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  December 7-8, 2012 - Thessaloniki (Greece) Editors Georgios K. Zarifis, Catalin Martin, Simona Sava MEDIMOND I NTERNATIONAL  P ROCEEDINGS     M    E    D    I    M    O    N    D   -    M   o   n   d   u   z   z    i   E   d    i   t   o   r   e   I   n   t   e   r   n   a   t    i   o   n   a   l   P   r   o   c   e   e   d    i   n   g   s   D    i   v    i   s    i   o   n International Conference Back to Work - The Role of Validation of Competences in Professional Counseling of Adults  © Copyright 2012 by MEDIMOND s.r.l. Via G. Verdi 15/1, 40065 Pianoro (Bologna), Italy ã All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission,in writing, from the publisher.Printed in December 2012 by Editografica ã Bologna (Italy) ISBN 978-88-7587-661-6is a registered trademark owned by Medimond s.r.l. monduzzi editore I  NTERNATIONAL   P  ROCEEDINGS   D  IVISION   ©2012 by MEDIMOND s.r.l. III Foreword  Message from the editors. It is with great pleasure that we present the volume of the papers presented in the International Conference “Back to Work:  A training course for employment counselors and guidance staff of returning migrants and unemployed”  that was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, 7-8 December 2012. This conference was organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and the Romanian Institute for Adult Education (IREA), with the partnership of the National Knowledge Centre for Validation of Prior Learning, Denmark; Merseyside Expanding Horizons Ltd, United Kingdom; the German Institute for Adult Education & Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning, Germany; the European Centre for Education and Training Ltd, Bulgaria; and the Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants, Romania as part of the European Project “Back to work - Counselling returning migrants and unemployed”  (LLP-LdV/TOI/2010/RO/023). The project was financed by the European Commission under Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation, and aimed to transfer the innovation developed within the projects VINEPAC (, ACCED (, and FamCompass ( The event in Thessaloniki brought together a variety of participants such trainers, employment counselors and careers’ officers, entrepreneurs, researchers, as well as representatives from the academia, and specialists in validation.The shared theme among this broad group of participants was the acknowledgment of a serious social problem that is brewing in Central and Eastern European countries where hundreds of thousands of labor migrants are estimated to be returning home due to the lack of employment prospects. In several instances, this can easily be seen as a net outflow from countries facing the results of the severe economic crisis, especially from badly affected sectors such as construction and tourism, where many migrants are employed. Now, with unemployment rates rising off the scale (in countries like Spain of Greece have already reached 25 percent) many immigrants in European countries are making their way back to their hometowns (especially to countries like Romania and Bulgaria), whereas others are moving from southern to northern Europe with the prospect of finding employment.In the midst of the economic downturn that already affected all efforts for strengthening social cohesion among Europeans, the “Back to Work” project set as its aim to enable those professional dealing with the unemployed, with the necessary counseling skills and instruments for facilitating the valorization of their previous experience and competences gained in different contexts. Counseling for valorization of prior experiences and learning can accompany the unemployed person in different phases: 1. Mapping the competences: this initial phase is dedicated to identify and cluster the competences and prior experiences of the unemployed persons, to match his/ her profile with labour market needs at the respective moment, to direct the person towards competence assessment centres or training programmes, to raise his/her self-esteem etc. 2. Assessing the competences: in this phase the counselor offers support and advice regarding where and how the unemployed  person should find the necessary competence proofs, how the assessment instruments have to be dealt with, how to manage the relation and interaction with the evaluator/ assessor etc. 3. Orientation on the labour market: having his/ her competences validated, the unemployed persons still need support: how to look for jobs that suit his/her profile, where to find jobs and how to apply for them are top issues for the unemployed person.It is on this basis that the “Back to Work” project has produced an elaborate yet user friendly counseling instrument and a user guide for those counselors who deal with the unemployed and (returning) migrants. Along the same line the papers presented at the conference mainly focus on counselling initiatives for the unemployed as well as other vulnerable social groups. We are therefore very pleased by the diversity and the quality of the papers submitted for this event and we express our satisfaction that our conference has attracted professionals from all around Europe that had the opportunity to thoroughly discuss and reflect upon their work and the work of others dealing with similar issues. We would like in this respect to extend our gratitude to the authors themselves for the scientific quality of the submitted papers and all the participants for their contribution to the success of this conference. We also address special thanks to the members of the scientific committee and the editors of this volume, as well as to the technical team that supported us during this process.The Editors This eBook was published within the European project “ Counseling returning migrants – Back to work  ”, LLP-LdV/TOI/2010/RO/023, project financed by the European Commission under Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation. The Publisher will send the Proceedings to Thomson Reuters in order to be indexed in Conference Proceedings Citation Index.This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may  be made of the information contained therein.


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