Manifesto Of Man Making Mission(3M)

Manifesto Of Man Making Mission(3M) ============================= The psycho-spiritual laws being and becoming of individual life and world humanity.
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     Manifesto Of Man Making Mission (  3M   )  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Indoaryan School of Human Resource Development 1 BByy  DDrr.. SSrriikkuummaarr MMuukkhheerr j jeeee  Visit us @   wwwwww..iinnddooaarryyaann..oorrgg      Manifesto Of Man Making Mission (  3M   )  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Indoaryan School of Human Resource Development 2 IInnttrroodduuccttiioonn: he extreme desires of life are to exist and to evolve. Whatever human does, the motive behind that actions are to be and become. Now to be and become one has to get control over the factors of his existence, so that one could manipulate those in favour of existence. The existential factors influence from inside as well as outside. The inner factors are managed psychologically and genetically; and environmental factors are controlled chemically, biologically and socially. Now to become quite efficient to get full control over self to combat the internal and external forces, one has to be built up self. This movement is –  Man Making Mission (3M). Scientifically human being is a combination of psychological and biological qualities. So the purpose of 3M is to make psychological and genetic evolution of an individual, for building human with more humanitarian qualities. Psychological change comes with superior loving attachment that begets wisdom, self-realization and feeling of oneness with all. On the other hand genetic or biological development comes through scientific eugenics i.e. selection of mates with psychogenic compatibility, which gives birth of better progeny. There are ten following points of 3M as the outcome of thousands of years observations of the past social Seers, with modern scientific verifications. Picking up those most indispensible issues of man making program, we offer it to the mankind to adopt 3M. This is a minimum 20 years program of individual to execute in their personal and family life. It is for all of them who dream to build people of godly excellence i.e. humanity and wisdom. Hence society will be normally transformed into divine world. This mission has been already initiated in various forms in different corners of the globe. Now it is going to lay foundation of a future global society of humanity. Let’ s uphold 3M by manifesting the given protocols: TT      Manifesto Of Man Making Mission (  3M   )  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Indoaryan School of Human Resource Development 3 1.   To feel that each individual requires a living embodiment of wisdom (true Master) in life in whom - all the faculties of past knowledge have been meaningfully materialized to make evolved everyone according to the individual’s distinctiveness by adjusting complexes and passions. Human has an inner tendency to love someone-the-best and becomes enlighten by fulfilling Him with all of his / her passions, habits, characters, efficiencies, complexes. If He is the man of wisdom, having the capabilities to fulfill-the-best to uphold existence and evolution of each individual’s  distinctiveness, then loving attachment of individual to Him makes him/her well competent to control over all of his/her passions. Individual’s development of efficiency depends upon the meaningful organization of human passions like anger, greed, lust, etc. These are the indispensible human characters to lead life towards the goal, where these are targeted. So naturally when true love (attachment/goal of life) is made with such a man of wisdom, then all of the passions or complexes are getting targeted to please Him and gradually one becomes psychically a reformed person. This is actual cultural evolution. 2.   Promise to try level best to manipulate and turn any urge of inner complexes to fulfill the directives of Master-man for the greater cause of life. Urge of passions drives individual to do something. So human go-of-life also gets control according to the force of passionate enticements. Actual education starts when one recognizes his/her urge of passions and learns to utilize the urge of complexes towards existential-becoming of own and his/her environment. The lessons of existential-becoming or education of life and growth comes from the loving attachment to the Master-man. This love leads him/her towards the greater cause of life by fulfilling wider circle of human society. Moving with higher purpose of life is the parameter of greatness of individual and higher purpose is rightly taught by the man of highest quality. 3.   Whenever any wish for good-action shall come in mind, immediately it has to be applied in practice. The inner inspiration and impulse of nature - sometimes drive us to do something in favour of our existence and becoming. But this urge of good work often goes into vain, as we fail to execute this urge into action because of our some obsessions of complexes. The biggest tragedy comes after this. The mechanism of motor-sensory coordination gets damaged. It means - the wish of good-action gradually declines and finally it stops forever. This is a kind of psycho-physical disorder. This disorder never forces him to take any good-     Manifesto Of Man Making Mission (  3M   )  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Indoaryan School of Human Resource Development 4 action towards self-existence and life gets ruined. It brings mental death. So all the ‘goo d wishes ’ –  which are approved by the directives of Living Ideal, - must be applied into action immediately. 4.   One must regularly go with inquisitive-service towards the environment, along with self-realization and self-reformation. It is scientific fact that  –  existence of individual very much depends upon the existence of others, those are present in the surroundings like man, nature, matter, etc. So to love and nurture self-existence, it is indispensible to serve the existence of surroundings. Food, shelter, cloth, health care and all of the other essential amenities for individuals we receive from the service of our surroundings. But we seldom in return, physically come forward to serve them, so that we could get continuous flow of service and protection from our environment. This level of sensitiveness only increases if we go through regular practices of self-reformation and self-realization. It elevates human consciousness that makes to realize the impulses of the environment to protect and uphold our existential-becoming. 5.   One must not encourage those activities like go-between, libido-distortion, etc, which make grave psycho-physical disorder and built a barrier in between a person and his success of life, by destroying motor-sensory-coordination. There are two very core psychic factors (1) Go-between and (2) Libido-distortion; which are responsible to stop progress and success of individual life. Firstly: It is the common human behaviour that he/she often neglects or forgets to keep the words or commitment given to someone. Sometimes also he/she spends the money for some work, which (money) was kept for using of some specific purpose. Though it seems very minor event, but such behaviours severely damage the inner mechanism of exerting the effort for completion of a work successfully. This is called ‘go - between’. Often this dangerous psycho -behavioural disorder pulls down one from his/her go-of-success. Secondly: ‘ L ibido’ or tendency of attachment is the key factor of progress in life. It sets the goal and carries one towards the achievement of life. So, when one makes some target to achieve something, but becomes unsuccessful. Or sometimes he/she is refused by other factor or person to get a hold of his/her objective; or he/she does not become enough strong to grab his/her desire. In this situation, often he/she behaves or acts as a pose-of-denial of his/her expected intention and pretends as if he/she never wanted it; rather he/she hates that. It destroys his/her libido of getting attached with greater purpose of successful life. This is ‘libido distortion’ . These are two very common but very dangerous psychological disorder which damages the inner motor-sensory co-ordination of a man; and that strongly resists one - from ‘  getting attached with superior purpose of life ’   and to accomplish sure success. The world’s most successful people gets win over these two factors.
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