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  MAGSAYSAY-LABRADOR vs. COURT OF APPEALS G.R. No. 58168. December 19, 1989.Fernan, C.J. FACTS: Private respondent Adelaida Rodrige! agsa#sa# $iled an action against %bic &and'orporation (%)*+', among ot-ers, to annl t-e deed o$ assignment and deed o$ mortgage eected in$avor o$ t-e latter b# -er late -sband.Private respondent alleged t-at t-e sb/ect land o$ t-e t0o deeds 0as acired t-rog- con/gal $nds.%ince -er consent to t-e disposition o$ t-e same 0as not obtained, s-e claimed t-at t-e acts o$ assignmentand mortgage 0ere done to de$rad t-e con/gal partners-ip. %-e $rt-er contended t-at t-e same 0eredone 0it-ot consideration and -ence nll and void.Petitioners, sisters o$ t-e deceased -sband o$ t-e private respondent, $iled a motion $or intervention ont-e grond t-at t-eir brot-er conve#ed to t-em one2-al$ o$ -is s-are-oldings in %)*+', or abot 314. -etrial cort denied t-e motion $or intervention rling t-at petitioners -ave no legal interest becase %)*+'-as a personalit# separate and distinct $rom its stoc-olders. -e 'A con$irmed t-e denial on appeal.7ence, t-is petition. ISSUE: -et-er petitioners, as stoc-olders o$ %)*+', -ave a legal interest in t-e action $or annlment o$ t-edeed o$ assignment and deed o$ mortgage in $avor o$ t-e corporation. HELD: N. -e 'ort noted t-at t-e interest 0-ic- entitles person to intervene in a sit bet0een ot-er partiesmst be in t-e matter in litigation and o$ sc- direct and immediate c-aracter t-at t-e intervenor 0illeit-er gain or lose b# t-e direct legal operation and e$$ect o$ t-e /dgment. +n t-e instant petition, it0as said t-at t-e interest, i$ it eists at all, o$ petitioners2movants is indirect, contingent, remote, con/ectral,conseential and collateral. At t-e ver# least, t-eir interest is prel# inc-oate, or in s-eer epectanc# o$ a rig-t in t-e management o$ t-e corporation and to s-are in t-e pro$its t-ereo$ and in t-e properties and assets t-ereo$ on dissoltion, a$ter pa#ment o$ t-e corporate debtsand obligations. -ile a s-are o$ stoc represents a proportionate or aliot interest in t-e propert# o$ t-e corporation, it does not vest t-e o0ner t-ereo$ 0it- an# legal rig-t or title to an# o$ t-e propert#, -isinterest in t-e corporate propert# being eitable or bene$icial in natre. %-are-olders are in nolegal sense t-e o0ners o$ corporate propert#, 0-ic- is o0ned b# t-e corporation as a distinct legalperson.  Director of lands vs. Court of AppealsFacts: The land in question is situated in Obando, Bulacan. It adjoins the ailo!an iver and privaterespondent #aleriano have converted it into a $shpond. In their application in %&'(, privaterespondents clai)ed that the* are the co+oners in fee si)ple of the land partl* throu!hinheritance and partl* b* purchase and that- it is not ithin an* forest or )ilitar*reservation. The epublic of the hil., represented b* the Dir of the Bureau of ForestDevelop)ent, opposed the application on the principal !round that the land applied for is/IT0I1 T0231C4A55IFI2D 26IO1 of Obando, Bulacan and that such area aredeno)inated as FO 25T4A1D5+do not for) part of the disposable and alienable portion of the public do)ain. The Trial Court ordered re!istration of the subject land in favor of the#alerianos. This as a7r)ed b* the CA hich said in part that 8since the subject propert* isentirel* devoted to $shpond purposes, it cannot be cate!ori9ed as part of forest lands.Issue: /O1 the courts can reclassif* the subject public land.0eld:Courts cannot reclassif*... its be*ond their co)petence and jurisdiction. The classi$cationof public lands is an e;clusive prero!ative of the 2;ecutiveDepart)ent of the6overn)ent <Bureau of Forest Develop)ent= and not of the Courts. In theabsence of suchclassi$cation, the land re)ains as unclassi$ed land until it is released there fro) andrendered open to disposition.5ince the subj propert* is still unclassi$ed, hateverpossession Applicants <#aleriano= )a* have had, and, hoever lon!, cannot ripen intoprivate onership.The conversion of the subj propert* into a $shpond b* Applicants doesnotauto)aticall* render the propert* as alienable and disposable. The reco))endation of the District Forester for release of subject propert* fro) unclassi$ed re!ion is not theulti)ate ord on the )atter.  CIR v.Primetown, GR 162155, August 28, 2007 FA'%: Gilbert ;ap, <ice '-air o$ Primeto0n applied on arc- 11, 1999 $or a re$nd or credit o$ incometa 0-ic- Primeto0n paid in 199=. 7e claimed t-at t-e# are entitled $or a re$nd becase t-e#s$$ered losses t-at #ear de to t-e increase o$ cost o$ labor and materials, etc. 7o0ever,despite t-e losses, t-e# still paid t-eir arterl# income ta and remitted creditable 0it--oldingta $rom real estate sales to *+R. 7ence, t-e# 0ere claiming $or a re$nd. n a# 1>, 1999,revene o$$icer ?li!abet- %antos reired Primeto0n to sbmit additional docments to 0-ic-Primeto0n complied 0it-. 7o0ever, its claim 0as not acted pon 0-ic- prompted it to $ile apetition $or revie0 in 'A on April 13, @. 'A dismissed t-e petition as it 0as $iled be#on$ t-e@2#ear prescriptive period $or $iling a /dicial claim $or ta re$nd according to %ec @@9 o$ N+R'. According to 'A, t-e t0o2#ear period is eivalent to => da#s prsant to Art 1> o$ N''.%ince Primeto0n $iled its $inal ad/stment retrn on April 13, 1998 and t-at #ear @ 0as a leap#ear, t-e petition 0as $iled =>1 da#s a$ter Primeto0n $iled its $inal ad/sted retrn. 7ence,be#ond t-e reglementar# period. Primeto0n appealed to 'A. 'A reversed t-e decision o$ 'A.7ence, t-is appeal.+%%)?: BN petition 0as $iled 0it-in t-e t0o2#ear period7?&D: Prsant to ? @9@ or t-e Administrative 'ode o$ 198=, a #ear s-all be nderstood to be 1@calendar mont-s. -e %' de$ined a calendar mont- as a mont- designated in t-e calendar 0it-ot regard to t-e nmber o$ da#s it ma# contain. -e cort -eld t-at Administrative 'ode o$ 198= impliedl# repealed Art 1> o$ N'' as t-e provisions are irreconcilable. Primeto0n is entitled$or t-e re$nd since it is $iled 0it-in t-e @2#ear reglementar# period.

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