Manifest Destiny

A pseudo coming of age story about a kid trying to escape from his surroundings, but doing so alienates him from everyone he knows.
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  Manifest DestinyByGhawam SadriDaniel Merritstory by David Baracskai  START IN BLACK:CUT TO:INT. KEATON’S ROOM - MORNINGWe are looking at a forest landscape, but upon closerinspection it’s actually a painting.KEATON(V.O)I’ve always wanted to escape,travel towards the unknown parts.New people, new surroundings, it’dbe like an adventure. My manifestdestiny; all I need is a way out.Inside the house it seems to be empty and bare, there’s noone occupying it.We’re looking at various objects that Keaton owns: books,guitar, and clothes.KEATON(V.O)I need to get the fuck out of thistown, out of this country.... It’spoison, everyone talking aboutnothing, staying the same way.We’re looking at KEATON(18, arrogant, pigheaded, dreamer)talking on the phone to someone. He’s looking outside hiswindow.Sitting at his desk Keaton seems to be writing down a plandown on How to make more money KEATONThat’s why I need a fresh start,sold everything I had, but it’s notenough. That’s why I need to seeyour friend...You know the guy whoyou bought weed from...can you justget me the number? Thank you..YeahI’ll try to make it thetheater...don’t worry I’llbehave...bye.Keaton walks from the window over to his bed, he picks up abottle of St. Johns from his desk.His room is alot more bare now, completely stark and devoidof possessions.Throwing the bottle on the bed, he hangs up the phone.(CONTINUED)  CONTINUED: 2.Sighing, Keaton gazes into space.FADE TO BLACK:CUE TITLEFADE IN:Music plays over dissolving landscapes, they are bare andlifeless.The sounds of traffic is audible, inaudible voices can beheard, they can’t be understood in any language.The voices get louder with the traffic, culminating in acrescendo to black.CUT TO BLACK:FADE IN:EXT. STREET - NIGHTKeaton is throwing up. He looks over to James who’s lookingat Keaton disapprovingly.KEATONYeah..yeah.JAMESDon’t yeah me, what was that backthere?Keaton starts to walk off.KEATONI don’t know(beat) a film.JAMESI’m talking about you, why wouldyou say something like that?Keaton tries to tries to walk away, but James stops him,eventually he leans against the wall and sits down.JAMES(CONT’D)Why are you acting like this?KEATONLike what?(CONTINUED)  CONTINUED: 3.JAMESLike an asshole.KEATONI’m the asshole? Me? Oh okay shouldI just kiss your ass then, is thatwhat you wan...JAMESLook can we just talk.KEATONWhat the fuck do you want me tosay? That I’m happy that you’releaving? That you’re abandoningme?!?JAMESI’m not abandoning you!KEATONThat was my dream, my dream! Youknew I wanted this and now youfucking got it. I hope you’rehappy!JAMESCan you be serious!?! I just wantto have one last night with youbefore I go, can you do thatplease? Come on..KEATONYou think I care?JAMESThen why did you even cometonight?KEATON.....I just want that number.James looks at Keaton, sighs, and then walks off.KEATONFuck you! Some fucking friend youare...Dick!Keaton stands there in a daze, still talking as if James isthere. He then walks off down the street.CUT TO:

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Jul 23, 2017
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