesandbassinceresided. This farm he purchased ofl^rner Welch ; itconsista of 105 acres of good land most beautifullylocated,with good buildingsandimprovements,andisoneoftheprettiestlo cationsinMassieTownship.MrLukeosalsoownsotherrealestatetotheamountof 283acres,makinginall388acres, mostly improvedland.Heiscomparativelyyoung, but isamanofgreatgeueralinformationandanindustrious,activefarmerftakesa greatjoterestineducationandallgeneralpublicimprovementsandisoneoftheprogressiveand nfieful menofMassieTownship. ãE.L.-and J. G.MACYjfarmerandmerchanic;P.O.Harveysburg.Oneamongthe prominentandearlypioneerfamiliesofHarveysburg,wastheMacyfamily,andtheirdescendentsconstitutealargenumberoffamiliesinHarveysburgandvicinityatfhepresenttime.TheyhaveaverycompletegenealogyofthefamilyfromitsfirstlocationintheUnitedStatespublishedinbookform,andiromitwefindtheyhavemultipliedandextendednntiltheyarefoundintwenty-twoStatesoftheUnion,andin1868therewerethenliving1,240souls;deceasedsincetheirsettlingintheUnitedStates,851;unknown,17;total,2,108.Theprogenitorofthisnowso memorous familywas Thomas Macy borninWiltshireCo.,England;emigratedtoAmericaabout 163.5 and becameoneofthefirstsettlersofNewbury,Mass.;residingtherebutafewyears,he removed toSalisbury, Mass. and was oneoftheoriginalsettlersofthattown.Mr. Macy was a man of sterlingcharacter j^ossessedof great energy and determination of will;heheldmanypositionsofhonorandtrustinthisnewsettlement;wasamerchant,  planter,oneoftheselectmenofthetown,ajuryman,andwithalapreacher;hewas ofthe Bapiriol ;and would irequeuiiyonthe Sabbath exhortthe people. Mr. MacyresidedatSalisburyuntil1659,whenthe «q}ersecution oftheQuakers,Baptists, aodothersbecamesointolerantthatbewouldendureitnolonger,andhe,withnine others,purchasedtheislandofNantucket,andinSeptemberorOctoberofabove he,withhis family embarkedinasmallsailboatinBostonBay,roundedCape Cod andsaileddirectforthelslaod.ThisIslandwastheninhabitedbyabout3,000Indians. Therehe,witha few others settled,bravingall danger to secure a free altaranda safe home,aodtherebytransmittohisdescendentstheseedsoftruelibertyandpurerelig ion.ThomasMacymarriedSarahHopcott,who was borninEnglandin1612;be  ..6 4 X.   C€-OKFTJEIJC ii^'VlLLE,OHIO 45068313/897 4826  i fsfT ,\;r,,, . .r.^/.V- -ã. vj-V.:..;:. ; MASSIETOWNSHir.  W < Id sketch of Joseph Lokens.The subject of this sketch was about four years of age when brought to this county by his parents ; here he was raised and grew to manhood, acquainted withthehardships and trials of thoseearly pioneers; was married Oct. 20. 1831, to Louisa, daughter of Elijah and Phebe Fawcett, natives of Frederick To.. Va., who came to Ohioandsettled in Clinton County in 1822; they hafrenow livin four sonsand one daughter—Charles, Oliver, Jerome, Caius,and Jane. Mr. Fawcettand family resided in ClintonCountytill about1835, when they removed to Logan County, where they resided till their death. Mr. Lukens and wife havehad. seven children, five survive—Sarah, Virginia, Levi, Elijah and Ida. Mrs. Lukens died Feb. 2,1880, aged 70years.Mr. Lukensafterhismarriage locatedupon the old home place where his father first settled in 1807, remained thereabont five years, thenceremoved to Indiana, but hisfamilynotfeeling contentedthere he remained but a few months and removed to Logan Co., Ohio, The resided Irom 1837 to when they moved back to Warren Co., Ohio, and bought and located upon the where he now livesandhas sinceresided. Mr. Lukens ancestors weremembers ofthe Society of Friends, andamong the bestcitizens of this community; and thesubject of thissketch is no exception to them in the integrityof his character,honest and hon orable in all his dealings, aud isa worthy example to the risinggenerations. JOHN LUKENS.farmer; P. O. Harveysburg; born in Culpeper Co., Va., July 9, 1801; is a son of Levi and ElizabethLukens  see sketch of JosephLukens), Thesubject ofthis sketch was 6 years of age when brought to this county by bis parents, andhere in the wilderness, as it was then, was raised and grew to manhood fnlly initiated intothe hardships and roughness of pioneer life; was married in 1825 to Snsan, daughter of John and Margeret Fawcett, natives ofFrederick Co., Va. Mr. Fawcett died inVir<rinia, but subsequently Mrs. Fawcett andfamilybecame residents ofCHDtonCo.about°1822, where she died in 1823; they bad ninechildren, allnow deceased. John Fawcett, was a son of Thomas Fawcett, who itis hehered was ana tive of Wales; he lived and diedin Virginia. Mr. Lukens and wife by their marraige. had one child  deceased); Mrs. Lukens diedFeb. 16,1864, aged 69 years. In 1865, he was married toJane Fawcett, daughter of Elijah and PhebeFawcett, see in sketch of SalathielLukens); Jane was born in Virginia, Sept 18,1819. Mr. Lukensfirst settled on the old home place of hisfathers, which is now owned by LewisCarr. When abontnineteen years of age, Mr. Lukens went ti Springhoroandserved anap prenticeship at the cabinet-making trade, whichbusiness he followed only a short time ; his father gave him 32 acres of land all in the wood, located on Jonah s Run, and there erected a saw-millwhich he ran for twenty years; since which he^ hasengaged in farm ing; has now residedon this farm since 1822, which he opened out right from the woods, a period of fifty-nineyears, nearlythreescore years; is now 80 years of ageand has retired from all active labor, having done his fuU share of pioneer work,anddeserves quiet restinhisdecliningyears.ntio LEVIS. LUKENS,farmer; P.O. Harveyabnrg; bom in Warren Co., Jan.19, 1845 ; is a son of Benjamin and Mary  Saterthwaite) Lukens ; he was a native of Vir ginia, whose ancestralhistory is written in sketch of Joseph Lukens. Benjaimnand Mary were parents of four children, twonow 8ui;vive—Sarah, now Mrs. Wilson I^vey and Levi S.Mr. Lukens was a farmer, andafter his marri^e located in Massie Town ship, whereheresided till his death, in October 1875, aged 75 years; hbwifedi^ ^b. IT ICJj a- ed 62 years. The subject ofthis sketch remained with his father till after his majority; was married June 8, 1870, to Tacy Ellen, daughter of Willi^ and Martha  Burgess) Ham, he a native of South C^Hna and she ofVirgima. WiUiam Ham was a ton of RhodenandAbigail Ham,natives of South Carolina. RhodenHam was a son of WiUiam and Eleanor Ham, who, itis believed,were natives of South Car olina, and lived and died in their native State. They had three sonswhogrew to maturity, marriedand raisedfamilies; the eldest of whom was Rhoden, w^ married Abigail McKinsey, whose ancestral history is givenin sketch of Henry McKinsey, of Wayne Township, in this work. In 1808, RhodenHam with hU family emigrated to Ohio andlocated in WayneTownship and there resided one year; thence to Clinton Co., C© PI)0 p^ ^-p^^ M r   ^*^|s. wO EiQ fO . ã^S\ y---t- s©  f . ã   ..^1   iyvo BIOGRAPHICALSKETCHES: believed, was bora in New Jersey, and she in Ohio, the Laurence ancestors so far known,being natives of New Jersey. Theophilus was but a child when brouffht T Ohio, and was raised and grew to manhood near Cincinnati, and learnedthe tann trade, which business he followed till 1877, whenhe entered upon the milliner basin°^ in Lebanonwhere becontinued till January, 1881. In July, 1881, he purdiasedHarveysburg Mills,which at this writing heis about to take possession of Mr L rence commencedin life without capital, and by his own industry and good manacremrt accumulated a good competency. He is a man possessed of energy, and his^intP^ p'\ nty ia undoubted; he is prompt and exact in allhis dealings andone of the best ^ in the community where be has lived. He was firstmarried to MaryWood b ^ r--y EJ child (deceased).His sefeond marriage was on Oct. 14 1853  bvthi ^ 1 «>«>n they have had nine children,eight now survive—Herbert A. Elmer G Pnr  :V S Guilford, Mabeland Perry. Oursubject remainedwith bis fathi till his majonty,brought up to the tanning business. In thespring of 1878 he locafp, c'r^  i A^° 1 5/ nv I^aureoce was married b: <<, , April 14 1878, to Olive A., daughterof John and MargaretEllis, whose history and £ ancestors is ^ven insketches ofJames W. Ellis and Israel D. Comnton K- ^ S 14 ^1879 ' Laurence and wife haveone child, Jessie T.. born July C.  ã  fS JOSEPH LUKENS,retired; P. 0. Harveysburg; born in Virginia, Pec 28 C,. of Levi and Elizabeth(Cleaver) Lukens, natives ofPennsylvania The O .^ grandparents John and Rachel Lukens, worealso native of Pennsylvania the .Mj ancMtors of theLukens family camefrom Germany. John andRachel livedanddied 1- IE maternal grandparents were EzekielandMaryCleaver  the Cleaver ancestore camefrom Wales.Levi Lukens was raised to manhood in Penisvl ^ vania, emigrated to Virginia and was married in Berkeley County,Aug. 8, 1793 and ^ [nt7Ihi?tb   December, 1807,erected a log  cabin nto which they moved Jan. 1 1808, the floor of their cabin being made of puncheons as there were no saw-miUs in that early day; here they toiledandlabored in openingonl their farm, livingthe tree pioneerlife, enduring the many hardships of that day, yet en- iiardy and honoredpioneers. In making their journey from Virginia to Ohiothey came through over the mountains in a wagon andmetwith a severe loss on the way, their youngest son about two years of ac^e. fell WK®°V of which he diedthe purchased500acresoflandnear fftlr X non^oth of which tractsof land he soon fter sold, and purchased 1,000acres in Massie Township, Warren Co., uponwhich he t brother-in-lawpurchased1,000 acres Wfit -11 ã becameowner of s large amount of land.He built the wbich he first purchased, Mr. Lukens residedtill his death, Jan. 3, the 93d year of age bis wife having died Feb. 2, 1831, in her 68 year of age. They had sevJn childrS six wUhhUfaXr^ril]^2r John andSalathiel.Our subject was nlvtoi fn?pr I 13, 1822, to Hannah,daughter of Dayton andElizabeth Brown, natives ofNewJersey, by whomhe had five children Nov28^ Tr^R^C\ T DOW a resident of California; Mary born ov. 28, 1828 Clayton C., born March 20,1831, and William S. born Aucr 9 1834 His wife died bU. 29, 1868, aged 72years. On June 30,1870. he was united in Cb ^VthH Solomanand Fanny Howland, natives of Dutchesa fcanii\ Howland familybeingdescended from one John Howland from Stb'pb   Mayflower. Mr. Lukens has always fol- vpI™ find e occupation of a farmer, but being now advanced in yearsand possessed of an amplecompetency,has retired from his farm and all active labor and h^s on a nice property in thepleasant village of Harvevsbure Va. sti 12 1803 bcrn in Culpeper Co.. a., faept, 12,1803, is a son of Leviand Elizabeth Lukens, whose history is given c>f ojAR de jO ao onto
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