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  Newsletter South Africa Magni has so many models of gyro’s to choose from , in this issue I would like to mention the M18 single seat. We have one in South Africa , what a beautiful machine, it has been Nicknamed “BALLBEARING” by Butch and Eric, I believe this is because it is so ma-neuverable in the air. In my opinion this is the perfect machine for the trike pilot who wants to get away from the bumps and fly a Gyro-copter, my reasons for saying this is firstly, 90% of Trike pilots are familiar with the Rotax 582 motor fitted onto the M18 and know how to maintain it for trouble free flying, secondly there is the price factor, and most important the high safety factor associated with modern day Gyro’s especially Magni with the large Horizontal Stabilizer. I know it is only a single seater !!. How many times do you fly with a passenger ?, I leave you with that thought!.  August Issue Weekend Getaways Hoedspruit M18 Spartan Single Seater Gyrocopter Namibia 1 Namibia 2 Namibia 3  Weekend getaways 4 Gyro gadgets 4 Gyro Quiz 5  Technical 6 Inside this issue:   The Ultimate Gyro flying destination Namibia My how time fly's its story time again, in this issue I would like to share a flying experience to Namibia that a friend and I did ear-lier this year in our trusted M16 Gyro’s, this trip was to be a ten day 4000Km with a flying time of 54 Hours total. This trip also coin-cided with a bi-annual bike rally called “The Desert run” organized by S.A Bike Magazine which I will mention later in the tale. The journey started on a Saterday Morning from FASY for me and for my friend Johan ,from his farm in Sasolburg.Our rendezvous point was Ventersdorp ,we also met up with Joe Holmes a trike pilot and another three trikes and crew. (We would fly together to Kuruman where we would part company), next stop was Vryberg airfield for refueling and bite to eat and then to Kuruman airfield  where we overnighted at a Motel type of place. For me the excitement only started from Kuruman onwards, the type of landscape  was totally new to me and what I would term “Gyro Heaven”, for low level flying, all there really is, is sparse shrub and lots and lots of space, Just imagine that you can almost land your Gyro with your eyes closed for lack of obstacles, its warm, I flew with shorts and a short sleeved shirt, there are Springbok wherever you look, Gemsbok, and our tall friends the giraffe which had to duck as we flew by, well (almost!!).   So its Kuruman, Hotazel, Van Zylsrus where we landed for our second overnight stay at Molopo Kalahari lodge . The next day we flew to a salt pan 46km from the Rietfontein border to watch the off road bikers that were doing the Desert run play in the sand. One of the bik-ers while doing a high speed run in the pan hit a rock with his front wheel and went cartwheeling over the handlebars and landed on his neck cracking two vertabre, by this time it was approaching late afternoon and it would take the land vehicles too long on those treach-erous roads to reach help in a hurry ,but no worry Magni’s   to the rescue, Johan flew back to Askam and made a phone call to Med-evac in Johannesburg to send a airplane for an emergency airlift ( which took off from Upington and turned out to be a Cessna 406) Laura and I stayed behind and pre-pared a makeshift runway in the pan for the airplane to land, the center line was made of tissue paper held down by sand. It was get-ting late and we still had to clear the border at Rietfon-tein before they closed and still fly to Koes before night-fall,so we left the patient  with some paramedics, took off in our Magni’s, con-tacted the 406 by air band and assured the pilot that the pan was a safe landing spot, Our next stop was Rietfontein Border 46Km away. We landed cleared customs and took off again. Koes was our next stop and a run of 140 km, the landing at Koes would be a “Dusk” landing because of the emergency we had to deal with that day , but we were not in anyway concerned for the following reasons, we both have the latest Garmin GPS, I have the color 295 model “Nogal” our flight instruments are illuminated,  Johan had been there the year before, and new the runway was a wide long good dirt runway just out of town. One hour later the Koes  village lights could be seen in the distance, what a wel-coming site, on arrival we did our usual runway inspec-tion, landing lights on we did one of our slow perfect landings that you get so used to doing in a Magni. Our overnights stay was the local Koes school, we where allowed to pitch our tents on the football field and use the Cloakroom showers and amenities for a fee of R20.00. On this part of the journey from Rietfontein to Koes the landscape changes again so much the vegetation be-comes even sparser and the sand looks like waves on a ocean, yet the amount of wildlife becomes more, we start seeing herds of Gems-bok and Zebra also some Ostrich and two Rooikat. Its getting hotter and we know that by tomorrow we will be leaving the semi desert and entering the vast expanse of the Namib .   Page 2 Newsletter South Africa GOOD NEWS Finance available on all Magni Gyro’s from a reputable Bank Phone Butch for details   The journey continues Koes, Mariental ,Kalkrand, as we cross the mountains between Kalkrand and Solitaire we are presented with the the most spectacular image of an inversion layer I have ever seen (see Photo)  we start descending onto the flat Plains near Solitaire, now Solitaire, this is a place you have to see ,the photo and my explanation does not do it any justice, although the name really says it all, its an oasis in middle of nowhere, where two roads meet. There is a petrol station , rooms for hire and a shop that makes the best apple pie you can imagine, they still sell chewing tobacco so the whole shop smells of tobacco leaves and apple pie, quite pleasant. They generate their own electricity and have a borehole for water, we spent a few hours sitting on the Balcony absorbing the heat and just relaxing, we also filled up our Gyro’s at the petrol Station. The journey from now on is through “Moon” country and you definitely do not attempt this part of the journey without a “buddy”. The country side is harsh, hot, yet so beautiful , I felt dizzy trying to absorb the vastness and harshness of the landscape, this is a time as a Human be-ing I feel so-so insig-nificant and glance at engine temps and pressures more regularly, although  we make sure that  we are always within gliding distance of a land-able spot. We cross the desert in about two Hours, contact Walvisbaai International Tower (See photo) get clearance to land so that we can refuel, I refuel my body with about 2 liters of cold water. Refreshed we get clearance from Walvis tower to fly along the coastline to Swakop-mund, it is such a strange feeling flying along a coastline where the desert meets the ocean , we fly past salt mines that seem to pop up from under the desert sand, we fly along a saline water lake where there are so many Flamingo  with their familiar pink plumage that you cannot see the  water they are wad-ing in. We fly past a huge man made platform in the sea put there for a large seal colony to live on, in return the owners of the plat-form collect the guana from the seals for fertilizer. We now head inland by about a mile or two, fly over the well known Dune7 where there is a group of 4wheel bikes churning up their own dust storm. My am I glad that we are 500ft off the deck and away from all that dust, soon the outskirts of Swakopmunt come into view and I am jolted back into concentration mode and start preparing myself for the landing at Swakopmund ,also thinking to myself how very privileged I am to be flying such a Magni  ficent flying machine. The controller at Swakopmund is a very friendly guy and so intrigued that we had flown all the way from Johannesburg South Africa. This airfield is also some-thing to behold. We are cleared for run- way 06, but where is any runway?, all I can see is sand and more sand no run- way so I set my gps D.I . Bug for 06de-grees follow it in and land abeam the tower. We taxi to the apron cover our Gyro’s, hire a car drive into town and find the coldest wet-test freshest Hansa Pilsner in town (incidentally Hansa is brewed in Swakopmund) and what a wonderful end to a day I will never forget. Page 3 The adventure continues in the next issue !!!      Weekend Flyaway and Breakfast Venue If you stay in the Gauteng area, a great venue for a weekend flyaway or just a Saterday or Sunday flyaway breakfast, is Mabula Game Lodge, this venue is approximately One and a half hours flying time in a northerly direction from most airfields under the JHB TMA. The route is particularly scenic, if you are flying from FASY, FAZS or FAKR, once you have passed Soweto, there are two routes the latter is my favorite, after you pass Krugersdorp drop down into the Magaliezburg valley and route along the valley in an easterly direction to the Hartebeespoort dams western shore, but keep your eyes pealed for vultures, there is a breeding project going on at a place called Leopard Lodge which is situated 5 miles north/west of Hartebeespoort dam where 150 pairs of Vulture live and breed on ledges on the mountain side. From there cut through the gap in the Magaliesburg mountains near the dam, called Commando's neck, from there route along a very fertile valley to Brits, here you can land and refuel with Avgas, buy a cool drink and some chips if you like. Brits airfield is normally busy on the weekend with a lot of glider actively, so be alert, the airfield is not manned and the frequency is 124.2 runway is 02/20 tar. From Brits head north, all you see is bush and more bush, and take note of how much game you can see along this section, fly over Klipvoor dam and check out the big fish and hippopotamus in the dam, and also the large amount of rhinoceros around the dam, on our last trip we spotted at least ten mothers with babies. From there you fly northwest of Warmbaths and then onto Mabula Lodge. When you get to Mabula the routine is to fly over the Main Hotel/lodge low level, and only once . This will alert the game wardens that your intention is to land, there is always one warden on “aircraft duty”, from there you must do one low level runway inspection to chase the game off runway ,and at the same time check for vlakvark holes on the runway. If everything seems fine, land do not buzz around, remember the Guests come to Mabula to get away from the noise, and remember that on your trip to Mabula the chances are that you have seen more game than anyone at Mabula has seen in the past month, so give them a chance.  A warden will pick you up promptly at no charge if you are having breakfast or staying there and wisk you off to the main Lodge or  wherever you are staying at Mabula, they are very accommodating. The runway at Mabula is grass/dirt and very long you could easily land a Beach-craft Baron there, Mabula has no radio frequency so transmit on 124.8. If you are staying, this it is a great area to fly in, you can stay low level but just remember this is game country so when you go flying don’t buzz around the same area all the time, fly in straight lines and you will have no problems with people on the ground, the chances are they will only see you once a day. Petrol can be obtained at Mabula as they have their own fuel pump for the game vehicles, you pay at the Hotel reception, and then fill up your container around the corner at the workshop. The other route is via Rustenburg airfield, the routing after Rustenburg is more scenic for me, there is also all those Granite mines north of Rustenburg, interesting to see those large blocks of stone cut from the hillside. The frequency at Rustenburg is 122.4 and the runway is 16/34 this airfield is normally very quiet. Mabula is a must for the Person that likes nature/game and a up market venue, that you can combine with your passion for flying. Gyro goodies and Gadgets There are two Gyrocopter mods I would like to mention in this issue. The first is the Electric park brake system, this is quite basic and is easily done by getting hold of a good quality 12volt Hydraulic solenoid, fitting it in the brake hydraulic line after the brake piston, run-ning a pair of wire to your front panel to a toggle switch and connecting this up to your Main 12volt Master switch. This system works as follows when you need to be stationary, i.e. when you do your run up or are on the runway spinning up your ro-tors, you apply the brake as normal and then click the toggle switch. You can now let loose your brake lever the solenoid will hold your brake cylinder under pressure, when you are ready to roll simply flick the toggle switch off, this will release the pressure on the brake cylinder. Eric has done a few of these mods, I am sure he would not mind if you contact him for some advise. The other mod is, and 6 Magni M16 has so far been fitted with this. Bigger tyres on the front and back. The rea-son so many of us have fitted the big-ger tyres is, most of the runways we land at and especially if you like Xcountry trips are tufts of grass or corrugated dirt runways, the landing is no problem, but we found the take off run can become a bit hairy, when you have the small tires transferring the bumps into the gyro airframe and the airframe in turn to the Rotors caus-ing a type of stick shake. With the big-ger wheels we keep the pressure in the tires to between 0.6-0.8 bar and find that most of the bumps are absorbed by the tyres. The back rims are retained, the only extra is a spacer of 30mm wide fitted between the rim halves to make the rim wider, the new type size is 16x800x6. With the front wheel, and not all six mod gyro’s have the bigger front wheel, we buy another back rim from Butch and fit this to the front with a bearing retainer mod, so now the front wheel is the same as your back wheel was. We have found no noticeable drag caused by the bigger wheels at any speed, and would say our R.P.M has increased by 50-100 at cruise to maintain 90M.P.H . This mod has also been done by Eric on three occasions, and again I am sure he would not mind to give you information or help you with this Mod. Page 4
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