Management Problem, Research Objective, Hypothesis

Method and Business Research Part 1
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  1 Session 2 Management problem, Research objective, Hypothesis  2  Research process flow chart 3 Define research problem Review concepts and theories Review previous research finding Formulate hypotheses Design research Collect data  Analyze data Interpret and report Literature review  Management problem and Research problem  Importance of defining problem  Each step in a research project is important, but the problem definition is the most important step.  Problem definition involves stating general problem and identifying the specific components of the research problem.  Only when the research problem has been clearly defined can research be designed and conducted properly.  Of all the tasks in a research project, none is more vital to the ultimate fulfillment of a client’s needs than a proper definition of a research problem.   All the effort, time, and money spent from this point on will be wasted if the problem is misunderstood   or ill defined  . 4
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