Madrid Management Internship (SMG) Program

Madrid Management Internship (SMG) Prgram Students wh will be taking classes at the Universidad Autónma de Madrid(UAM) must submit the registratin material and cmplete the UAM nline registratin (SIGMA)
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Madrid Management Internship (SMG) Prgram Students wh will be taking classes at the Universidad Autónma de Madrid(UAM) must submit the registratin material and cmplete the UAM nline registratin (SIGMA) by Octber 17 th, Students are encuraged t cntact Gabriela Navarr with questins abut the UAM registratin prcess. 1. Registratin Material Registratin material (Learning Agreement, Transcript, Passprt and Pht) must be received by the BU Madrid ffice prir t Octber 17 th, Please d nt start filling ut the Learning Agreement until yu have read thrugh this PDF (at least nce). All dcuments shuld be ed tgether t Gabriela Navarr D nt send any dcuments t UAM. *Please keep a cpy f all dcuments submitted fr yur recrds. 1.1 Learning Agreement The Learning Agreement (r Cntrat de Estudis; LA ) is the preregistratin dcument used by the ORI (Oficina de Relacines Internacinales) at the UAM t reserve spts fr incming students in classes they wuld like t take. ORI (Oficina de Relacines Internacinales) = Study Abrad Office SMG students shuld check the pre-apprved curse list. Students shuld cmplete the LA carefully t avid registratin prblems nce in Madrid. NOTE: Students chse classes befre arriving in Madrid n their Learning Agreement but fficial enrllment (matrícula) takes place n campus. 1.1 Learning Agreement (cntinued) SMG students take 3 f their classes at the UAM and 1 class at the Internatinal Institute: Tw classes are thrugh direct enrllment at the UAM, At least 1 class must be in the Facultad de Ciencias Ecnómicas y Empresariales. Tw classes are thrugh BU Madrid: Seminar n Cntemprary Spain is taught thrugh BU Madrid at the UAM: all Level 3 students (M3, MIP/3, and M-SMG) take a seminar n Cntemprary Spain in rder t prvide cntext fr their ther academic and cultural experiences as well as a rich awareness and understanding f Spain s histry. Prácticas is taught thrugh BU Madrid at the Internatinal Institute: Students with internships take a class alngside their wrk as an academic cmpnent. The classwrk cmprises 80% f the final internship grade. D nt list the seminar n Cntemprary Spain class r the prácticas class n the LA fr the UAM. Nte that althugh UAM classes are listed as 6 crédits ECTS (Eurpean Credit Transfer System) all classes (including the seminar and prácticas) are equivalent t 4 BU credits. 1.1 Learning Agreement (cntinued) Refer t the fllwing instructins slides (6-9) befre filling ut yur wn Learning Agreement. Facultades at the UAM SMG students can take classes at six facultades (schls f study) at the UAM: Ciencias (Envirnmental Science, Math, Bilgy, etc.) Ciencias Ecnómicas y Empresariales (Business, Marketing, Ecnmics, Turism, etc.) Derech (Plitical Science, Internatinal Relatins) Filsfía y Letras (Histry, Anthrplgy, Linguistics, Spanish Literature and Language, etc) Psiclgía (Psychlgy) Frmación de Prfesrad y Educación (Educatin) SMG students usually register with the Facultad de Ciencias Ecnómicas y Empresariales. Facultad Guidelines UAM requires students t take bth f their classes in the same facultad; Hwever, if yu want t take classes at tw different facultades yu may have t register in a ghst class that will nt appear n yur BU transcript. Make sure t cntact Gabriela regarding this issue! BU urges all students select the classes and the facultad carefully as changing is a difficult and time-cnsuming prcess nce registered. Class Guidelines All f yur classes are taught in grad G (undergraduate) Nt psgrad, licenciatura, diplmatura, etc. SMG students are nt permitted t take first year (freshman) classes (primer/1º curs). SMG students are nt permitted t take classes frm the Facultad de Medicina. * Make sure yu register fr 2º semestre classes! Hw t Search fr Classes at the UAM Click here fr the instructins t find classes and schedules. Be sure t keep track f the grup fr yur class. Grups (grups) determine yur final exam date. Sme classes have different desdbles (discussin): Yu can chse either ne fr a given class, but yu can nt change it nce the semester starts. Tw exam dates are listed. The first, evaluación rdinaria, is the date f yur exam. The secnd is nly fr Spanish students (nt Study Abrad students). Any questins regarding credit transfer t hme universities must be discussed with yur wn advisrs at yur hme institute. 1.1 Learning Agreement (cntinued) Refer t the sample LA befre filling ut yur Learning Agreement. Imprtant: 1. Name 2. Passprt Number 3. List (2) classes: include with class cde ( 5 digits), name f class, grup number and facultad. * At least (1) frm Ciencias Ecnómicas y Empresaria 1. List (2) alternative classes: include class cde (5 digits), name f class, grup number and facultad. 2. Print, Sign and Scan the LA. * D nt wrry abut the bttm half; the BU Madrid directr will sign the LA nce submitted. 1.2 Additinal Registratin Material Alng with the Learning Agreement, yu must submit: an unfficial cpy f yur transcript (in PDF frmat) students can btain a cpy f their transcript at the Office f the University Registrar (881 Cmmnwealth Avenue). a clr cpy f yur Passprt (in PDF frmat) please include a scanned cpy f yur passprt pht and signature page. a passprt pht (in JPG/JPEG frmat): the pht shuld be a headsht that clearly shws yur facial features. the pht must be a clr pht with a white backgrund, the pht cannt exceed 4mb in size, and must be a minimum f 161 x 189 pixels. Yu must submit all dcuments t the BU Madrid ffice even if yu already submitted a cpy as part f yur applicatin and/r nline pre-departure frms. 1.3 the Registratin Material the registratin material t Gabriela Navarr n later than Octber17 th, 2014: Learning Agreement (signed, scanned and in PDF frmat). Unfficial cpy f yur transcript (PDF frmat). Clr cpy f yur passprt pht/signature page (PDF frmat). Passprt size pht (the same ne yu will uplad t SIGMA). 2. Online Registratin Nte that at this pint yu have nt finished registering fr classes; please cntinue n t the next slide t the nline registratin. Students wh d nt cmplete the UAM nline registratin (SIGMA) prir t the deadline will nt be able t take classes at the UAM. 2.1 Creating a Sigma Accunt G t the Prgramas de mvilidad and click n the British flag fr English. Enter yur natinality: American. Click Yes belw t cnfirm that yu have a persnal identity dcument in Spain (yur passprt). Enter yur passprt number. Indicate passprt fr Type f Dcument. Enter yur persnal infrmatin and cntact details as instructed. Leave secnd surname / segund apellid blank unless yu have tw last names. Click Cntinue . Click the bxes cnfirming yur infrmatin is crrect and accept the terms and cnditins. Then click Register and print summary f the registratin frm. D nt cntinue until yu receive the 2 cnfirmatin s frm UAM: First with DNI (passprt number) that serves as yur username and Secnd with a 4 digit cde (yur passwrd) 2.2 Online Registratin (SIGMA) G t Slicitud de admisión. ( and click n the British flag fr English. Lg in using yur passprt number and 4 digit passwrd. Fill in all required infrmatin, fllwing instructins carefully. Fr Dats de Intercambi / Type f Exchange Prgram select Cnvenis Internacinales . Fr Universidad de Origen / Hme Institutin select Bstn University (regardless f where yu study in the US). Fr Area de Estudi / Area f Study select the Facultad (schl f study) where yu will take the majrity f yur classes Remember: At least 2 classes have t be in the same Facultad! Fr Estudis a Cursar enter a subject yu plan n studying. E.g.: chemistry , internatinal relatins , marketing . Fr Perid de Estudi select Secnd semester ; the dates shuld fill in autmatically. Click Grabar / Save . 2.3 Uplad a pht t SIGMA T cmplete yur applicatin, YOU MUST UPLOAD A PHOTO OF YOURSELF. Yu shuld see a bx labeled Ft / Pht / Ftmatón . Select the picture yu d like. Click uplad: If yur pht is acceptable, it shuld appear n yur applicatin. If yu re having truble sizing it crrectly, try using the Paint applicatin. It has a useful resizing tl.) Make sure t click Grabar at the bttm f the page in rder t save changes. Adhere t pht requirements t avid delays in receiving yur student card: In JPEG/JPEG frmat & in clr with a white backgrund It cannt exceed 4 megabytes in size; must be a minimum f pixels It shuld nly be a headsht & clearly shw yur facial features Once yur pht has been validated, yur registratin as a UAM student is cmplete. 3. Online Enrllment Students taking classes in Ciencias Ecnómicas y Empresariales, Derech, and Filsfía y Letras will be cntacted directly by the facultades t d nline enrllment. Students taking classes in any f thse Facultades shuld mnitr their accunts clsely and fllw all instructins carefully. As classes in these facultades fill up very quickly, students shuld cmplete this step quickly. * If yu dn t receive an by December, check yur SPAM! Registratin Cmplete Cngratulatins, yu have finished registering fr the UAM!
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