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  Source: Prash Trivedi, The Key of Life, Astrology of the „Lunar Nodes“ Prash Trivedi: Rahu Appearance  Rahu's appearance is being discussed because it is seen to affect a persons appearance when it is in a position to do so in a nativity. Rahu has a body of a serpent connected to a human head, and thus is fearful to behold.The various names assigned to Rahu in Vedic texts - the fierce, the terrible, the appalling, the serpent, the head, the blue, the black, the fanged, half-bodied, the smoky headed, having blood and red eyes, having death like looks, having big whiskers - give a clue to its appearance. Rahu is supposed to be the second eldest among the planets but the face shows no such elderly characteristics. n fact it has a strange, hypnotic touch to its face, which it imparts to the natives when placed close to the cuspal degrees of the first or the second house of a chart. ts face is said to be black with a smokish tinge. There is no e!ual of Rahu in imparting out of the ordinary faces and appearances.  n my view the face of a## legend $iles %avis is a good example of what  Rahu can do to one's appearance. t is experienced that a lot of the present day beauty !ueens who get sudden fame through winning international beauty  pageants have either Rahu in the second house or connected in some way to the &scendant or second house.  Rahu is seen to represent tall persons. &ny connection of Rahu with the  &scendant in a chart adds to the height of the native. Rahu also has a  predominantly airy constitution, which is usually associated with a wiry or lean physi!ue. &mong the five senses Rahu is especially connected with the sense of hearing. & highly developed sense of hearing or complete deafness helps identify a Rahu personality &ccording to one view it is supposed to be uncouth in appearance and shabbily dressed in black pauper's clothing, but there are other views that show Rahu to be having the appearance of a fierce warrior dressed immaculately in bright-multicoloured clothing. n a way these two types of appearances represent the dual nature of  Rahu - one that can give material prosperity and the other which gives material adversity. sually the material adversity side has more spiritual benefits attached to it, which is not to say that there is no spiritual  growth when Rahu gives material prosperity.The colours associated with Rahu are - flame red and bright yellow, all shades and variations of blue like sky blue( purple and violet( all shades of brown( all the pastel shades and sunset colours. )lectric blue is a colour which is strongly connected with Rahu. n the spectrum of electromagnetic waves or different types of light, Rahu represents  ultraviolet light, which as we know is invisible to the human eye as it  falls out of the visible spectrum of light represented by V*+R  There is also a certain sort of lordliness attached to its appearance and manners in much the same way as un. /owever there is a subtle difference as the lordliness that un displays has a certainbenevolence attached to it. The charisma and magnetism attached with  Rahu is also !uite different from the un in much the same way a light emitted by an electric bulb is different from the sunlight. %espite its lordliness its glance it downwards. This can be used to trace the people with strong influence of Rahu on the &scendant. t can also be used to 0udge the state of mind of a person at any given point in time.  & downward glance relates to a predominantly Rahu or aturn state of mind. t must be remembered that aturn also has a downward glance.  n Vedic traditions its image is made in a variety of ways. ne image has four arms holding a trident, a sword and a discus. The remaining hand is making a gesture, which grants boons. ts head is facing south and is decorated with a hessonite crest 0ewel. t is shown riding a lion. &nother image has it with only two hands, one holding a blanket and the other a palm leaf. t is seen as riding on a chariot driven by eight horses. &nother image has Rahu holding a spear and scimitar. &s we will discover in the next few sections, all these images reveal Rahu's functionings and attributes. &ttributes  Rahu is supposed to be a mighty and naughty child of $aya 1illusory  power of nature2, and thus has a lot of dualities attached to its $ayavi 1illusory2 nature. t relates more to the eventh Ray energy of esoteric astrology as it represents a force displaying all the possibilities within the realm of existence. 'Rahu' translates into 'the sei#er' 3ergreifen, fassen, packen4. t is interesting to note that the anskrit term for a planet, 'graha' also translates into 'sei#er'. The planets definitely are sei#ers in the sense that they sei#e human beings and make them act and behave in a certain way.The various names assigned to Rahu in Vedic texts - the chief( the advisor of the demons( the minister of the demons( ever-angry( the tormentor( bitter enemy of the luminaries( lord of illusions( one who  frightens the un( the one who makes the $oon lustreless( the   peacemaker( the immortal 1having drunk the divine nectar2( bestower of  prosperity, wealth and ultimate knowledge - give a clue to its basic energy and attributes. Rahu can thus be said to be associated with the dualities of nature and their subse!uent fusion. t can be the deceitful, shady, untrustworthy sort of character when working through its lower aspect. ts energy is supposed to be behind all sorts of criminal tendencies, unlawful activities, and perversions. t is discontent incarnate and is never satisfied in much the same vein as the famous 'rolling stone' lines - 5  can't get no satisfaction...5. t can lie, cheat, betray trust or go to any extreme to achieve its ends. ts nature in these lower aspects covers all the bad points of the dark side of the human psyche. Thus it comes as no surprise that is the srcinator of many types of morbid fears, suspicious, sadistic, and self-destructive tendencies. &ll this negativity of Rahu can be e!uated with a sort of negative  aturn, $ercury and Venus combined. The point to note out here is that the greater degree of intensity that Rahu possesses makes the situation more dangerous that is the case with other planets. The saving grace is that it only occasionally manifests the extremes of these negative !ualities. /owever all these negative tendencies have a positive side to them. 6or example the revolutionary nature of Rahu stems from its innate dislike  for authority 1un2. 7hen the authority is corrupt and mindless, as is  generally the case in present times, this revolutionary spirit becomes very important. 7ithout a revolt both on an internal and external level no meaningful change can take place. Rahu is the force that creates a Robin /ood. %espite being an outlaw he utili#ed his tendencies for the greater good. This is usually the case when Rahu functions through its higher principle. t retains some of its dual nature even when it is functioning through its highest aspect. The main difference when it works though this principle is that it aims become much more unselfish and humanitarian. t will still lie or cheat to archieve its ends but the goal would usually be in harmony with the cosmic plan. t is seen that it retains a !uarter of its illusory nature even then  functioning in its most spiritual mode. & very good example of this can be seen in the life of 8rishna, the eighth incarnation of Vishnu in the   present round of &ges. /e is supposed to have taken birth in the ending  phase of the %wapara uga 1ilver &ge2 around 9::: years ago.  /e was a revolutionary for his times in every sense of the word as he broke all the existing social and religious taboos, and was the main architect of $aha*harata, a highly destructive 7orld 7ar. /is chart is discussed in a later chapter that deals with the nodal axis influence in various houses. /e did not mind using any method whatsoever including lying to fulfil his work on )arth, but everything he did was to manifest the cosmic plan, which is exactly how Rahu functions when working through its higher principle. 3$ercury4  ince Vishnu is the deity governing the planet $ercury and has a definite connection with the serpent power as discussed earlier, it is inferred that Rahu is closely related to $ercury. t shares !ualities like wit, !uickness of thought, and communication ability with $ercury. Rahu being an illusory planet, possesses a basic $ercurial nature with some spice added to it. ome wise men postulate that $ercury has a !uarter influence of the nodes attached to it even when it has no relation with them in a chart. This can be seen from its rulership of +emini and Virgo, the signs that  Rahu is most comfortable in. This topic is dealt in further detail when Rahu's sign rulership, exaltation and debilitation are discussed. t has been experienced that in a nativity, only $ercury and upiter can control Rahu's energy. Rahu is also a significator of intellect in much the same way $ercury is, but the difference is that Rahu has to do more with the intuitive part of the intellect instead of the calculative, informational, discriminating  part. This is why Rahu when working through its higher principlecan be seen as the higher aspect of $ercury, which related to real knowledge and the ability to look through illusions. Rahu also gets influenced in a chart to a large extent by the planets it is associated with in a chart. ;ike $ercury it relays their energies without losing its inherent nature in the process. This mutable !uality of Rahu is what makes it behave sometimes like $ars, upiter or even the unand the $oon. 3$ars4
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